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  1. But what do they call it in France?
  2. I think the correct answer is: Depends Find this answer very useful in most situations too. I think if you are a pro and don’t have a skill or flexible second job to fall back on in lean times you will lead a very stressful life. Multiple income streams is the best advice. Sometimes you only learn this the hard way.
  3. When I stacked my 2 super compacts I did it horizontally rather than vertically as it felt more stable that way (and looked better IMHO). However I know Alex might disagree because of some fangled acoustic thingy me jig but I paid for them so there. 😀
  4. Remember you can always buy gear s/h and if it’s not right for you, you can always sell it on for roughly what you paid for it.
  5. I’ve had all the various options over the years. The downside of the modular 115 with a 210 is that when you have a smaller gig/rehearsal and can only take one cab, the sound will be different, either too bright or too bassy. Whereas if you have 2 of the same it will just be quieter and a little bit less depth. I had 2 super compacts (112s) but switched to a single cab solution. Currently have a barefaced super twin which is a 2x12 in a single box. Not much bigger than a single cab. Really light, very loud. In the picture below it is the supertwin (2x12), the compact (1x15) and the super compact (1x12). It’s a great visual to see the size comparisons. Hope this is of help.
  6. They are also very well made (by DHA) and I am sure they will become collector pedals in the future as he recently passed away and therefore Dave won’t be making anymore. Was a really top bloke too.
  7. The DHAs usually run at 12v and the tip is the opposite polarity to the standard boss type PSUs. Also the pots can get a bit dirty too so it’s best to set them up to a sound your are happy with and leave. I’ve had a vt2 in both pedal and rack form.
  8. I believe Billy Sheehan (!!!) is giving 1-2-1 lessons at a music store in Nashville where he recently moved to. Hoping he will do some Skype lessons. Would be a fantastic experience for my big boy birthday this year.
  9. I can only talk of the old model Terror. Yes it was very aggressive, very early but that was easily rectified by replacing the valves for something like a mullard, etc. Might be a cheaper option to pick up an older model. Very easy to swap the valves. 5-10 min job max
  10. Also, if you are not too far from Ashdown in Chelmsford they will probably give it a free service once lockdown restrictions are over.
  11. I would personally wait a few months and let Rob at Status have a look at it. Less likely to effect the resale value as much compared to letting others have a go at repairing it.
  12. Will be about as clear as mud!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. I bought a lovely original ABM 500 in chrome from here for about £170 came with a fitted SKB case too. Think it took a bump being delivered and a couple of things didn’t work as expected. Took it to Guy at Ashdown who fixed it, changed the valve and gave it a service free of charge. Wonderful customer service. Buy with confidence.
  15. The video reminded me of a photo of my front room a year ago. Can’t think why? 😀
  16. Just need to use the one cable from the amp to the cab (810). Would only use 2 separate cables to the cab if you were going to use two different amps to the cab via 2x410 (Bi-amping) eg one amp clean and the other dirty/effects or Low freq/have guys split etc
  17. I had one of these wonderful beasts in the late eighties. 😀
  18. If it’s just for practicing at home, I’d recommend using a zoom b3 or b3n with headphones. Pick them up s/h for not much more.
  19. Might be worth a picture of the strings with the packet and if it’s cut for a fender 4 in a line, stingray 3 + 1 or a 2 + 2. Hope this helps.
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