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SOLD! Please close Kenneth Lawrence ChamberBrase II 5-string


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Kenneth Lawrence ChamberBrase II 5-string

Update: Weight and some new pics

Ken Lawrence is without doubts one of the best luthiers ever. Even Vinnie Fodera came to this conclusion (and well, he might know a bit about basses as well… ;-)). I have been playing Ken's basses for long time and can 110% confirm this reputation. Besides being an extraordinary player himself Ken is the nicest guy who really cares about his customers.

This bass is extremely rare and kind of a full-house-configuration, see spec sheet below. It hardly gets any more exclusive:
Abalone inlays and logo, ebony bindings on fretboard, LED-Dots ……
The craftmanship is out of this universe. The construction with its semi-hollow body gives the instrument an unbelievable dynamic and response. The sound does have an acoustic touch with some "airy vibe", but ultimately this is a powerful electric bass that delivers an amazing low-end.  In fact I have and had also several Foderas from 33" to 36" scale and this bass has by far the best b-string I have ever player.

The bass has been used and played a lot, but always extremely well cared. I used it on several tours throughout Europe and did not have to touch the trussrod a single time. Even on real big stages the sound is well-defined and precise, never boomy.

Very low action with B-G at the moment. Also used E-C for some time, so that is possible of course
The ramp can be removed without any marks
Condition is excellent, I would give a 8.5 - 9 / 10. After very close inspection I found 3 marks: 
A little mark at the wooden electricity cover, a mark at the upper flush mount straplock and one next to the input jack. The last two marks are very superficial and just affecting the lacquer (Ken uses an ultra-light finish). It is not in the wood, no dings or dongs.

The instrument would cost > 10.000 USD new plus shipping, tax, customs etc. and at least 2 years waiting time (guess it might be even longer, Ken just takes orders in January). So much more than 10.000 Euro with all the overhead.


The bass is located near Bonn / Germany. Shipping at buyers expense and risk is no problem.

Kenneth Lawrence Instruments ChamberBrase II
Scale Length: 33"
Nut: 1 3/4” nut
String Spacing: 19 mm, Adjustable To 18-20mm
Body Wood: Claro Walnut
Top Wood: Figured / Blackened Redwood Top and Headstock Cap
Neck: Eastern Maple 3 Piece with Dual Function Stainless Steel Truss Rod
Fretboard: presumably Cocobolo with Gaboon Ebony Binding
Inlays: Paua Abalone Blocks with Matching Paua Abalone Headstock Logo w/ Ebony Surround
Additional: Gaboon Ebony Control Cavity Cover
Electronics: Blue fibre optic side dots with on/off switch Nordstrand hum-cancelling "J" pickups w/ Gaboon Ebony covers Customized Glockenklang 3 band preamp, Tara Labs wiring

Weight: According to my old bathroom scale the bass weights 4.1 kg. In comparison to my other basses where I know the precise weight this makes completely sense…
Toggle switches: There are two toggle switches, one switch is the on / off for the blue LEDs in the fretboard, the other one is some sort of boost. It adds a big load of db to the signal and gives the bass a fat bottom (as far as I see it can be trimmed, its the blue circuit, please the new picture of the cockpit).
Haven't used both switches at all, as I usually have enough light on stage and play the bass 90% passive. I used the EQ as a second setting with a slightly shaped solo sound. However, I asked Ken about the exact specs of the circuit and will be able to give a more profound answer very soon hopefully.


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27 minutes ago, Daz39 said:

How much does it weigh - and what do the two toggle switches do?

That is utterly gorgeous - I love the carving on the back. Unreal detailing on the neck too.

Cheers, thank you!

One toggle switch is for the blue LEDs (on / off). The other one is a booster. Haven’t used this feature, a custom spec that Ken used sometimes. I guess the booster can be trimmed (I will verify that). Played the bass most of the time in passive mode though.


Weight is coming asap

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I played this gem a couple of days and have to confirm:

- The B-String is killing, i only do know these kind of B-String quality with 35 Scale MTDs, here you will have a super comfy 33'

- Very resonant all over the fingerboard. I never had an instrument in my hands with no dead spot issues at all and i am super critically with this. Impressive!


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2 hours ago, Robert Schulenburg said:

I played this gem a couple of days and have to confirm:

- The B-String is killing, i only do know these kind of B-String quality with 35 Scale MTDs, here you will have a super comfy 33'

- Very resonant all over the fingerboard. I never had an instrument in my hands with no dead spot issues at all and i am super critically with this. Impressive!


Cheers, thanks a lot Robert! Hope to talk and hang again soon

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2 minutes ago, Hellzero said:

Then have a free bump on me for this beautiful Ken Lawrence. I miss mine, but I've decided to come back to fretless and this time ... forever.

Haha, I see! Cheers, thanks for the bump! And be careful with the word "forever" 😂.. 
For example I have bought and sold an Aguilar DB751 3 times and even consider to buy it a 4th time… 🙈

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28 minutes ago, binky_bass said:

Realistically, that KL6 of yours is probably the ONLY bass in this good world that I would even consider trading/selling my Conklin USA 8 for. For me, that says it all! 

Definitely no sale/trade then? :)

Perhaps a pair of De Gier Elevation 6 basses? 2 for 1! 

Sander De Gier builds really great basses! But I am very sorry, just selling my Ken Lawrence 5 as I have something else with Ken in planning. And I am very much a 6-string guy.
Have you seen this one?

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55 minutes ago, binky_bass said:

Tell me where you live, I'll come cut your fingers off so you have to stop playing, then you can sell the 6 string to me! 

Fine Russ, I'll take the fretless then. I'm closer to Bonn than you, I'll take my chainsaw to do the job : faster and absolutely unclean ! :biggrin:

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      Sensible offers entertained. Sorry, no overseas postage. Not keen to post at all, in fact, but might be persuadable within the UK.
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      All the pics:

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      Update by Jan 1st: Buyer‘s from within UK should be aware that for imports from EU to UK since Jan 1st the UK VAT will be applicable. This VAT has to be paid by the UK buyer once the goods are crossing the borders. Note: As a private seller in EU I can not reduce the price for second hand goods as VAT has never been included in the price.
      Kenneth Lawrence is one of the most genious bass luthiers on the planet (that's what Vinnie Fodera said) and he is a top player too. He builds basses from experience, not only theory.
      I decided to reduce my private collection and to part with my pair of C-Brases. This is the fretted one (the fretless is already sold).
      Highly Figured Koa Top
      Chambered Alder Body
      Lined Ebony Board
      Abalone Blocks
      Nordstrand Dual Coil Pickups
      Pope Flexcore Preamp (Vol/Passive Tone, Balance, 4-Bd. EQ, Frequency Switches for both mids, Act./Passive, Par./Serial)
      Very lightweight ! Low action. Plays fantastic.
      Condition is like new. I personally ordered this bass from Ken years ago. Retail price was about 9.000 Euro (plus VAT) back then.
      Asking price 5500 EUR or 5.000 GBP (at current exchange rate) plus shipping from Duesseldorf/Germany.
      Trade options are my other favourite brands:
      Fodera (no Standards except MG5)
      old Fenders
      Alleva Coppolo
      Ken Smith Elite
      Xotic Lightweight
      F Bass
      options possible with 2for1 or with cash either way if needed
      Open for reasonable cash offers too.

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