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Thanks for the comments. 😊

3 hours ago, eneade said:

Are these thunderbird pickups ?

No, these are not thunderbuckers. But they sound really awesome,

3 hours ago, eneade said:

Do you have a picture of how is the body routed under the pickguard ?

I don't, but will make a picture tomorrow.

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8 hours ago, bassaussie said:

Nice bass. 👍

I was curious if the bass was inspired by Jeff Berlin's old instrument? I know his was a little different, especially in relation to the positioning of the pickups, but just thought there might be a connection.

I did not build it myself, but indeed the position of the pickups is different than Jeff Berlin's bass.

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3 hours ago, BassApprentice said:

Are you able to record any sound samples? Or can you say what it sounds similar to? With all those options, do you reckon it's a slightly more tame G&L L2000? 

A G&L L2000 would  come close, sound- and optionwise, although the Barts do have they own character. 

You could say; in single mode it's like a jazz, in parallel mode it's like a precision and serial mode a precision on steroids. 

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