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  1. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1482790718' post='3202782'] I'm surprised you use the word "awesome" to describe this clip. Most of the stuff you post is awesome. I'm going to break one of my rules, which is if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything. If I was a 13 year old female I would probably love the clip. Justin as an adult (18) is playing drums at the level most guys I played with when I was in the 6th grade or around 11 years old. Nothing personal, I guess I'm too old and out of touch to recognize the talent. The guy is a successful teen idol. Nothing more nothing less. Blue [/quote] The Beatles were teen idols that grumpy old men categorised as flash in the pan talentless mop top whatever's...... jus sayin I think beibers got talent.
  2. Inspired by this topic I'm gonna submit an R.E.M. Cover to the composition challenge this month. So many to choose from.
  3. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1480675041' post='3186255'] [/quote] That clapping scene is hypnotic. I spent the last two days staring blankly at it trying work out a pattern or rhythm.
  4. Congrats lord Sausage. I'm happy for you to pick the photo if you like.
  5. [quote name='Earbrass' timestamp='1464706241' post='3061623'] Well, here's a thought. If we want to ensure that live music is valued, and stop people giving it away, then the flip side of that is that we make certain that those who do get paid to play are worthy of their hire. Maybe the public will be more willing to pay to see live music if they can be guaranteed a certain level of professionalism from those playing it. So why don't we create a law that says that only licensed performers can perform in public. To get a licence, a performer would have to pass a stringent set of exams, demonstrating the ability to sight-read fluently, show a good level of understanding of harmonic theory, counterpoint, arrangement and history of music, and perform examination pieces on their chosen instrument in a range of genres (including jazz, classical and traditional music as well as rock and pop). Those found guilty of operating a musical instrument in a public place without the proper license would have all their gear confiscated and destroyed. Serial offenders would be forced to attend a series of lectures on the importance of the Beatles in the history of popular music, and the importance of "having been there" before offering an opinion on any band or musical genre. Any venue found guilty of permitting unlicensed performances will be bulldozed to the ground and replaced by a public garden. Any venue with more than one noise complaint upheld against it within a five year period will be bulldozed to the ground and the owners forced to attend a series of lectures on the importance of the Beatles in the history of popular music, and the importance of "having been there" before offering an opinion on any band or musical genre. One beneficial side-effect would be the effective elimination of all rap-"music". There, problem solved. Don't mention it. [/quote] Sounds like music for Nazis.
  6. Voted. I was bowled over by one piece in particular. The other two of my votes were well deserved as well but I particularly enjoyed Mr Bilbos contribution this month. Well done Sir.
  7. Im in this month, not very elaborate or exciting but for me it captures the tank drivers last moments before he heads into battle...... Very quick writing and production, an hour in total so a bit rough in places. Anyway enjoy.... https://soundcloud.com/theboysings/this-is-not-surrender
  8. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1478135924' post='3167106'] I believe the keyboard player writes the songs, but they are all credited so they share the royalties. Very generous of him. [/quote] Generous is one way of putting it.
  9. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1478115706' post='3166893'] I know that it is a poignant picture what with 11/11 , but I am getting Dastardly and Muttley flapping around trying to catch the pigeon [/quote] 11/11?
  10. [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1478075192' post='3166470'] Something about a "military coo"?? [/quote] :D
  11. Well done Indy. Great track. Deserved win. Is there more we can listen to? Looking forward to the picture choice.
  12. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1477851815' post='3164845'] Oh Man , that was a difficult choice , after scoring them initially out of 10 , the lowest was 8.5 , and that was mine It has again been a pleasure to listen to the offerings , thanks to all. Indys track is lovely and it reminds me that its about time The Boy pulled his finger out , [/quote] Oooooh indeed..... Indys track is a cracker for sure. It got my vote. I've been snowed under lately. I had a few ideas each month but I never got to nail em down. Great stuff this month.
  13. A generic drawl I might add. I don't want any accusations of stereotyping the poor white slack jawed yokel of the south.
  14. Ain't you boys normally wrapped up roundabout now. I've got one in the skillet but she's a long way off the boil not to mention simmering time. When y'all fixing to close. Maybe I can get me some after hours. Forgive me but I watched Django unchained earlier and I've developed a southern drawl.
  15. Thank you Sir. I was looking for a name for my new band. Moon rats is 👏.
  16. the boy


    Oooohhh I like the sound of that. Thanks for tip. I will listen more later. Sounds like good gym music. 👍
  17. [quote name='thebrig' timestamp='1475867988' post='3149444'] I've downloaded a lot of Logic tutorials from YouTube and I'm working my way through them slowly, the problem is I don't absorb information very easily these days. [/quote] That's not the best way to go about. I've found the easiest way to learn is to start messing around. Once you hit a problem... then you go to YouTube etc and find a solution. If you are as bad as me you'll find you are on YouTube more than the daw but soon you acquire a set of skills and really start to get something from it. Good luck.
  18. [quote name='Wayne Firefly' timestamp='1475751247' post='3148416'] Hmmmm, starting to worry to be fair.... [/quote] I find this a lot with these one man type set ups with a long waiting list. It's all "bud" and "mate" when you're making the order, once the money's paid you get the attitude and finally when it all comes good you get the "we got there in the end pal" nonsense. It's extremely frustrating but also very typical. Remind yourself why you chose a Zon in the first place and if it's worth the wait then be patient. That said don't be mugged off either. Let them (him) know your not happy and you think he's taking the piss. Which to be fair he is a bit at this stage.
  19. Sounds great. The second video has given me the munchies. Onion bhajee anybody????
  20. [quote name='lowdown' timestamp='1474051764' post='3135337'] All you need is a bridge, some beats, round and round at the end. Job done. [/quote] I wish!!!!!
  21. I've got bohemian rhapsody coursing through me, it's on repeat..... Over and over and over. "Mama....." It leads into Jon lennons "mother" and then back to "nothing really matters" while JP dances around my head splashing and thrashing the place. WTF IS GOING ON??? I think it's safe to say I probably won't be putting an entry forward this month.
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