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NBD - MIJ Fender Jazz JB-62US

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After a fair bit of research, helped by a couple of threads on here and advice from @ead , I acquired this. I'm very happy!

Great neck, good condition bar a few dinks here and there, frets in good nick and a superb player.  The seller seemed to think, due to a 'U' serial no, that it was from 95-96 but I'm inclined to think it's a 2010 model given its condition and spec. 

As the neck shows, this is the JB-62US model that indicates an alder body and US spec pickups; lovely dark tort scratchplate on it too.










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Lovely looking bass.  Glad you have hopefully found The One.

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Lovely looking bass @foxyFuze - happy new bass month :)
I must say, I haven't played a bad Fender Japan yet -  and I've played a few.
They always seem such great quality, and the necks are something else

Nice one :) 

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    • By lastanthem88
      Here for sale is my P Bass. It’s made from:
      -          Fender Classic Series Lacquer (Nitrocellulose) body in Black, unsure on the year.
      -          Fender Road Worn Jazz Neck, 2008/2009.
      -          Fender Tort scratchplate.
      -          Fender Custom Shop 62 pick ups.
      -          Fender Bridge with Graphtech saddles. 
      -          Hipshot Ultra Light tuning pegs.
      -          Nate Mendel signature neck plate. 
      Currently strung with Ernie Ball Super Slinkys.
      It cost me well over £1000.00 to assemble and plays really nicely. The reason for sale is quite simply that I need the money. As you’ll see by the pictures, the body is starting to age nicely, all natural wear, and should age into a great looking bass.
      Priced at £600.00, plus carriage to wherever you may be.
      Any questions just get in touch!

    • By ead
      Hi folks
      I recently bought myself some pickguards for my Geddy Lee jazz  direct from WD Music in the USA.  To make the postage from the US, customs fees etc. more viable I doubled up on the order.  I have the following for your delectation and, hopefully, purchase.  All are in their original packaging, unopened, and with the protective film on:
      1 x Black / White / Black £25 Now sold
      1 x White / Black / White £20
      1 x Aged Pearlescent White £44 Now Sold
      Not looking to profit from this so these are the prices I paid without the additional fees etc.  Postage to the UK mainland is included.

    • By deanovw
      I am selling this P/J Jazz bass with EMG electronics.
      I have over £800 in materials invested in this bass so I am selling it at a loss. I just want to move it on so that I can start on the next builds I have planned.
      The the body and the neck are painted in nitrocellulose from a rattle can. The finish on the body is not 100% perfect and there are a few tiny rub throughs of the black. Perfect for a relic finish if you are into that kind of thing.
      Hardware is:
      The body was bought new from pcguitars on ebay USA. It was an unfinished Alder P/J Jazz body that fits Fender necks P250
      The neck is of unkown origin. The flame in the maple is lovely.
      38mm nut.
      Tuners - lightweight hipshot - Black
      Pick ups - Kent Armstrong J and P pickups
      Electrics - EMG Active - One volume per pickup. EMG BTS Control, 2-Band EQ for bass guitar, features broader single-pole filters. High and Bass +/- 12 db, 4 selectable frequencies for the treble control (2100, 3500, 4500, 7000 Hz
      Bridge  - Goto - Black
      Weight on my not very accurate bathroom scales = 3.7kg
      Gig Bag included
      Any questions please ask.
      Location is Exeter. I would rather not post as I don't have a hard case for it. Happy to meet up (safely) within reasonable distance.

    • By mikem8634
      Now with free shipping. Scratchplate free with the bridge if you want it
      Happy to consider reasonable offers and any interesting trades for 6 string (non bass) stuff.
      Payment by PPG if that's okay with everyone.
      Also listed on The Fretboard Forum (and I've been around a lot longer on there in case I seem a bit new)
      Hipshot 4 String B Style Bass Bridge - £40  now £35
      Satin Finish  
      19mm string spacing  
      4 mounting holes  
      UPC: 00840000916983  
      SKU: 5B400BC-750  
      Bought second-hand but not installed as it’s not a direct retrofit for a Jazz bass. Oops!  
      Looks in excellent nick and is a quality chunky thing.  
      Venom Jazz Bass scratch plate - £10 posted or free with the bridge
      White Pearloid  
      Very lightly aged - yellowed at the edges and around the screw holes

        Cheers folks
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