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  1. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1451728920' post='2942752'] If I could get a word in edgeways ... You can pretty much choose whatever aspect from whatever picture you choose , for me I think the story is in the second one so that's were the focus will be , but the first one being Rain , might provide the style of the piece , I'm thinking Quo So maybe if the picture was turned inside out the, the picture is inside someones stomach and they are so nervous they are going to ship themselves. As per normal I reserve the right to completley miss my own brief by a country mile [/quote] Get a word in edgeways. It's only taken you ten hours to get back to me. I've been up all night fretting away the Wee small hours.
  2. [quote name='Leonard Smalls' timestamp='1451731730' post='2942802'] You won't be laughing when you hear it! It'll be like when a dog eats a rotting rabbit, then sits beside you, slowly leaking. There'll be gagging and choking, a stampede for the exits, and the Government's COBRA committee will have to have a special sitting... Though it's possible I may take pity on the world, and produce some clavinet-based funk with an ear-splitting fake-guitar solo at the end as a nod to modernism! [/quote] Ok.... Got it.....
  3. Interesting fact. When butterflies are nervous they get "humans in their stomachs".
  4. Is that thing on the ground in rainy picture one a dead butterfly? If it is then I'm definitely having a drink. This may have to be some whining acoustic introspective love song about my fear of holding you so tight that I might crush you. I'm not sure why this is affecting me so much. I'm a blubbering mess.
  5. I can't remember what happens when there are two pictures. Do we choose one or must we work with both? Not that I'm stressing about it. Honest I'm cool. This two pictures scenario hasn't sent me into a spiralling panicking frenzy, reaching for the bottle 22hrs into my year of sobriety. Can someone help me out here. Butterflies hate the rain, it makes sh*t of their wings. The pictures are too opposing.
  6. Well done guys it's a tie. Happy new year to all.
  7. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1451597414' post='2941816'] I've not managed to.get time to listen to them all. [/quote] What a brave thing to admit but a terrible thing to do. How could you enter but not listen to them all or vote, naughty boy.
  8. [quote name='fingers211' timestamp='1451509763' post='2941173'] That was a real toughie...had to borrow the "Strictly" scoring method for the last 8 !! I'd fancy that collection on an albun for the flight to the 'land of the long white cloud' on Saturday Very well done all...... Nige [/quote] land of the long white cloud????? (I could look it up, but......)
  9. [quote name='peted' timestamp='1451507881' post='2941144'] I've been away for a while. This is an amazing idea! [/quote] welcome back.
  10. [quote name='the boy' timestamp='1451491471' post='2940933'] Stand by me...... Heard it through the grapevine...... My girl........ [/quote] Of those three.... Stand by me.
  11. Stand by me...... Heard it through the grapevine...... My girl........
  12. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1451167182' post='2938672'] Sorry; not well. Back later, when I can... [/quote] Get well soon Dad.
  13. Voted. It was bloody hard. The sheer volume alone made it extra tough. Not only that but none of my staple favourites produced the goods this month or shall I say my staple favourites were outshined by some of the newcomers/returning contributors. Not a bad song amongst them though well done to all and happy new year.
  14. [quote name='oldslapper' timestamp='1451328574' post='2939618'] To be fair, the poster might have been referring to himself, given the use of the hyphen. I'm sure there's no-one shallow enough on here to allow their prejudice views of addicts to influence their musical tastes. I enjoy her singing, and her take on covers. These Beatles covers being no exception. Thanks for sharing it. :-) [/quote] Very well put.
  15. [quote name='MilkyBarKid' timestamp='1451252000' post='2939143'] Does nothing for me - overhyped junkie as far as I'm concerned. Like the guitar playing. [/quote] What a lovely thing to add to a thread that is clearly a minor homage to her talent. I loved it.
  16. [quote name='lurksalot' timestamp='1451154655' post='2938601'] Voted , that was a toughie , some fantastic use of synth in that lot , beautiful tunes and sounds quality throughout , well done guys I had to get myself a tally system and whittle the list down each time , strangely mine came out on top each time , but the final 3 was tricky between five of them ! [/quote] Struggling as well mate. I've got it down to 7....
  17. [quote name='RockfordStone' timestamp='1450709072' post='2935047'] because i composed it with the idea of adding guitar and bass to it it has spaces that i need to fill with bass or guitar unless i totally rethink the keyboard parts which i don't have time to do... maybe ill just rumble some root notes on a bass underneath... i mean thats all bass is right? [/quote] This is the day I always feared. The day when somebody would come along and take this challenge seriously and shame us all into doing things right, you sir, could very well be the pioneering force that changed the course of this competition forever.
  18. [quote name='RockfordStone' timestamp='1450701711' post='2934945'] gonna have a crack at completing mine later other wise it won't get done. totally drawn a blank with how to finish it off so may have to just submit it how it is at currnet [/quote] repeat some bit and fade............... always an easy option.
  19. Hi Blue, I'm amazed that, as a pub band you are managing to make a living from gigging. I know quite a few pub bands and all of them have day jobs or they are claiming a pension or benefits etc etc.... There isn't a living in pub bands any more. A band with wedding bookings and corporate gigs is a different story, I know quite a few of those as well and they are doing really well. No disrespect blue but if you're trying to make a living out of pub gigging then from my experience you've made a bad career choice. Being peeved with guys who wanna enjoy the gigging experience but not in any committed way, is unreasonable. People with bands should be able to access the gigging platform any way they like.
  20. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1450353051' post='2931896'] Tell us about it. That's the point at which we all post our 'finished product'. [/quote] I know that feeling. Lol.
  21. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1450179111' post='2930242'] Yes indeed. Spacey, eh..? [/quote] I see what you did there, very good.
  22. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1450032794' post='2928987'] Not only, but also ... [/quote] I watched this movie the other night. I'd forgotten how good it was.
  23. [quote name='Rikki1984' timestamp='1449753785' post='2926503'] Wow this is worse than my last job interview! :-P [/quote] Lol
  24. [quote name='Rikki1984' timestamp='1449700017' post='2926188'] haha I've followed the previous posts with confused amusement! I was planning to remix, tidy up and maybe remove the vocals from my entry but it would appear I'm an idiot because I've somehow must've deleted all the Reaper files for the song. So I will make do what I had previously. So for the 2nd (and last time) here's my entry! https://soundcloud.com/rikki-boyes/out-run-the-sun [/quote] Of course we will need to Consult the committee To ensure this is permissible. Ahem. Looks left, then right, then at you but not directly.
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