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  1. What about a Jaguar bass? P and a J pick up and a funky shape too!
  2. pbasspecial


    I use my TC spark at the end of the chain so it doesn’t effect the other pedals tone/sounds, just the volume level and have an eq pedal near the front as a mid boost too.
  3. Can’t believe this is still here. About £100 cheaper than it’s true value. Xmas bargain.
  4. I have done the single super compact (1x12) thing, then two super compacts, back to one super compact. In the end I missed the fuller sound of having 2 speakers so bought a super twin as it's the best of both worlds, 2 speakers, one cab and not that much bigger than a single cab. I also think it looks better than stacking two cabs vertically. Small footprint onstage (remember them!) If you did want more of an old school sound, the 210 would be a good option. You can stack 2 horizontally, as intended and it looks pretty good. Having 2 cabs will cost you more obviously. 2 super compacts s/h will cost roughly £900 and a super twin will be around £650 for essentially the same thing. Having 2 SCs/210s gives you a more flexible, modular set up and the Super twin is a fantastic one cab solution. Barefaced have 30 day trial/money back guarantee if you wanted to buy it brand new.
  5. Good price for a great pedal. Glad I never sold my one in the end.
  6. If you don’t mind crossing the Dartford bridge there is an excellent amp repairer called David Lane based in Gravesend mate
  7. Thanks but I think you missed my point. It wasn’t about using a variax into a stomp. It was about using a regular passive bass into the stomp but the stomp having variax type bass settings built into the unit.
  8. The family motto/maxim/whatever it’s called I used to say to my son on his way into primary school every morning was ‘do YOUR best and have fun!’
  9. Great pedals for that Ampegy tone. A real Swiss Army knife DI pedal.
  10. I'm a massive Luddite but basic things like Facebook, WhatsApp and messenger are very useful for communication and sending videos, etc
  11. It's only worth what someone's willing to pay. If you're happy to pay £180, pay.. Of if not, don't or leave your offer on the table for 48 hours. See what happens.
  12. I know. That’s why I was asking in here in case one of you lovely people had used or seen one in the flesh.
  13. My friend might buy just the chassis and get Zilla to build. Will reduce shipping and import tax costs possibly.
  14. There’s the link I added. One click is all it takes 😄
  15. My guitarist who is a real gear head recommended this company to me. They are a Malaysian based amp company who specialise in doing top notch clones of all the best guitar amps out there for a fraction of the price. I am really taken by their B15 copy called an Aunt Peg (Ampeg). Looks really good. I wondered if anybody here has used one or even seem a video as I’m struggling to find any footage. Any help would be gratefully received.
  16. Thanks for that response Fretmeister. Very informative. I think the bass players that tried the variax liked the sounds on offer but it was a hefty old beast. Shame it’s not doable as using your favourite bass and switching from a P to a J to an upright setting would have been incredible. 😢
  17. I used to have a Line 6 Variax bass a few years back. I really liked the settings/sounds but wasn’t a fan of the bass itself. Very heavy and personally found it rather challenging to play. I wondered rather than gutting a variax and fitting it to a decent P Bass which seems so wrong, are the settings available as a downloadable pack for the Hx Stomp. Wouldn’t imagine it would be super hard as they are both Line 6 products. Does any one if this is a thing or even a possibility?
  18. Just for you. Hope this doesn’t cause too much envy! 😀
  19. Absolute Twunts. Hope you manage to get it back buddy.
  20. This is incredibly cheap. Won’t stay around long at this price. I had one just like this for 4 years. Loved it.
  21. I love the fact the UK has some of the most young, vibrant and forward focused companies as well as established powerhouse brands. I try to support them as much as I possibly can e.g. Barefaced, Ashdown, Status, Cog Effects, Rotosound, etc to name but a few. They really listen to their customers and I know them on first name terms so you really feel invested in their brand. Well done Alex, Mark, Rob, Tom and Jason. Keep up the good work and best of luck for the future.
  22. I personally would love to see a future collaboration between Barefaced and Ashdown. Would be interesting to see what Mark Gooday, Dave Green and Alex Claber could come up with.
  23. Great pedal thanks Alin. Love the option of the 3 settings. Use it as main tone shaper on my pedal board. Still loving your stomp?
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