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  1. [quote name='wateroftyne' timestamp='1441188642' post='2856705'] Ugg didn't change the world overnight. The Beatles did. [/quote] How do we know, he might've started a jungle drum sensation that spread throughout the world like a Mexican wave. In Blues own words 'you had to be there' and none of us were so I'm saying Ugg trumps the Beatles every time. UGGMANIA...... anybody wanna buy a t shirt?
  2. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1441174898' post='2856571'] I have been playing in working bands since 1966. The only guys that forget how to play are those that couldn't play in the first place. Blue [/quote] Amen to that. Take us to church Blue, I feel a sermon comin on.
  3. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1441176025' post='2856581'] True, except when it come to The Beatles. No other generation had the chance to experience that we did. it's just one of those things you can't explain. In closing, we were there, you weren't. Respectably Blue [/quote] What about when 'Ugg' happened upon that hollowed out fallen tree and started to beat it in anger with his club after he was jilted by 'Dawn'. Was that not the first love song, and wasnt that revelation so pivotal that without it there wouldve never been a Beatles or a Mozart. I think the Beatles rewrote the map but the journey had begun long before the Beatles ever hopped on board.
  4. Folky, don't go out in the boat Michael type music is in my head right now but it's all over the place. I think this will be a very interesting month.
  5. [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1441129931' post='2856324'] Far from it, just sometimes musicians have it in for the guys who play for free like their ruining the industry or something. [/quote] Aaaaaahhhhh... Got you. The industry is run on exploitation. Poncey prats taking the piss out of fame hungry teens and so on. It's a shame.
  6. [quote name='phil.c60' timestamp='1441129679' post='2856321'] So why don't you just put a figure on it - just think of how much fuel you'll use, add a tenner for a dodgy burger and a cup of coffee, call him back and tell him that's how much you want and for that money if it is the afternoon slot the dog can even sit on the stage. I said sit, there are limits. At least he can't complain to the others that he doesn't know if you'll do it or for how much. [/quote] Excellent...... We've got a plan.
  7. [quote name='lojo' timestamp='1441126189' post='2856276'] Gigging for free or next to nothing does have a effect of things, but its a free market and people have the right to do it as a hobby. Many services and industries are effected by things, years ago you had to go to a printer/designer to get letter heads and logos done, my mate did mine when PCs became popular. Cheap labour or off duty firemen doing decorating for less than someone needs to charge to earn a wage etc. The invention of home accountancy packages, the list goes on. Bottom line is no one has the right to ask for their industry to be untouched by things like this (except bankers and farmers perhaps) I also believe if a musician is operating at a level where they are effected by someone playing the dog and duck for next to nothing, then they are not really making a career out of it anyway. [/quote] Ok sorry... Don't really get what you mean but you seem cross.
  8. What's goin on with the votes. Has Bilbo been getting his aunts to vote again.
  9. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1441119158' post='2856174'] Cheers guys , and thanks to Dad for the certificate , it shall take pride of place in my studio. I have sent a link to a picture for Skol , I hope it inspires you all. [/quote] I'm sure it will be inspirational. Now what's keeping Skol with this picture (lazy bugger).
  10. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1441050681' post='2855729'] And he's coming up on the inside.... [/quote] It was almost yours mate. Unlucky. Next month will be your month. I can feel it.
  11. Well done Mr Lurks. An awesome composition. Well deserved.
  12. Definitely paid. Suppose something amazing happens on the back of this gig and suddenly the band are catapulted into the stratosphere. I bet the regular guy would be available then. They are taking the piss even asking you to do it for free.
  13. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1440657025' post='2852660'] Crapping in an acoustic must be quite an exercise in accuracy... [/quote] I know... He was in nappies at the time. We are not sure if he put it in there or took a crap in there. Either way... Good skills.
  14. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1440786408' post='2853919'] One of the great pleasures of this thread has been a broadening of the usual debate to include not only a more detailed assessment of the Beatles' music but also some well considered refutations of the initial contention. Another pleasure has been the polite serenity with which the OP has made his argument, sometimes in the face of idiotically chippy personal ad-homs which would have many of us reaching for our profanisaurus. The thread has gone far beyond the Beatles and serves now more as a record of what happens when an oppressively vocal minority fail to impose their will on an individual. The conclusion posterity may draw is that it is inadvisable to stamp one's foot at the same time one is sh*tting one's pants. [/quote] Everybody knows it's impossible to insult an American. I'm obviously kidding. Blue is s gent.
  15. [quote name='the boy' timestamp='1440512716' post='2851395'] Voted.... I found it hard to pick three. [/quote] Sorry for short post I am very pressed for time these days. Excellent entries all round this month and I could have picked 5 easily, so ditching 2was very difficult. Hopefully I will be back in the game next month. I have some days free in September so fingers crossed I'll find time.
  16. For the record I wasn't there and I'm not particularly a fan.
  17. I think it is fair to say that the Beatles were so Omni-influential and widely accepted that it would be hard to find in the western world, modern or contemporary music that wasn't influenced directly or indirectly by the Beatles. I think to say that every band would list the Beatles as an influence would be stretching the theory however I think it reasonable that you could link every modern bands influences to the Beatles by 3 degrees of separation. I think the tsunami created by the Beatles was so far reaching that it left very little in its path unaffected, and anything that wasn't affected by the initial blast almost certainly got a bump from the after tremors. Anyone not accepting this as the truth is being stubborn and unrealistic.
  18. That neck looks pretty fresh. How much for shipping to UK.
  19. My brother took a crap in my old mans acoustic, which stuck to the inside and over months desicated. My old man kept complaining about a sh*tty smell in the front room. Eventually some time later my old man dropped his plectrum into the guitar and did the old turn it upside down and shake it whilst looking through the whole. You guessed it the dried poo dislodged and fell out of the guitar hitting my old man in the forehead. We wet ourselves laughing.
  20. [quote name='Vinny' timestamp='1440513521' post='2851408'] I always wanted to see the Police live. [/quote] Lol
  21. [quote name='Skybone' timestamp='1439988929' post='2847292'] What I used to do if one of the guitar tracks was sounding a bit "weak" was copy it onto another track, so you're basically "double tracking" it. Pan one channel slightly left, the other slightly right. [/quote] This exactly. Works excellently for bass. You can set one track low and rumbly and the other sharp and clear so you get the best of both meeting in the middle somewhere.
  22. Keep the ones you like best. Sell the others and use the money to buy necks for the ones you like.
  23. Voted.... I found it hard to pick three.
  24. It made me feel nauseous. All those dudes pulling sex faces. I once saw a band where the bass player simply solo'd his way through every song and the lead guitarist not to be outdone kept licking and rolling his way through the chord changes slipping in sneaky elaborate extra riffs at every opportunity after which he would get a "you rascal" type look from the bass player. To which he would respond with a "what am I like?" Roll of the eyes and straight into next nauseating ridiculously excessive chord change. These guys needed to get a room and get it over and done with and if it broke up the band then so be it but these were two repressed dudes. The memory has made me feel a little queasy. I need to lie down.
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