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  1. sorry Maude . just seen your post , i have been working away. mine is exactly the same as the pic above, its in mint condition. but yes they are getting rarer . bob
  2. what i can tell is that they were made in japan (eikosha music) they stopped production in circa 2006 and they won Guitar and bass magazine sub £500 bass in 2005. there are many on here that will probably know more about them. all i can say is that i took a punt on it and its perfect in every way .balance , neck , looks ,playability and the range of tones is just staggering. i only own 7 basses , but always end up thudding away on this one over the others. and as mentioned by me before , i can actually go straight for the tone i am looking for now without blindly twiddling thanks to you guys
  3. UPDATE. it's all so clear now. it sounds exactly how i want it to sound when i twiddle knobs.Easy ! i could have worked it out all by myself................erm.......ok , probably not ! thanks once again to you lovely and learned contributors Bob
  4. i think that has solved that mystery. serves me right my bloody GAS took hold and i bought it without having a clue how it worked. passive is so much more straightforward lol
  5. aah .it could be. that may explain why 3 of the knobs have a half way kind of lock thing and the 4th does not. i can get a scary variation of sounds from it, im just not really sure how i acheive them. thanks guys, gonna have to sit down and really really get used to using it.
  6. Hi all. Bit of a head scratcher here. I fell in love with a Mania bass (vtb-4bs) that was on ebay and not having owned an active before , i had to have it. The guitar is beautiful , the issue is the knobs, 4 to be precise ! now you would assume that it would be 2 volume and 2 tone , one for each pup ? but i can turn the bridge pup up and that works fine , but when it comes to the neck pup you cannot turn that up on its own , the bridge pup has to be turned up also . is this normal ? does anybody own or owned one of these basses that could give me a pointer ? there is precious little info on this make of basses on the interweb thingy. all help would be appreciated. cheers bob
  7. thats what i feared folks. will have to bite the bullet and get it done i suppose. thanks for the replies guys bob
  8. hi all. my eb0 bass has been playing a bit doggy recently so i decided to get to the bottom of the issue , and after putting a straight edge over the frets it looks like the nut end frets 1-3 are bowing backwards and the same with frets 7-10 . can this be easily fixed ? or is it going to be a money pit ? being only en epi it would be silly throwing loads of cash at it .if so its a wall deco from now on or at best get a new neck and do a frankenbass jobbie. cheers bob
  9. Has to be without a doubt one of the most deluded people I have come across.i think his creations are one of these things that mankind cannot understand at this present point in our evolution. Future generations will understand and embrace his creations no doubt. I'm buying one as a retirement investment.
  10. i know this is an old thread, but i came across it after a search and have read this from start to finish, followed all the links and even visited the ebay shop . i can honestly say that i have not laughed so much in ages. a big belated thank you to all the posters who have ensured that for tonight i will go to bed sniggering.
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