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SWR SM900 Amp - £325 -**Price Drop**

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Part of my Retirement Sale - Please see other items

If you are looking at this then you probably know exactly what it is and what it is capable of. If you have any questions re power, dimensions, weight etc then please give me a call.

SWR SM900 Amp see details below

Here's more details from SWR; 

The SM-900 is truly the “State of SWR’s Art” in bass amplification electronics. The SM-900 is only 
slightly deeper and heavier than the SM-500, yet delivers twice the power and includes new fea- 
tures such as our very flexible tone section. Along with shelving-type Bass and Treble controls, the 
equalization section consists of two independent 3-band semi-parametric EQs. This provides the 
user with two analog presets via a silent footswitch, or three presets (EQ 1, EQ 2, or EQ 1+2) 
using the manual slide switch located on the front panel. You can now go from a solid groove 
sound to soloing with just the tap of your foot. Several suggested EQ settings are included in the 
tone section of this manual. 

The SM-900 also boasts a studio-oriented “side chain” effects loop allowing the user the diversity 
of an effects unit while maintaining the constant clarity and natural tone of the instrument. SWR’s 
exclusive “To Tuner” jack is also on a side chain. Remember when you had to unplug your bass 
from your amp and hook into your tuner and frantically tune up between songs? Or patch the tuner between your instrument and amp, thus degrading sound quality? Those times are history. 
Add to the above both stereo and mono effects loops, stereo/mono operation of the power amps, 
biamp capabilities, up to 900 watts RMS of power, an extremely quiet preamp, a “non-pumping” 
limiter, complete recording ability, and SWR’s proven reliability and sound quality, and you have what we feel is the best bass amplifier made anywhere in the world. 
Every Professional Series product from SWR Sound Corporation is manufactured and hand-built in 
Sun Valley, California, USA. 


Note: All measurements were taken with a line voltage of 120VAC. All noise specifications are 
“unweighted.” All voltages and watts are “RMS.” 

POWER (minimum): 
Bridge/Mono Mode 
900 Watts @ 4 Ohms 
650 Watts @ 8 Ohms 
440 Watts @ 16 Ohms 
(minimum load = 4 Ohms) 

Stereo Mode (per side) 
400 watts @ 4 Ohms 
240 watts @ 8 Ohms 
144 watts @ 16 ohms 
(minimum load = 2 Ohms) 
FREQUENCY RESPONSE (power amplifiers): –3dB @ 20 Hz and 40kHz 
SENSITIVITY (full output, 8 ohm load, 100 Hz): 
Passive Input Jack: 50 millivolts 
Active Input Jack: 200 millivolts 
Power Amplifier (Effects Return Jack “in”): 1.6 volts 
Passive/Active Input: 800kohms 
Active Input: 60kohms 
Effects Return: 27kohms 
Effects Send: 100 ohms 
Tuner Send: 100 ohms 
XLR Balanced Out: 750 ohms 
Crossover High and Low Outs: 100 ohms 
SIGNAL TO NOISE RATIO: –75 dB (< 8 millivolts typical) 
DISTORTION: Power Amplifiers (Effects Return jack “in”): 0.03% THD I.M. Distortion: 0.06 % 
System Distortion (gain & master volume full, Aural Enhancer at min., tone controls flat): 0.4 % 

Comes with foot switch, manual, brochure, cleaning cloth and registration card. Also included is the power converter. (Yellow brick style) 







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This is an amazing deal, I still resent the fact that Fender bought one of the best amp builders SWR and killed them off. Someone should buy this, as it will deliver great tone in spades.

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An absolute classic, one of the finest bass amps in the history of, errm, bass amps. Certainly one of the best I ever had. And this is a proper bargain.


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These amps are classic! I believe it has the weight of a Morris Minor, eh...? ;) 
Is the effects chain fully stereo?

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    • By Cog1977
      *Price drop: £200*   This was my main gigging amp for years before switching to using Ashdown amps.  An early model after they changed the name from 'Basic 350’ (1994 perhaps…?).  It was always more than loud enough to deal with even the largest venues (I used to run a Goliath II 4x10 and Eden 1x15 for the big rooms).  One of the most clear and articulate sounding amps I’ve ever used (aside from other SWRs), with an extremely tight and clean low end. Features:   350W RMS into 4 ohms Tube preamp (1x 12AX7) 3 bands of EQ with variable mid Effects loop with an effects blend control XLR balanced ouput with line and direct switch Convenient tuner send 19"W x 3.5"H x 10.125"D: 16.5 lbs (without case) Original owner's manual   Comes with a Gator 6U rack case.     Pickup from Bradford or postage at buyers expense.

    • By Rblake80
      Up for sale is my SWR Super Redhead with extension Son of Bertha 1x15 Cabinet.
      Both have been in my possession since new (purchased 2002). Purely need the funds at the moment to pay the bills which is why they're up for sale and very competitively priced. £400 for both sold as a pair. Depending on interest I may decide to split, but at present am only selling together.
      Would Ideally like a pickup, or meet-up halfway (distance dependent). For anyone with a project studio, I don't think you can get finer that a 'one thing does most' studio combo. The original power on/off rocker switch has been replaced (as visible in pics)
      The 1x15 has been replaced with a Beyma LX60 (Version1) after the original SWR cone's centre started to make a bid for freedom many years ago! Specs of the Beyma can be found in the link: The addition of the 1x15 really helps add some weight to the sound, although the combo alone is perfectly suited to most normal playing situations.
      https://usspeaker.com/beyma 15LX60-1.htm
      Both have had covers since day 1, so the carpeting is in excellent condition and I even dragged out the original spiral bound Super Redhead manual... Am sad to let these go, but hopefully someone out there knows the SWR legacy and wants to put these to good use - Sometimes lighter doesn't always mean better...
      A few specs:
      Super Redhead Bass Combo Specifications:
      22-1/2"W x 21-1/4"H x 16"D (with the front cover attached, the depth is increased to 16-3/4") 80 lbs.
      Classic SWR preamp with Aural Enhancer 2 -12AX7 Preamp Tubes - (Preamp & Tube DI) Front ported (slot) eliminates unwanted noise All-tube studio-quality Direct Out with front-panel controls including ground lift, level pad, and mute 3-band active EQ with variable midrange, pull turbo (ultra-low) and transparency (ultra-high) controls SWR compressor circuit Tuning Mute Side-chain effects loop with Blend control Single empty rack space for tuner or effects unit Tuning Mute Internal Speaker Defeat switch 1/4" inputs (Active & Passive) Gain control (with Pre Amp clip LED) Aural Enhancer control Bass control (with "Pull Turbo") Mid-Range Level control Mid-range Frequency control Treble control (with "Pull Transparency") Compressor control (with Compression LED) Master Volume control (with Power Amp clip LED) Tube DI Line/Direct (sliding switch) Tube DI Mute/Line (sliding switch) Tube DI Ground Lift (sliding switch) Tube DI Pad control 1/4" Headphone jack Effects Blend control Internal Speaker On/Off (rocker switch) Power On/Off (rocker switch) Son of Bertha Cab - Dimensions: 23.25 in. W x 20.25 in. H x 18.5 in. D Weight: 60 lbs.
      Any questions then please ask and I'll do my best...

    • By MiltyG565
      Hi all, I'm selling my SWR Silverado combo, with 4x8" speakers with tweeter. I've had this amp for about 7-8 years, and unfortunately it hasn't had the use it deserves, and for the last few years it has been in the spare room. I'm in the process of buying a house, and not only will I not have space for this, I would like to use the money to fund moving, so, unfortunately (or fortunately, from the amp's perspective?) it must find a better home.
      This is a fantastic amp, and I used it around the house a few times before it went into the spare room. It has a great, tight delivery, with even response across the range, and no boominess. I intend to upload a demo and pictures in the next day or 2 and more information. In the meantime, this will be a placeholder, and any interested parties should respond here or send me a message with any questions.
      More info to follow shortly.

    • By Lukasz Chyla
      FS SWR stack - SWR 750x Bass Amplifier Head with SWR Goliath III and SWR Son Of Bertha cabs.
      Great stack, huge sound, in full working order.
      Photos: http://s1311.photobucket.com/user/LChyla1/slideshow/SWR stack

      Any questions, let me know.
      Email: [email protected]
      Mobile: 07540201370
    • By Jonotron
      Selling this monster bass cabinet as I don’t really have space to accommodate it any more. Huge 700w power handling, thunderous lows and crystal clear top end, this was the cab of choice for many top players before fender bought over and shut down SWR ☹️. It’s been gigged regularly and is cosmetically a bit tatty (the carpet covering at the back is a bit worse for wear)The slot-in casters were ditched a long time ago.  However it’s in perfect working order otherwise. Collection or can arrange to get it to you in Central belt Scotland.

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