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  1. Depends a LOT on what you are playing, where, and who you are playing with. A 350W head should give you what you need a in a small room, but you might need a 15 cab. Alternatively, playing a big gig with two guitarists maxing their heads out might need 500w and a 4x10 to get you heard. Also, it can vary a lot depending on manufacturer, an ashdown or laney head will be quiet where as an orange or Harttke will be loud. Tough question!
  2. As I've posted before, once a year I get the cash to add to my bass collection. After many many years I know that the two makes of bass that go right with me are Musicman and Dingwall, but I am not in any way restricting myself to them. I have a 4string Bongo, a 4string Stingray, an ABZ 4string and a Combustion 5 string, all of which will be staying with me. So what do I get this year? No more than £1500 and definitely no Fenders. thanks for help as always Andy
  3. It was the first time I put a bass on and thought "that's what I've been looking for". Have a Stingray and a Bongo.
  4. If youve been playing 4 string for 25 years then by a distance the main thing that will make you say "5 string's not for me" will be a flabby b string. I had a SR505 and the B was terrible, is there any way you could stretch to a Dingwall Combustion 2nd Hand?, changed my mind completely about playing a 5er.
  5. All hands are different, just like all arms and brains. All basses are different too, I can't get a decent sound out of Fenders which puts me in a real minority, like wise the fact that Dingwalls suit me very well.
  6. [quote name='Deedee' timestamp='1457168981' post='2995902'] Jazzes for me. I love the look of them, love the sound of them but I just can't get on with them. Always felt like I was playing somebody else's bass. Also Warwick Thumb. I used to drool over them 25 years ago. A friend of a friend was selling an '89 last year so he lent it me for a few days. How disappointed was I. It felt awkward and uncomfortable with no redeeming features as far as I was concerned. I was so gutted [/quote] I can so relate to this - Thumbs were the ultimate aspiration when I was a kid, when I could finally afford one and plugged it in, what a letdown..... fiddly and incoherent - but that's just my playing
  7. Any Fender, tried plenty, overpriced and dull
  8. Blimey no, they are incredible amps, just very very smooth and transparent. If you play jazz or sit in on mic nights at your local you will find nothing better. If, on the other hand, you play in an 80s cover band or are pushing the loud indie thing you will find them all wrong. I changed to tecamp because my band does the 80s thing but it is very hard to criticise the TH500 in the right environment, beautiful clear tone if thats what you want.
  9. I mostly play gigs at pubs and clubs where there's no FOH, whenever I do have FOH I tend to see my rig as more of a safety blanket and statement of intent than anything else (what with monitors etc.)
  10. You will have no mojo with a bass that doesn't look cool to you
  11. Defo


    Combustion 5 string in metallic black with matching headstock. Yum. A/Bd against a Roscoe and a Spector Euro5LX (which I had been expecting to leave with) and there was no contest. Fantastic service as always from the team at Bass Direct
  12. Worth remembering that a radical change in EQ won't seem so radical after half an hour....
  13. Watch Tecamp gear shoot up in price on the 2nd hand market.......
  14. Defo

    Boss ES-5

    Anyone seen this? http://www.andertons.co.uk/footswitches/pid43519/cid583/boss-es5-effects-switching-system.asp Anyone know if it can be used with pedals other than Boss?
  15. Ibanez TS9B, pricey but makes a sound no other pedal can
  16. Boss CEB-3, I've used Boss Chorus pedals for about 20 years, couldn't use anything else now.
  17. If you could find a second-hand Dingwall Combustion at that price your dreams will come true. Otherwise a Bongo HH is more than perfect.
  18. Hi folks, my Trace 715X has developed a high pitched background hum. Any thoughts? I'm in west Yorkshire and no idea where there is someone who could fix it. Cheers Andy
  19. Defo


    For what it's worth I was in exactly the same position as you a few months ago, pulled the trigger and traded my TH500 for the 900. I can't comment on your own circumstances musically but I play in an 80's cover band and the 900 is much more suitable and punchy. The Taste control is a great way to quickly get the measure of the room you are playing in and a quick turn if you are swapping basses during a set can make a huge difference. I play mine through two SL112s and they sing very well with a bit of tweaking on the bass control.
  20. Dingwall won the race. ABZ 4 . If you haven't tried one because of the fanned frets you are missing out I tried it "for a laugh" and it left the shop with me. Can't put it down, incredible tone. Thanks everyone for your input Andy
  21. Desperately want another Roscoe and a '71 Precision Lottery win needed.
  22. I'd give a Roscoe a try out if I were you
  23. Nooooooo!! I'm building a little list from replies, Ricky and Dingwall leading so far!
  24. [quote name='Veils' timestamp='1438470904' post='2834804'] This. Thread can be closed now surely? [/quote]
  25. [quote name='Norris' timestamp='1438180940' post='2832334'] Every bass player should own a Thunderbird at least once in their life and with your budget you're also into second hand Ric territory. I'll get my flak jacket [/quote] I would look ridiculous with a TB! A Ricky is interesting though thanks
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