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  1. Sounds great with that preamp. There's a vid with a Seymour Duncan 2 Band EQ on that youtube channel in the same bass, which also sounds great, but I think the Filter EQ would be a lot more flexible, especially noticeable in the breathy highs, which seem to come out of that recording in a lovely way when the filter is more open. Nice playing, nice bass. h
  2. It's Not Easy Being Green (Kermit's Song) - Sesame Street More of a ribbit than a rabbit now that I think of it...
  3. You're very welcome! Please feel free to share how you get on, if you make your own or if you just order one.
  4. I just searched for "Bass ramp" on DuckDuckGo image search. It comes from this: https://reverb.com/item/30250740-clear-thumb-rest-ramp-for-fender-jazz-basses-finger-ramp I'm pretty sure you can get one made up or make your own if you can't find one off the shelf to fit your bass. If you like the colour or wood grain of the bass a clear ramp makes a lot of sense to me.
  5. Most ramps that I've seen go between a pair of pickups like this: Do you need to cover the pickups? My guess would be if you have very hot pickups or like the way they sound far from the strings and adding 3mm will sill leave you room, it should have no real impact on tone. If the pickups are lowered, even a tiny amount, as @nilebodgers says, it will make a difference, good or bad is up to your ears!
  6. That's one of those "looks good at a distance and then just looks better as you get closer to it". Very nicely finished, doing that lovely wood justice.
  7. Sargent Peepers Lonely Hearts Club Bin - The Beatles
  8. Looking at those end results, I imagine you're capable of building almost anything you set your mind to, certainly you could build a working bass. Like most builders it might take a few attempts of course! Well done, those look and sound grand.
  9. Looking at the rust smears near the pickups I'd factor in pickup rewinding and replacement pots as well as a new truss rod. If you're going to need to refinish the neck, you may as well get the fretboard off and get a fully clean glue joint atop a nice spanking new truss rod, or a refurbished rod if it's in fine fettle!
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