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  1. Great - unusual looking bass but I agree, it really works, looks fab
  2. Awesome. Total bargain too. My back is already protesting.
  3. Lovely looking bass and Carl is a top guy, deal with confidence!
  4. Really great. These always look like the ultimate 'modern take on a classic'
  5. Looks great. You'll see my comment on the original post re the @Beedsterquality. Very tempted by this. Does it still have the white plate too?
  6. Superb drive and clean boost, loads of options, works very well live from a touch of extra warmth to full on rock dirt. Clean boost is super transparent. more info: http://www.bass-pedals.com/rodenberg-gas-728b-ng-review/ Pedal is in excellent condition, built like a tank really nice controls and jewel indicators for the drive and boost channels. Will ship in the original box.
  7. yes, the live thing is the dilemma for me, plus my four young children are quite fond of messing with the controls on my pedals....! might still have to order one though!
  8. Just found the thread! Yeah, this is supertasty for sure What are your thoughts regarding presets Darren (especially given you point about the control sensativity), did you have some kind of magic in mind for this? It would rock live despite the real estate if the settings were controllable Wdyt?
  9. Dude, I have to say this really does sound killer. Your great playing too is clearly a part of it.
  10. dirty octopus synth sex beast TO THE TOP!!!
  11. These are fab, great pedal, super simple and works great live
  12. Haha - thanks @Quatschmacher I was already onto this last night. Am expecting Miguels freedom P to land today otherwise I'd have been all over this! Love the colour combo.....
  13. Great bass - I wondered if it was the sherwood green one. I'm not 100% but can you not simply bypass the active circuit and run the bass passive? I checked a 5 string out in the Gallery earlier in the year and it definitely had this option with some fab passive tones. Anyway, great bass, really classy. GLWTS
  14. Filthy sub bad boy dirt noise generator regarded highly by those that appreciate filthy sub bad boy noise generating devices. Comes with the original box and case stuff, velcro on the bass, excellent condition. Covered with a picture of an Octopus orgy just in case it wasn't already cool enough. Packaged and ready to go. Shipping (UK) included, what's not to like?
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