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  1. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1445884409' post='2895064'] I think everything entered was a great interpretation I really enjoyed the listen through , I had been listening as they were posted and really liked the ones I liked from the outset , great stuff all [/quote] Totally agree. There were some outstanding interpretations.
  2. [quote name='colgraff' timestamp='1445798784' post='2894315'] There are some songs that, if you listen to the lyrics, really shouldn't be played pre-watershed. A good example is Unbelievable by EMF - saying F*** Yellow Mellow by Donovan - widely considered to be advocating underage sex. Any others? [/quote] Wow... Mellow yellow? Im surprised by this. Donovan is a great guy.
  3. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1445683915' post='2893367'] Too late, I've already done it for you. Well spotted, that man..! [url="http://soundcloud.com/dad3353/these-colours-are-for-you-re-mix"]These Colours Are For You (Remix...) ...[/url] ... with apologies. [/quote] It's like you are reading my mind Dad. Thank you that sounds awesome.
  4. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1445681183' post='2893322'] I only managed to listen on my phone , but the boy can most definitely sing , great work , I played out loud , and as we had been listening to radio 1 on the phone , Lurksalittle was quite amazed when I told her that this was a song in our little competition , and not on radio 1 [/quote] Tell her she's very kind. Although in truth it's probably more radio gaga than radio 1. Lots of rich and varied entries this month. Another great comp I think.
  5. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1445675127' post='2893235'] It's not a riff, it's hi hats. When the guitar comes in doing the 8th chug & then roll them off again when the guitar stops. Saying that, I like it how it is. Nice work. [/quote] Yes you are right. I'll try and do it tomorrow morning.
  6. I'm in this month. A slightly longer than I usually submit but it felt right so I let it run. It's missing a riff or something but I've no more time over the next two days so this is it. That said I like it so I hope others do as well. I imagined the guy in the picture as a saviour of the depressed who would spread colour in people's lives but only if they wanted it..... https://m.soundcloud.com/theboysings/these-colours-are-for-you
  7. Finished my composition. Will post a link later when I get some time.
  8. I thought people like it loud!!!!!
  9. [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1445461097' post='2891735'] Some people really have a strange view of their importance. We're not there to force people to listen to us. If people don't want to listen to the music we're playing then I suggest it's not their fault. [/quote] You go Tim.....!! Champion of the patrons......!!!!
  10. I've been to some really loud jazz nights and it was wild. I've also been to some function type events where the Jazz was quite passive and quiet. It's horses for courses. Rock music needs to be loud, it's very emotive and evokes responses like jumping and shouting en masse that would drown out the music if it wasn't loud.
  11. Loving them so far. Will finish mine tomorrow. I really like the way mine is going. Hope I don't kill it tomorrow.
  12. In my house there's a rule. It gets changed when it breaks.
  13. [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1444830450' post='2886465'] Indeed! I have an idea. I can hear it playing in my head. I just need to go through process of 'dumping' it into reality. Actually, don't linger too long on that thought... [/quote] What a weird and wonderful mind.
  14. Not sure how this has happened but mine has turned into a song about depression and people spreading a little sunshine or colour into others lives. I think I need counselling. I definitely need something.
  15. Wow... A lot of early entries this month guys.
  16. I like them all so far. My tune has a foundation. I think it's pretty strong. It's what was in my head (ish) so I can't complain.
  17. [quote name='cameltoe' timestamp='1444428744' post='2883290'] Any band is only as good as their rhythm section. Seriously. If Jeff Buckley's drummer had been sh1t no one would have batted an eyelid. And for the record- no ones listening! [/quote] Are you sure about that.
  18. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1444484445' post='2883601'] Mine is nearly there now , no lyrics on this one though, but the inspiration from the photo has taken me to a very odd place ......inside Lurksalittles head , she used to daydream a lot , still does a bit , but her head goes off to Emmatopia , and that is what the picture is , it is the place where the daughters thoughts go, mainly when she should be doing homework [/quote] Sounds interesting. Mine is very strange. All in the head for now but I will try and get it recorded this week. I'm not sure where it came from or what it's about but I like it.
  19. Is there extra routing for the scratch plate. Can you get the original pups from your friend.
  20. Do you have or can you get the original pups? Is it all original otherwise?
  21. the boy

    Tele rebuild

    I really like the original guitar but as far as personal modifications go this is pretty good. I bet it sounds awesome. I'm not a massive fan of the colour if I'm honest but it looks cool nonetheless.
  22. Any history to the picture. I've never seen it before.
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