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  1. You were lucky mate. Don't dwell on it. 99% of robberies are opportunistic, your alarm didn't give them the opportunity so it's unlikely they'll be back. Beef up security a bit and try not to let it get to you. Sorry it happened but learn from this and thank them for making you aware of potential weaknesses in your system and affording you the opportunity to do something about it. PMA baby......
  2. voted.....I'm gonna put an entry together next week. That you alittlerobot for a convenient playlist.
  3. [quote name='RockfordStone' timestamp='1456913426' post='2993407'] his name is Tim Samaras, widely regarded as one of the most respected weather engineer in the storm chasing field. sadly he got caught out of position in may 2013 and the storm they were analysing shifted and his truck was flipped by a tornado and he and his team (which consisted of his son and best friend) were killed. [/quote] Awesome angle, I'm in.
  4. I'm Interested if this is still available and the heal diameter is 64mm.
  5. Well done Skol. Excellent composition this month.
  6. Voted.... I actually fell asleep listening to one of the songs that got my vote. What does that say for the rest of them. Only joking I've been up all night working and I must admit I dozed off whilst having a listen. I voted for the song as it was my favourite so no bad reflection. Very hard choice. Every song this month had merit but unfortunately we must make a choice so I voted for my top three.
  7. Well..... After much deliberation I've managed to whittle them down to 14. Its progress.
  8. [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1456218289' post='2986624'] Innit! A bumper crop this month. Enough for a gatefold double album [/quote] Gatefold...... 😂😂😂😂 I haven't heard that for years.
  9. [quote name='NickD' timestamp='1455741066' post='2982065'] A cracking start from me... I think I'm not going to make it! Since starting, the twins have gone down with chickenpox, which pretty much blew most evenings from a getting things done point of view. If I knew my kit I'd have maybe just scraped it, but the learning curve combined with the lack of time so far, compounded by us leaving for Blackpool in the morning, has pretty much buried it for this month. I had some (IMO) half decent ideas, but they can always be recycled... bring on March! Some really nice work has gone in this month, it's gonna be a hard vote! [/quote] Roll on March. It's awful when you are up for it but the world conspires against you and despite your best efforts you can't get the thing finished. Better luck next month mate.
  10. [quote name='gapiro' timestamp='1455620011' post='2980683'] Beat me to it, but I was going to go with the line of "surely hes setting his son up to launch his own brand of perfume - he could do it like all those other "super stars" and name it after himself..... North, by North West " [/quote] Too late....... Still funny but missing the zing....
  11. [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1455020344' post='2975022'] Mmmm... Chips or daddy? [/quote] Lol....lol......
  12. Oh my...... Some very interesting little ditties indeed. One has caught my attention already. I'm thoroughly enjoying how this challenge seems to be growing. There's some new blood and some collaborations which I suppose could be categorised as transfused blood and the older blood still pumping away there. I guess what I'm trying to say is, this challenge has heart and guts and brains too. I raise my glass to you all.
  13. Don't know what the hell this is all about but this is what came out of me after I digested the picture.... https://soundcloud.com/theboysings/goodbye-gail feel free to judge and critique, I'm in.
  14. [quote name='Raggy' timestamp='1454930789' post='2974212'] http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cruztools-Bass-Player-Tech-Kit/dp/B00134T67K Always handy to keep in the gig bag. [/quote] Sound advice.
  15. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1455049379' post='2975486'] No brainer http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mr-P-C-Chambers-Popular-History/dp/1845536363 [/quote] Shameless.
  16. What's not to like about the guy. He does what he does. He doesn't hurt anybody. For me.... What U2 achieve is pure genius. They produce the most tangible music using the most basic means. IMHO that's true genius at work. They are not contrived or over complicated yet they bang out these anthems with mass popularity and at the same time remaining totally credible and respected in the industry. Bono is a nutter but he's also another harmless dude doing his own thing and making a good go of it. To his credit his charity work is unrivalled and what we hear about in the public is only the tip of the iceberg. I'm proud to say I'm a fan and if anyone has a derisive view on my taste, I don't care. The only musician that springs to mind that i can justifiably dislike would be Paul Gadd.
  17. [quote name='colgraff' timestamp='1454846848' post='2973422'] A wrap of heroin? [/quote] U are being ripped off.
  18. [quote name='christofloffer' timestamp='1454857173' post='2973565'] well, it looks like i am first in this month, not sure if thats a good thing. https://soundcloud.com/christofloffer/sunburnt-toes i couldnt think of anything at all for diving, so i focused on the pair of feet up in the top left of the pic. i figured that is where i would rather be in that pic so i tried to suss a tune that i would want to listen to whilst laying there. unfortunately i am not very good with cheerful tunes, so i dragged my mother in as a consultant as she is in possession of an incredibly sunny disposition. so thankfully i can share the blame too. it sounds really quite rough in places, which i am not too happy about. but i am still trying to get my head around the EQ in the recording software and trying to level things out a bit. the bass sounds a bit like its recorded in a bathtub. i might get it sorted out before the deadline though, in which case i will replace it. any tips on sorting out the mixing would be appreciated. [/quote] I'm hot on your tail. I plan to put mine together over the next few days.
  19. I'm confused about this. On the one hand I wouldn't mind if someone passed my nickname on to you, however you may be a pain in the ass and pester the hell out of me once we make contact. I think the seller was protecting the privacy of the deal and he was right to do so. Maybe the buyer had bought it without his missus knowing and discretion was paramount. Either way it was none of your business as far the seller was concerned which is fair enough.
  20. At this rate, there will be almost 50 entries in total by the end of the month. I really love two so far. The rest are all really nice as well. Great idea, I will need to listen and mine as the month progresses as I doubt I'll find time to listen to them all in one hit at the end. Very excited.
  21. I love the picture and I have a chorus already. Well done Dad.
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