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  1. Absolute Twunts. Hope you manage to get it back buddy.
  2. This is incredibly cheap. Won’t stay around long at this price. I had one just like this for 4 years. Loved it.
  3. I love the fact the UK has some of the most young, vibrant and forward focused companies as well as established powerhouse brands. I try to support them as much as I possibly can e.g. Barefaced, Ashdown, Status, Cog Effects, Rotosound, etc to name but a few. They really listen to their customers and I know them on first name terms so you really feel invested in their brand. Well done Alex, Mark, Rob, Tom and Jason. Keep up the good work and best of luck for the future.
  4. I personally would love to see a future collaboration between Barefaced and Ashdown. Would be interesting to see what Mark Gooday, Dave Green and Alex Claber could come up with.
  5. Great pedal thanks Alin. Love the option of the 3 settings. Use it as main tone shaper on my pedal board. Still loving your stomp?
  6. Alins a great guy. I bought a sansamp from him last year. Buy with confidence.
  7. I have the 500 version of this amp. When gigs/work/life improves will definitely be getting one of these gorgeous amps. Have a bump on me.
  8. I remember being introduced to him at a Billy Sheehan bass clinic at the bass centre in Wapping nearly 30 years ago. He seemed like a nice bloke. I believe he was involved with SLM/Ampeg at the time. RIP Ken
  9. I’m sure I played one of these in Denmark St a few years back. To be honest I wasn’t expecting a lot from it and only picked it up out of curiosity but I was very pleasantly surprised. Very playable, great old school tone and looks really retro cool. GLWTS.
  10. I would have had it if I didn’t still love my Fender Status hybrid P Bass bought from said Karl 8 years ago.
  11. I remember when you bought this a few years back. I believe it sold in next to no time. Both Karl and I missed out on it. I was at a rehearsal and he was watching the football (Burnley?) if memory serves me right. Glwts mate.
  12. I used a TC 212 at a gig and it was OK but much prefer my Barefaced Super Twin obviously.
  13. If memory serves me right I bought it from Tomas (zvirus) on here.
  14. I’ve had batteries go flat before the end of the first set during a gig once. Sound started to dip in and out and get a bit fizzy. Wasn’t sure if it was the amp, lead or batteries. Thankfully there was an ASDA across the road. Happened about 18 months later during soundcheck (before I learnt the Jan 1st tip). Thankfully I always take a passive P bass with me. Bit paranoid and have broken strings too. Takes the fun out of gigging when you’ve to do repairs on the fly! Bands don’t mind occasional little technical problems but they do mind you not having solutions. Once did a big gig where the guitarist didn’t have any plectrums. He had to cut up an old credit card. Amateur!!
  15. Just had a low battery warning light fitted to my active bass. Not worth the worry if the batteries will go flat at the gig. A local pro gave me this tip, he changes his battery on 1st Jan each year.
  16. There’s something really wonderful about having a custom made pedal and making it a central part of your rig. It’s obviously cheaper to buy off the shelf pedals but ultimately not as satisfying.
  17. I had a custom Reverb/Chorus unit made by Tom at Cog Effects. Absolutely love it. Makes me smile whenever I look at it. Sounds pretty good too. Tom is a massive Star Wars fan and I love Family Guy. Here is my Blue Harvest Pedal.
  18. I had my one (then a second, then not) for about 4 years. Loved it.
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