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Ted Theodore Logan, III

Ian Hill Spector 4 ....Sold... Bring on the padlock. Thanks mod'

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Hello you charming peeps :party: 

I finally won big on a scratchy and got the £20 to become a basschat marketplace member and all-round supporter of the “low end"... I've even got £10 left over to restock those cans o' beans that's been dwindling in the cupboard. 

All-in-all a great week!! :sun_bespectacled:


I'm parting ways with a few of my children (by children I mean bass guitars, if I had children then I would be selling those first)

Up for sale here is a near mint Spector Euro 4 LX Ian Hill Signature Custom Bass.  Ian Hill is the hairy string thumper from Judas Priest...

It's a 4 string with 24 frets, mother of pearl crown inlays and a rosewood fingerboard.

3 piece American maple through neck design with graphite rods for added strength 💪

Scale length is 34", width at nut 1.64"

This is a luxury Spector with a slightly thinner and faster neck than the standard 4lx.

Spector's Tone Pump active onboard circuitry is also present with +18db boost.  

Controls are; bridge volume, neck volume, treble, bass.

Wood is USA Maple and European Alder. Gloss Black Finished.

The Ian Hill Spector has lovely gold hardware (I don't think it's real gold...:scratch_one-s_head:)

A zinc brass alloy locking Spector bridge with string spacing at bridge of .75"

You also got the premium EMG P neck pickup and EMG J bridge pickup.

This little number weighs in at around 3.9kg.

Fantastic all-round condition, slight tarnish on the brass bridge but certainly not offensive.

Please enjoy the photos of my garden below... Oh, and the beautiful instrument as well...

If you lovely folks have any questions (mainly regarding the Bass) then fire away...

Selling for £1250 for y'all beautiful people, I can and will post but that'll cost you extra... Collection or meet part way for fuel cost also an option.

Please PM with all offers, thank you!! Rules people, rules!!!  

Also comes with a heavy duty hard case to contain all it's Raw-Rock-Power!!


















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because this gorgeous instrument has now been sold
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You've got another thing coming if you think this won't sell quickly.....

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Love my Ian Hill Spector. Neck is fantastic.... more like the 80's Kramer Spectors. GLWTS!

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54 minutes ago, cetera said:

Love my Ian Hill Spector. Neck is fantastic.... more like the 80's Kramer Spectors. GLWTS!

I love it when bc'ers give their insight &  personal experiences/thoughts on particular bass guitars and gear etc...

...makes it a dang sight harder to let anything go though... :facepalm:

Thanks for the kind words, Cetera, the IH model really is something special...😉


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On 20/11/2019 at 18:00, Ted Theodore Logan, III said:

...makes it a dang sight harder to let anything go though... :facepalm:

It's not that hard to let go anything, but letting go a Spector...now that is hard. Especially one like this. 

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34 minutes ago, Paulhauser said:

It's not that hard to let go anything, but letting go a Spector...now that is hard. Especially one like this. 

What are you trying to do to me, man?!!


I WILL withdraw this, you just watch me!!! You think I'm lying?!!!.. 

Go on, someone else, just push me!!!

I'll withdraw this bass so quick it'll make your head spin!!! :D


Nah, cheers for tha love! 


It is a real gem, as are most Spector instruments but alas, I carry a torch for another...

...my Pete Wentz signature Squier :crazy:


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Absolutely lovely!

My Euro 5LX has been the 'revelation' bass for me in 2019 and I'm almost tempted to go back to a 4 string just to get this!


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1 hour ago, Al Krow said:

Absolutely lovely!

My Euro 5LX has been the 'revelation' bass for me in 2019 and I'm almost tempted to go back to a 4 string just to get this!


(Chanting) - “Doooo it, doooo it!" xD

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2 minutes ago, Ted Theodore Logan, III said:

(Chanting) - “Keep it, keep it!" xD

Fixed 😁

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I was just shuffling through the many lovely instruments for sale here at Basschat and, oh look, what's this?!.. 


A Ian Hill Custom Spector Euro LX with EMG electronics and active tone pump circuitry?!! 

My, my... Surely the seller can't be asking a mere £1250 for that finely crafted instrument...  Madness, I say.

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54 minutes ago, RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE said:

Looks like it'll deliver the goods 😼👍

My dear friend, this instrument doesn't just deliver the goods, it will join you in taking the goods and subsequently throwing a 72 week long party where you and the instrument will be adorned and worshipped like that of the Gods...

I hear that Ian Hill sold his soul to Spector and they placed a little bit of it in each one of his custom series XL's to give it an endless supply of “ROCK!!!" (Don't quote me on that though...)


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    • By Arnoldoc
      Pedulla MVP 5 for sale in very good condition - mainly studio use throughout its life.
      Michael Pedulla retired last year so they are no longer being made. Last UK list price for a similarly spec model Was £5,750.
      No trades please.
      AAA solid maple body wings 3 piece maple neck Ebony fingerboard Bartolini (proprietary to Pedulla) P/J pickups 2 band active electronics 17.5mm ABM bridge Gotoh gold hardware Very good condition (hardware shows age and some slight tarnishing but body is truly mint). Frets leveled recently so it plays with super low action if required

    • By rkw1985
      Beautiful Czech-made Spector 5-String from the early days of the Czech factory. I don't know a great deal about it as I bought it second-hand from the Bass Cellar in Camden a number of years ago, but as far as I'm aware it is a 1998 or 1999 model. There is a 4-digit serial number in the cavity (1385) and the Spector website says these early models cannot be dated from the SN. 

      Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c33c7uetzjj504z/AAB78HsE0yOOshxi_e5rFS0ka?dl=0

      EDIT - sound samples here: 

      Looking for £1000 £800 ono . In terms of trade I’d be interested in a Japanese Les Paul custom, eg burny/greco/tokai.

      Will ship at buyer’s expense to the UK. If I find someone who is interested I’ll make appropriate arrangements to get it shipping ready, including sorting out a hardcase - i have no need for a hardcase  unless there’s a buyer so it’s a little chicken and egg! 
    • By Misowaki
      *please note* this is not the same as the Deluxe, this is one of the first Elites that took over from the Deluxe in 2015/2016.
      Times as they are, I need to shift this guy. He's served me well over the years as my main bass through festivals and live sessions but is still in great condition.

      Not really after trades but before you make offers, I'll only consider trades with a minimum of £500 my way. Preferably Japanese (lawsuit Ibanez or similar and MIJ Fenders) or USA Fenders. Passive only. Anything else, I'm probably not interested. I'm selling out of need and not want.

      If you're not familiar with them, this is the model with the Musicman style truss wheel. It has an active/passive switch and 3 band EQ.
      The neck is compound, graduating from a C shape to a D at the 12th fret. 

      Here's a review from Premier Guitar: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/24081-fender-american-elite-precision-bass-review

      I gutted him once because I don't like active circuitry, the home made tort plate is left over from that and will still fit the original bits if you make an extra hole and maybe do a bit of light filing.
      I'm the 2nd owner. I didn't get a tool for the truss wheel and haven't been able to find one specific to the Elite but I've managed to make adjustments with a regular allen key and some caution. There are a couple of little marks on the wheel from adjustments (pic 4). The scratchplate is a little scratched up so you know it's done its job but only noticeable under scrutiny.
      In terms of dings, there are a couple of minors pictured towards the end. Otherwise, it's been loved and cared for. Currently strung with some old GHS Pressurewound but can find some rounds to put on if you prefer. 
      Case had some stickers, some marks left but easy enough to remove if you care to. Otherwise, perfect working order with 2 keys.

      Will ship if buyer arranges but meet up obviously preferred. I am based in Walton On Thames, 10 minutes west of Kingston.
      Double cutaway 4-string electric bass PJ pickup configuration; split-coil Precision Bass middle pickup, single-coil all-new fourth-generation Noiseless Jazz Bass® bridge pickup Onboard active 18-volt preamp for more headroom with less noise Compound profile neck; redesigned contoured neck heel 9.5”-14” compound radius fingerboard HiMass Vintage bridge; new genuine bone nut Includes redesigned ABS Elite Molded Case with TSA locks Specifications
      Body Material: Alder  Body Finish: Gloss Polyurethane Body Shape: Precision Bass NECK
      Neck Material: Maple  Neck Finish: Satin Urethane with Gloss Urethane Headstock Face Neck Shape: Compound Back Shape, Modern "C" to "D"  Scale Length: 34" (864 mm) Fingerboard Material: Rosewood  Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"-14" Compound Radius (241 mm-355.6 mm) Number of Frets: 21  Fret Size: Medium Jumbo Nut Material: Bone  Nut Width: 1.625" (41.3 mm) Position Inlays: White Pearloid Dot  Truss Rod: Dual-Action Truss Rod Nut: Heel-Mounted Spoke Wheel Adjustment ELECTRONICS
      Bridge Pickup: New 4th Generation Noiseless  Middle Pickup: Elite Precision Bass Controls: Master Volume, Pan Pot (Pickup Selector), Treble Boost/Cut, Midrange Boost/Cut, Bass Boost/Cut, Active/Passive Mini Toggle  Switching: 2-Way Mini Toggle Switch for Active/Passive Mode. In Passive Mode, Only The Volume, Pan and Passive Tone Controls Function. In Active Mode, All Controls Function. Configuration: PJ  Special Electronics: 18V Preamp with Active 3-Band EQ HARDWARE
      Bridge 4-Saddle HiMass Vintage (String-Through-Body or Topload)  Hardware Finish Nickel/Chrome Tuning Machines: Fender "F" Light-Weight Vintage-Paddle Keys with Tapered Shafts  Pickguard: 3-Ply Black/White/Black Control Knobs: Knurled Flat-Top  Neck Plate: 5-Bolt Asymmetrical

      These last 2 pics are from when I had replaced the active guts with DiMarzios and I was too lazy to tale new pictures, in case you're wondering 'what's up with those pups?'

    • By Paul S
      I always find the headless, bodiless basses extremely useful.  Usually as back up as they take up very little room on 'stage' or in the car but, often, just for their own sake.  In the past I have bought, sold, rebought, sold again then rebought the Hohner 'B' series a few times, ending with this B2B.  The recent arrival of a Riverhead Unicorn bass has usurped the Hohner, which I am now putting up for sale.
      So, firstly, it isn't a spelling mistake.  This is the B2B, not the B2 or B2A or B2AD or any other letters of the alphabet.  It is a B2B.  It differs from the B2A in that it has PJ pickups, not EMGs.  It is passive and also has a bolt-on neck rather than a set neck - still has the full 2 octave, 24 frets though.  This is the second B2B I have owned - I prefer the more organic sound from the PJ set up (V V T controls) compared to the EMGs of the B2A and it does a passable precision bass tone on the neck pickup.  Blend in more of the bridge pup and you get that classic burpy tone.  The only other difference is that it doesn't have the flip down leg rest thingy.
      The serial number makes it 1990 and, like most 30 year olds, it has signs of use and wear.  Nothing scary.  The pickup poles and adjusting screws show signs of slight corrosion, making me think a previous owner sweated sulphuric acid.  Not a problem, everything works and I am sure they could be cleaned up, I just never considered it important.
      The tuning adjusting screws on the bridge are a bit stiff but work just fine, I put some graphite grease on them when I first got it (it really made my fingers sore trying to tune it!) and that has freed them up OK.  Neck is currently straight.  I've not needed to adjust the truss rod but have no reason to suppose it doesn't work.  A few dinks, nothing bad, worst one is by the input jack and pictured below.  Currently strung with double ball end Status flats, there will be a set of double ball end rounds in the box when it goes out.
      I don't have a hard case for it but it will be packaged well.
      Priced to sell - these usually go for £250+ - at £190 including shipping to UK mainland.  Collect from SS7 and it goes down to £170.
      I happen to be going to Devon on Friday morning - M25 south, M3, A303 - then on to Penzance on Saturday if that helps.  

    • By koval123
      Hi, up for sale goes a complete set of EMG BQC System for bass guitars. It is 4-knobs (incl. 2 stacked) Active Balance, Master Volume, Bass/Treble stacked, Mids/Midrange stacked. There is a center detent for flat response. The mid-range control has a variable frequency knob that allows you to sweep through the mid-frequency range from 100Hz to 1KHz. This selects the frequency to boost or cut. Solderless harness included as well as non-original but pretty knobs (not present on the picture). Sending possible, ask me for the cost.

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