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I’ve blown my fuse but can’t get to it….

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Hello BassChatters, 

I’ve blown a fuse but can’t get to it. The amp has a power input module with an attached fuse box. 

I’ve had a go at trying to access the fuse that’s bereft of life. But I’m mindful to not force it open. There’s probably a simple knack for negotiating a module like this that’ll make me feel like a right eejit. With that in mind, please be gentle with me. 

Thanks for your time and patience. 


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1 minute ago, Hellzero said:

I guess it will work with a thin flat blade screwdriver. :facepalm: Don't we all agree. :biggrin:

Once you've seen it done, it works, but to the inexperienced, it's not so evident. :friends:

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Posted (edited)
13 minutes ago, hiram.k.hackenbacker said:

Do you know why it blew in the first place?

I was doing an outdoor gig with power surges. In addition, this late 1990s amp was still rocking (and then NOT rocking) its original fuse. 

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My thumb is still intact. 

The amp is back from the dead. 

And I am indebted to my BassChatter brethren and sistren for the support, love and good humour. 

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