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An ACG in a slightly different vibe.


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@skelf has had to put up with a lot from me over the years, all my commissions have had that slightly irritating “Martin” quirk, not to mention my excellent ability to turn on a sixpence and change my mind. That’s meant a lot of back and forth over specs - I think there are at least two Finns I’ve shelved for something else (the Skelf, for example, was originally going to be a Finn).

Whilst my basses may have quirks, until now none have been a “first” in the ACG book (except possibly the reverse headstock on the Skelf?)

Last year, however, I think I broke Alan when I flipped what was going to be a black Finn into a completely different shape and a colour not yet seen on an ACG.

He’s nearly finished it, and oh my word has he excelled himself (as always). The crayon colouring in particular is in the realms of “quite good”.

Here are a few in progress shots for your delectation; I think you’ll all agree it’s going to be quite the special bass 😎










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ACG TKO Classic

30.5” Scale

Limba body, Ash top, Rocklite binding, stained white

3-piece ash neck, Rocklite board with white blocks, neck and headstock stained white

Passive: volume, tone, pickup select (bridge/parallel/series/neck)

Single coil in bridge, reverse P type split in the neck. Both overwound.

Black hardware, drop D tuner on the E

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Single coil in bridge and P-type in the neck. So a standard PJ really it’s just with Alan’s bespoke pickups it’s not so obvious :)

I think this is going to blow my socks off when it arrives

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Posted (edited)

It’s fecking marvellous. Impeccably put together, the grain is lovely and subtle but stand-out at the same time, if that makes sense?. Massive sounding, but also got that sweetness of the PJ set up in parallel mode. Plays beautifully, as you’d expect of an ACG. Just a shame about the bloke wot’s playing it really 😀

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It is. I’m not sure of the design thought behind it but it is very comfortable to play. Perhaps it’s a belly contour for when I’m striking a pose similar to the below 😀



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1 hour ago, MoonBassAlpha said:

Is that a sort of double relief on the back? What's the thought behind that?

I have it some of my newer ACGs too >>

image.thumb.png.2ca74f8740cfcb9228418042cbbb94f2.png image.thumb.png.a698778976c9bed352f000fc0ef16191.png

I think it serves the purpose of creating a nice aesthetic that echos the contour on the front, and also removes weight from the body where it isn't necessary.
It certainly is comfy too.


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