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  1. I used to go to an open mic night and the guy running it had heard me singing creep by Radiohead a few weeks earlier so he asked me up to sing it again. I suggested we play it in E as I'm comfortable with the higher bits when it's played in E, I think it's originally in G or A (can't remember). Anyway.... he was gutted. Genuinely disappointed in me he said "oh.... can you not sing it in the original key then?" To which I responded "yes I can but I sound crap". He then burst out laughing and together we performed in E and it was great. I don't see what the problem is, the original was composed in a key to suit the original performers voice it's not cast in stone til the end of time.
  2. You could set up your guitar amp the way you want it to sound and simply mic the amp. I use this method a lot.
  3. [quote name='gareth' timestamp='1498842751' post='3327531'] i agree, and that's my point, the killers should have been on the main stage and ed consigned to the tent Did't like the new single though! [/quote] The Killers are staging a comeback so they weren't quite mainstage headline material in terms of their wider appeal but certainly an outstanding performance.
  4. [quote name='gareth' timestamp='1498681289' post='3326352'] At the same time The Killers play the John Peel stage! [/quote] Outstanding performance. The highlight of Glastonbury for me this year.
  5. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1498432903' post='3324628'] Me too. Blue [/quote] He's a one man Beatles.
  6. It's really good mate. As long as ye aren't ugly bastards I'm sure ye have a really good chance.
  7. Voted a few days back. Hopefully illl take part again soon.
  8. Set these up in my lounge. Were gathering dust in the garage. Not any more. Banging sound. Wonder how long the wife will let me get away with this. PARTY!!!!!
  9. [quote name='nash' timestamp='1492813915' post='3283497'] Banging a Fender logo on a bass to invite confidence is a lie. It's deception. Whether you sell it or not. It's the intention of making people think it's a Fender. It's brand snobbery enablism. [/quote] No disrespect but that's anally retentive nonsense.
  10. +1 for TransferWise. I send money quite frequently with them. Never any problems.
  11. I can never understand why people don't get it. For me it very obvious why people decorate their basses in this fashion. This is show business. It's all about creating an image, a look or a vibe. We don't criticise folk for sporting a hairdo or guyliner. Putting a decal on the headstock is exactly the same. It's the finishing touch to an impression you are creating. I'm fine with it. It's none of my business. I played a few gigs with a band a few years ago and they wanted a look. I reliced an old Squier and put a fender decal on. It looked awesome and was exactly the vibe the band wanted. It's no big deal. Other people can't afford fenders but gain confidence when they sport a fenderesque instrument. Live and let livery I say.
  12. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1491331147' post='3272224'] That sounds like a challenge. [/quote] Obviously if you were downright rude and over the top I'm sure you'd evoke a response somewhere near hurt. Although I'm not certain even of that. Please don't try though. That was certainly not the intention of my comment.
  13. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1490994405' post='3269782'] I read the comment, I really didn't take it as insult. I know I have some positions that don't make a lot of sense. I attribute it to advancing years.😁 Blue [/quote] I've said it before and I'll say it again, you cannot insult this guy. Many have tried in posts before this and he has remained dignified, calm and stood by his point of view regardless of what was thrown his way. He is as constant as the North Star. Well more of a western pub group celeb but you know what I mean.
  14. [quote name='RockfordStone' timestamp='1490824716' post='3268422'] voted for mine the other day, i went with dads, fingers and indy this month. some good work in there [/quote] That's greedy. You can't vote for yourself and three others as well.
  15. Dad....... have you been borrowing the kids iPod. That was a revelation. I voted for two that really suited the picture and one that I'm not sure what it was about or if it suited the picture at all but it was too beautiful not to vote for. Well done all. There were a few beauties in there this month.
  16. [quote name='discreet' timestamp='1452163609' post='2947084'] Has anyone actually [i]played [/i]any of his instruments? They may look, er... 'unusual', but you never know, perhaps they're the best-playing and best-sounding instruments on the planet - in which case they are a complete bargain. [/quote] That may well be the case, however the planet would indeed have to be flat. I direct you to off topic.
  17. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1489448726' post='3257116'] IMO, all the successful early rock & roll stars matter in one way or the other. IMO, if you don't have some understanding of rock & roll history eventually your going to run into a wall. Blue [/quote] Or roll into a wall made of rocks.
  18. [quote name='SpondonBassed' timestamp='1488397822' post='3248661'] Hahahahahahahaha. I wish I was 32 again young man. NURSE! get my bathchair! [/quote]
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