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Upcoming birthday...NS WAV or NXT?

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It's a weird thing.  I've played an upright twice before today; this is like going from a tricycle to a bicycle.


It's kind of like familiar, but different.  Despite how well I play regular basses (*subjective), I was quite shocked how bad I was on this when I first started playing it earlier.


If the bass itself, can't fault it.  Charging the power cell takes 60 seconds for 16 hours active (why aren't all active circuits like this?).  In active mode it sounds gorgeous, thundersome.  Right now I'm just sticking it through the Ged/Darkglass set up I use generally, there's no dirt.


More later!

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Two days in, I have a blister.  Lots of fun.


Only downside so far is the bass could really use some side dots on the neck; the markers on the board aren't particularly visible as you're standing slightly behind the instrument and they pretty much disappear in low light.


I'm thinking about putting a call into Simms LED to see whether they could install something.



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