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  1. [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1454156961' post='2967015'] I suspect foul play... Since Douglas became my campaign manager - which gave me time to write my over-long,teary, and rather gushing award-acceptance speech - I've not had a vote and he's caught up! At this rate I'll have to go back to the funk... [/quote] he is a slippery old escargot for sure
  2. 21 voters thus far, not a bad turn out. Its still any horses race to be fair. I envisage xgsjx pulling away in the final furlong, with Rikki, Dad and Smalls hot on his tail, but who perchance will claim this much coveted accolade??????????? It may be split decision, umpires enquiry, dual photo its impossible to predict.
  3. Maybe there is a basschat serial killer............
  4. [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1453208548' post='2957371'] Dammit I do at least have a brush kit backing track, which sounds [i]"like the patter of rain on a January day, whilst contemplating the Butterfly Effect of cause and consequence at the start of a New Year".[/i] Honest. That's exactly what's been going through my head. [/quote] of course it has....
  5. [quote name='Skol303' timestamp='1453199034' post='2957236'] I must admit that what I have so far doesn’t ‘sound’ much like the photos. If I’m honest it’s been more heavily inspired by my newly acquired acoustic… but maybe if I include the word 'fluttery' in the description I can blag it [/quote] Doh... Busted.
  6. Very nice entries so far. Good to see that more people are taking part, if only we get more people voting.
  7. I had a play with mine today and gave it a bit of a mix and added some umph to the horns. Same song and vocal. Ive updated the original post but I will also add a new link here (both are the same. https://soundcloud.com/theboysings/my-boat-of-butterflies
  8. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1452942151' post='2954876'] I've got to admit I've been spoiled overall with my old drummer, 18 or so years learning how to be a rhythm section and other drummers I've played with have commented on how I "lock in" quickly - even house producer mates using sampled kits. Maybe it comes naturally to some more than others. [/quote] Break ups are never easy.
  9. I remember having these problems as a teenager but it's never happened in a mature set up. There is nothing worse than musicians racing each other through a song. There is something fundamental going on here. The drummer may be excellent but he sounds inexperienced and doesn't have the confidence to pull it back. Problems need to be discussed so get it out there. He will get there eventually.
  10. I'm in this month. If I get time later on I will remix this a bit. Exaggerate the horns etc. However this is it for now. I combined the melancholy of the rain picture with the ridiculousness (no disrespect intended) of the butterfly picture to create a song about drinking and the crazy ideas you come up with when you've had a few two many and how the silliest of things have great magesty and significance when you're a few sheets to the wind (pun intended). https://soundcloud.com/theboysings/my-boat-of-butterflies
  11. Sorrow, followed by oh' you pretty things.
  12. [quote name='RockfordStone' timestamp='1452376989' post='2949477'] hate to say it, ive got nothing for this month [/quote] It's a bit early for that kind of defeatist attitude.
  13. I'd do it. Insist he arranges his own courier. Correspond only through eBay messenger and contact eBay customer services to inform them what's happening. That said, don't do anything you are uncomfortable with. Is your guitar particularly hard to get?
  14. [quote name='Rikki1984' timestamp='1452241125' post='2947865'] Thanks! I'm just glad someone, somewhere actually liked it! :-) I look forward to hearing what you come up with - I enjoyed your entry last month. [/quote] Oh stop it...... :-">
  15. [quote name='Rikki1984' timestamp='1452204795' post='2947698'] Not really my normal style - but thought I'd try something different. https://soundcloud.com/rikki-boyes/rainy-day [/quote] That was almost genius. If you polished it up a bit that could go straight into the charts. I really enjoyed it. Well done.
  16. This all sounds very hi tech. I need to get up to date on all this gadgetry.
  17. That itrack looks really good. The apogee one has a built in mic that is why I recommended it. The mic is pretty good quality, however if you have a mic I reckon the itrack is a good bet.
  18. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1451857127' post='2944150'] I re-did mine and cut out all the superfluous fat. It is now a lot shorter but better for it. I put the new link in my previous post in order to avoid confusion later on!! [/quote] Much better. Sounds nothing like Rumpole. Great work.
  19. Apogee one would be the ticket for you.
  20. [quote name='the boy' timestamp='1451836917' post='2943841'] I enjoyed that. I can't quite place my finger on it but it reminded me of the theme tune to an 80s sitcom. The sitcom was British at it was on Sunday nights I think. Great work. [/quote] Rumpole.... Perhaps.
  21. [quote name='Bilbo' timestamp='1451817745' post='2943575'] Here is mine for this month. Struggling to find time at the moment. https://soundcloud.com/robert-palmer-1/wind-and-rain-a-brass-trio [/quote] I enjoyed that. I can't quite place my finger on it but it reminded me of the theme tune to an 80s sitcom. The sitcom was British at it was on Sunday nights I think. Great work.
  22. Unfortunately it would appear that it is indeed dead. Please send to me and I will make all the necessary arrangements at no expense to yourself, this being such a sensitive matter.
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