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SOLD..MONO M80 Dual Bass Case..SOLD!

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MONO M80 Dual Bass Case

In very good condition, see photos, just a couple of nicks.  The one closet the front is the front pocket not the front bass compartment.

£169 collected via social distancing from Chorley Lancs.


A second bass is a must-have on stage or in the studio. But in transit, carrying two bass guitars has always been a necessary evil. We set out to design an elegant solution to this problem. Our driving criteria was to offer each guitar the same protection as our single M80 hybrid case. After a year of prototyping, the Z-form™ design was perfected (patents pending). The end result is an incredibly light weight, extremely rugged Classic Dual Bass Guitar Case. A first of its kind. Go play.



The patented Headlock™ design provides a level of protection worthy of the finest instruments. Your guitars quickly strap in and remain stabilized during transport. The headstocks of both guitars are suspended inside the case, saving them from both side and rear impacts.


Hi-density foam bumpers divert vertical impacts out and around the case, away from the strap pin.

Integral ABS panels deliver hardcase protection at a fraction of the weight. The reinforced outer shell of the case absorbs and deflects hard impact away from the vulnerable areas of the guitar.



This patented “zig zag” design creates a completely separate case for each guitar. That means both headstocks are protected with our Headlock™ suspension system and strap pin bumpers. It also means the M80 Dual can be used with 1 or 2 guitars - something you’ll appreciate on the road. Additionally, the Z-form design allows for immediate access to either instrument.


Most MONO cases come equipped with the triple D-ring attachments required for the optional Classic Tick Accessory Case, the modular tool case designed to extend the storage capacity of your guitar case. The Classic Tick Accessory Case seamlessly and securely attaches to the case as shown. Some older cases may not be Tick-ready - please contact support if you have questions about the Tick-compatibility of your MONO case.


Everything in its place. Specialized storage compartments put your gear right where you need it.

The hidden upper pocket keeps your wallet, keys, and cell concealed. Pen slots double as tool storage. Business card storage and a durable key clip are also included.



We build our cases to military specs, using only high-test materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements. Inside, the plush lining protects delicate custom finishes. Outside, the water-resistant Sharkskin™ shell keeps you on the move, rain or shine. 100% animal free.


Rock solid, industrial webbing handles come standard on MONO cases. Bar-tack stitching and steel rivets reinforce for strength, while high grade webbing provides a super comfortable grip.

All M80 cases feature a hard-wearing sole and piping made of Hypalon - the same industrial rubber used to create inflatable military rafts. This sole simply does not wear out.





IMG_20200918_163423 (1).jpg










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On 08/10/2020 at 13:12, 4000 said:

What’s it like to carry with 2 basses in it? 

Depends on the basses you're carrying. It is heavier obviously, but I frequently take mine with a Sadowsky 5 string (US, so chambered and light by default) and my Fender Nate Mendel P (not the heaviest P bass ever made) and it's not horrible. Can be a little more awkward in a tight corridor though 😳! Still quite comfy worn on your back - can be a bit much over one shoulder for extended periods.

Certainly better than taking 2 cases and, as others have already mentioned, built like a tank!

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I carry my 5-string fretted and a 4-string fretless with similar M80, and I usually have the Tick 2.0 on top of it. It is not light to raise the case from the ground, but hands down the best choice to carry two basses at once.

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I have four double gig bags, two bass ones (the same M80 as shown here and an InCase), and two M80 electric guitar gigbags. They are definitely the easiest way to bring two instruments with you, I have Ticks on mine too, and although they are heavy when fully laden, they keep your hands free for anything else you might need to carry like an amp etc. 

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2 minutes ago, MB1 said:

...I can’t believe it’s not butter! 🧈 

Could have solid it a few times over if I could find a wide enough box and shipping costs weren't prohibitive. 

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