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  1. The screws I bought were advertised as to fit USA and Mexico Ps. Are you certain MIMs are metric? Cos if they are I'll claim a refund.
  2. [quote name='The59Sound' timestamp='1497783277' post='3320512'] I buy Fatbeams for £17 a set? [/quote] Are you importing from USA?
  3. Yah Fat Beams were also very good though. I liked them a lot, but man they are so expensive. I'd still chose Prosteels over them especially for the B.
  4. Another vote for Prosteels. Not that different in feel to D'Addario Nickels. I use both. The Nickels are better on Fretless but also play nicely on Warwicks and Stingrays. Of course the nickels are smoother but the Prosteels will not cut up your hands. I've used so many diff brands and makes of steels I've lost count. Prosteels are the winner and not expensive. And if you're a 5 string player you will not be let down, killer B.
  5. Anyone happen to know what size saddle screws a Gotoh 201 bridge takes? The bass is Squier Matt Freeman. Previously had a MIM P with a Gotoh bridge and the screws were the same size. The genuine Fender precision screws 6-32x7/16 size don't fit as per pic below (Fender screw is on the right). But they both accept the same 1/16 hex key which is how I landed in this pickle. The fender screws are too wide and thread looks different. I imagine the Gotohs are metric? Cheers
  6. [s]Purchased in Australia back in 2004, I used it for about 2 years then it went into storage when I moved to the UK. Velcro on the reverse for attaching to a pedalboard. There are some cosmetic dings and scratches as you see in the pics, but is is fully operational. No power supply (it would be an aussie plug style anyway). Never thought I'd sell this but back in the days I used this was heavily into electro and hiphop...those days are gone and I no longer have a need for such an incredible box of tricks (I keep telling myself that as I write this). Someone please buy this before I changed my mind (!). Cheers rhythmbug[/s] SOLD ON EBAY
  7. [s]Boxed as new, never used. This is a triple coil pickup to suit Stingray 5 strings with a triple coil pickup and 3 way switch. Nordstrand do not stock these ones, they're made to order and have a higher price tag than the regular 2 coil pups. I paid £150 including customs fees. Bought it to replace a faulty pickup on my Ray, but was able to repair it in the end, so it's sat its box for quite a while, time for a new home![/s] SOLD Cheers rhythmbug
  8. £360 shipped - I've found the original box it came in.
  9. Cheers fellas. Here are some pics of the nut (it was also fitted by the Bass Gallery, I just remembered). I shimmed it using a couple of layers of 350gsm card. The repair area was superglued around the edges and sanded back smooth.
  10. In preparation for a big move to the other side of the world I'm selling off a bunch of my possessions. Here is one of them. I bought this 4 years ago, it already had a bunch of modifications done by the previous owner, and I added a few. Year is unknown as the neck is not original, but thought to be early 2000's. Body - Mexican Precision Neck - All Parts Maple Jazz neck with black block inlays, high gloss varnish, Fender decal on headstock, painted to match body colour. Frets measure 38mm at the nut, 55mm at the 12th fret approx Bridge - Gotoh 201 high mass Pickguard - White Pearl Pick ups - Original MIM Controls - Passive, Kiogon wiring loom w/500k pots & 0.02uf capacitor Chrome pick up cover, bridge cover and finger rest (entirely removable) The neck is very fast. I had the frets levelled and crowned by The Bass Gallery in Camden. They did an amazing job. It is capable of very low action. I was going for a brighter sound with this bass. The treble and upper mids are more pronounced than a typical P. The nut was filed to suit heavy gauge strings for tuning down to C. It is currently strung with Pro Steels 45-105 (regular gauge) and I have shimmed under the nut to accommodate them. Though regular/light string players may wish to use a new nut. The bass did take some knocks during it's life (entirely not my fault) that resulted in chips to the paintwork at the bottom of the body. I did a basic repair to this area, the wood remains exposed as you can see. The section of the pickguard at the jack end broke off, but it's held in place by a pickguard screw, it's cosmetic only really. There's a crack to the paint at the neck joint. This bass is not in perfect condition but has a lot of character! Would suit a player seeking a brighter sounding P with lots of snap and upper mid zing, suitable for downtuning players / heavy gauge and a faster, thinner neck . [s]I have located the original Fender cardboard box - add £10 for courier delivery to UK.[/s] Cheers Mike [size=6]SOLD[/size]
  11. Not sure if you can see from the pic, but the green and white wires run underneath the plate of the 3rd coil. I'm no expert but I'm not sure how to access that.
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