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My friend bought an old HMV player and he made lots of gigs in few local bars before this quarantine. The players seem to be so simple that it is easy to maintain them. His records sound surprisingly good and many of the recordings are really hard to find.

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Very collectible, especially with name artist recordings.   I’d say worth putting up on eBay (where most collectors would search), or on Gumtree / Facebook.  

If you just want rid for pennies; any local vintage / antique shop would probably take them, or they’d go like hotcakes at a car boot sale.   That’s what happened to most of my vinyl LP’s when we moved house and “She Who Must Be Obeyed” made me get rid of them - they sold instantly, and later on I saw MY LP’s being sold at the other end of the car boot sale with a 1000% markup........grrrrrr>:(

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Wow! This brings back memories . 
When I was about 7/8 ( no pun intended 😼) my family moved home , and the gramophone  that I was using disappeared in transit . Something like that, it was a very long time ago obviously . 
what I do remember though, are records from Bill Grundy, Laurel and Hardy , colonel bogeys March and a couple of others I cannot remember .

The Bill Grundy song was called "yours sincerely " . The Laurel and Hardy song was an army type song with lots of talking from Stan Laurel .

The gramophone itself,  was covered in sellotape . Lots of needles . 
When I used to explore various record shops at various lunchtimes  in London ,in the 90s I did notice a place near the British Museum that had lots of cheaply old jazz records and 78s . Used to always have the records outside the premises rather than inside . I grew out of 78s by then so  no use to me.

Nit sure of their worth unless you have an elvis original.

maybe checkout someone who sells stuff on market stalls / car boot sales etc?

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