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  1. [quote name='Cato' timestamp='1488353992' post='3248079'] Pretty sure, given the average age of the BC collective is closer to 60 than 20, that it was said ironically, in jest. [/quote] Spot on Cato...... I was referring to myself as well as blue when I said old people. I'm not in Blues league but I'm no spring chicken. Also, I have zero tech skills.
  2. This what happens when old people have a go at this internet malarkey.
  3. Well done guys..... great interpretations of the photo. I was working on a song but didn't get it finished in time (it's still not finished).... looking forward to the photo.
  4. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YIlWjhci01U Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Claws my soul.........
  5. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1484862610' post='3219299'] Excellent news Dad, improvement is the main thing, It might be worth giving mine a miss then this month , it is a touch rushed It does what I wanted it to though so good luck .... https://soundcloud.com/lurksalot/back-on-my-pony [/quote] You are on fire.
  6. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1484795503' post='3218536'] Thanks, folks; slowly but surely... [/quote] Good man Dad.
  7. More of a guilty pleasure but I love the 'Ting Tings, started with nothing'.
  8. [quote name='PaulGibsonBass' timestamp='1484724034' post='3217725'] Oh, we've tried, believe me. Being of the opinion that the best albums only truly reveal themselves after repeated listening I have persevered. [/quote] Fair enough.
  9. [quote name='PaulGibsonBass' timestamp='1484687819' post='3217591'] Astral Weeks. [/quote] One of My all time favourites. One I often return to. Try 'slim slow slider' as an introduction. Listen a few times, have a drink, relax. Then try 'beside you' if you aren't hooked after a few listens then I accept it's not for you but at least we tried.
  10. I've never entered, I keep forgetting about it. I don't think it's a bad idea but I like the composition competition idea better. It wouldn't be fair of me to express my opinion either way as I don't take part. This isn't really helping, is it? Ok I'm gonna get off the fence and put my two pennies in. I think you should either keep it or scrap it. There you go.
  11. [quote name='lonestar' timestamp='1484075975' post='3212512'] https://youtu.be/Sc2m4w9h0cw [/quote] That was the best video I've seen all year. Tears rolled down my face.
  12. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1483891225' post='3210894'] Here's my entry: three acoustic guitars playing a country blues kind of vibe. http://soundcloud.com/robert-palmer-1/way-to-go [/quote] Great start Mr B. In my eyes you can do no wrong lately. I had always envisaged the pic involving some desperate deed, past or yet to come however your composition suggests he's simply heading down the pub for a few beers and it works fantastically. Well done.
  13. The picture for me, is a question. Well it's two questions but I can't decide which one. Is he coming from something or going to something? They conjur up two very different themes. He is still just a cowboy on a horse but has he just shot up a town or is he heading off to a shoot em up situation. I can't decide.
  14. sh*t happens alright fellas. When I start thinking about stuff like this and how I felt when I lost or had to sell something that I thought was important I stick on Schindlers list. It doesn't take long before things fall into perspective. That said I'm really sorry you had to sell your guitar in the circumstances you did.
  15. [quote name='gelfin' timestamp='1483565885' post='3208388'] A few years ago I was made redundant just as my daughters wedding was coming up. I had to sell my Ric CS. [URL=http://s970.photobucket.com/user/gelfin5959/media/CS4.jpg.html][IMG]http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae181/gelfin5959/CS4.jpg[/IMG][/URL] The guy who bought it promised that I would have first refusal if he ever sold it. He offered it back at twice the price I sold it. [/quote] Kinell........ greedy bastard.
  16. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1483259198' post='3205647'] I'd love to see Bach and Bieber in a pub brawl... [/quote] "Bach the f*** up" the teen idol exclaimed "this is going to beiber-utal".
  17. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1483239342' post='3205627'] I don't consider The Beatles the past. They're the future. Blue [/quote] You are probably right. Happy new year.
  18. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1483200399' post='3205387'] You won't have to worry about saying that. Nobody will care or even remember Bieber. Beiber is a teen idol. He is not a cultural phenomenon effecting or having an impact on politics, philosophy,fashion or music for the few hundred years. Blue [/quote] Ahhhhh forgive me blue. For I did not know you could see the future. I thought from your words that your eyes were fixed only on matters of the past.
  19. [quote name='Grassie' timestamp='1483094230' post='3204633'] Are you Justin Bieber's dad? [/quote] Yes I am.
  20. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1483034766' post='3204345'] There have always been young new teen idols. Some can make it big with little to no talent and some like The Beatles and The Everly Brothers that had so much talent you'd have a hard time quantifying it. Why would anyone even mention Bieber and The Beatles or The Everly Brothers in the same sentence? Blue [/quote] Blue, you can be such an old fart sometimes. Justin beiber is not the Beatles. However that is not why you don't rate him. The reason you don't rate him is because you don't get him. He is very intelligent and talented and relevant to the youth of today. You had the Beatles (good for you) today's kids have Beiber. He is as awesome to them as the Beatles were to you. Now you can dismiss the above with all the "you had to be there's" your breath can muster but it doesn't matter anymore because theres a new kid in town and his name is beiber and you don't get him because your time has come and gone. Let it be my friend and don't be a hater. Let it Beiber.
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