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  1. I just learned Here I go again by Whitesnake and we did it in one go at the last jam night on Sunday and even though I was wary of singing it and playing without a couple more run-throughs, it went really well, except the guitarist probably hadn't listened to the version I posted for us all to listen to, so the end went for a carp. I asked how he expected it to end and he came up with an ending that wasn't on the version I posted. He also wants to sing it, which is a relief, as I find it embarrassing front pink torpedo-rock bilge like that. All his now.
  2. I've had a Cort solid body violin bass since the mid 90's. None of the Hofner issues!!
  3. Our NYE gig was odd. The venue asked us to start at 9. This was probably to keep the punters in who were there. About a dozen of our friends came down, which saved the night. The landlord has another venue a couple of miles away and had a tribute act on, who he'd sold 160 tickets for, thereby shooting us in the foot. It's happened before - last time he put us up against an Oasis tribute and we played one set to a nearly empty pub and were paid to go home. We ended up doing 4 short sets going up to midnight and a 20 minute set after. I was home at 1.15am. This very venue:
  4. Gig at a small local venue in Bolton. Postage stamp stage. Unless our Prime Minister cancels it for us...
  5. We've got Christmas Eve, the 27th and New Year's Eve, then onwards into the new year on the 2nd, 7th, 8th, 9th. 16th, 12st, 22nd, 23rd, 29th and 30th. It will be interesting to see how many of those get pulled.
  6. Just curious: Which photographer and which image? Please PM me if you don't want to put the image out there again. I run www.slayed.co.uk - so this is of some interest to me.
  7. I thought Let It Be was a tedious and painful account of a band who were getting more and more dysfunctional. It didn't really need to come out. I am watching part one in 20 minute bursts and after three of those, I feel extremely sorry for The Beatles having to go through that back then and to have to endure it again all these years later. It's highly interesting to those who live on what string gauge they used and what socks they were wearing on what day, but for some of us, it's a tedious crawl through some of the worst days of their lives.
  8. If you're looking at Hofners, you'd be good looking at Danelectro basses.
  9. Listening to the track where the phrases appeared first, the only similarity is the lyric. The tune bears no resemblance. The case is a nonsense. I don't think Taylor Swift stands a chance of losing.
  10. So you can't read his mind and for that reason, you have to go? He sounds like a complete knob. You're well shut of him. It won't be long before he's picking the next bass player apart for questioning his authority.. I hope your next band is a lot better for you.
  11. Guitarists can be awkward, just like anyone else. I had one come into my old band and he actually complained that the other guitarist had more solos. We actually at one point arranged both sets so they took turns and it showed the number of solos were roughly equal. I told him to grow up when he asked us to move our big finish songs around. Thinking everything was sorted, we were at a gig and I caught him darting evil looks at our other guitarist and playing the odd deliberate bum chord under the solo. I took him outside at half time, threw him back onto a car bonnet and nearly yelled at him that the band wasn't about any of us. It was about all of us and if he didn't get it he could f off home right away. That cured him for a while until he did the decent thing and left. They can moan about anything and everything, turn up last, be totally disinterested in new song suggestions and screw up tunes they don't care about. Complain about pay, venues, bass tone and volume. Someone needs to sort the lead guitarist that the OP mentioned out. A band that is struggling to make sense of what one of them is doing is just uncomfortable and it won't get better if he just does whatever comes into his head on any given night. Having to be taken outside to calm down when told that he is throwing the band's performance. Personality disorder. He will never be an asset to any band while he does that. I had a drummer who asked me if I wanted to take it outside, when I wanted to put some music through the PA instead of the same 80's clunge that we endured for a couple of years. It was such a relief to get out of that group. Life is too short to play with idiots.
  12. I use freeac. Never had an issue. Drag and drop your flacs into the program and press one button and they go to the format you choose. All you have to do is set it up once under options to do mp3's @ 320. https://www.freac.org/
  13. My band host a jam night and the rule is own mics and own instruments now, because of covid. Saves a lot of arguments. Landed up letting some kid use my bass this evening, but he was careful with it.
  14. The idea of watching an extended version of Let It Be with the Fans falling apart in the most uncomfortable way possible.. It's either "unbearable" or "sell me the box set". Let it be is a hard watch.
  15. I think that goes beyond incredible. Thunderous applause to him and a speedy recovery to you.
  16. Hope you're on the mend. A quick question: I don't want to know how much the repairs came to, but looking at the list, it looked expensive. Just curious - did the bill make you think of parting with the bass at any point? Glad you're back in love with it.
  17. I've not been in the position of auditioning for years, but I went to some try-outs back in the day and the bands really were shocking. They can be quite devious too. At one such dis-spiriting event, I got my Rickenbacker out of the case and they said "He's the man for us" before I had even plugged it in. I had seen their set list and was fairly comfortable with most of it. I played with them and took the job, then the next day they sent me an extra 6 songs by email to learn - all by The Arctic Monkeys. They were absolutely furious when I gave word back that doing their stuff wasn't what I signed up for and it turned out that was the way they were now going. They didn't bother to tell me that. For me it was a deal-breaker.
  18. I very rarely watch people's 'show-off' videos. Only gear test / rig rundown videos. It doesn't matter to me what astonishing things other people can do. I have my own playing style to worry about!
  19. Three basses that melted my mind and set me off on expensive paths..
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