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Wal Custom 4 String 1988/2017 - Left Handed

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Price now reduced to £3,500.

It was thirty years ago today…….

This is the one I thought I would never sell. However, I am now exclusively playing a 6 string bass with a 35” scale these days and can’t see me ever going back to 4 string.

Up for sale is my 1988 Mk I Wal Custom 4 string. I have owned this since new and took delivery of it in April 1988. Completely refurbished and serviced last year by Paul at a cost of £2,700. I will scan and upload his invoice.

Payment by bank transfer only. Collection preferred but delivery can be negotiated. I live in Glasgow and potential buyers are welcome to visit.

The body is in mint condition which you would expect as it is only a year old. The neck is in excellent condition but does have some marks from being played over a 30 year period. I hear you asking why the body is a year old while the neck is 30 years old. Read on……

It has been rarely gigged over the past 30 years as I was primarily studio based during the late 80s until I stopped playing with bands in the mid 90’s.

It is an Ian Waller build and was originally black polyester overall. During the 90s I stripped the body to the wood which I later came to regret. For several years I wanted to have it restored to Wal specs and, last year, I sent it to Paul for evaluation and refurbishment. His assessment was that I had unevenly sanded the body and a black gloss polyester finish would only serve to highlight the flaws.

After discussing options he agreed to make a new body which I decided to have  built with birdseye maple facings to have a clear distinction between the new body and the original neck and hardware. I also loved the idea of combining Ian’s original work on the neck with Paul’s contemporary body build.

Paul also did work on the frets and serviced the pickups and electronics. The tuners, string tree and strap locks were all replaced with black versions. The tuners are now lightweight Schaller M4S versions which look identical to the original tuners. I also bought a new Wal case which the finished bass was shipped back in.

All of the original hardware will be included in the sale. The body, tuners, string trees and strap pegs as well as the original control cavity cover with Iain’s details of the original build.

I have the invoice from Paul detailing all his work and the costs. The final bill was £2,700 which I consider money well spent in bringing this beautiful bass back up to Wal specifications. I also still have the box Wal used to ship the bass to me last year which I will reuse if it has to be shipped.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more photographs.

The asking price is firm and I am not looking for any trades.

The photos below show the different stages in its life from black to stripped to new birdseye maple body.



Edited by JohnR
Price reduction

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Nooooooooo !!!!

Stunning Bass - good luck with sale !

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Wow...that's one of the nicest looking Wals I've seen.

Thankfully I'm right handed...feel sorry for all the lefties viewing this and having a massive GAS attack.

Don't think you'll need it (after all you are selling one and a half Wal basses for less than the price of a new one) but GLWTS.

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Thanks All.


One of the few benefits of selling a left handed bass on BassChat is never needing to bump the thread as so few get put up for sale that there is no possibility of falling off the front page. :)

  • Haha 1

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That is a thing of absolute beauty and kept in showroom condition! Unfortunately out of my range unless you accept any body part I have two of.

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Awesome looking bass and I bet it sounds and plays beautifully.

 I played a fretless Wal in Sound Control in Glasgow in about 1989. It was lovely and less than a grand. I kinda regret not buying it but I was rubbish with fretless so probably for the best.

Sadly out of my price range now. :-(

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Holy Mother of God! That's stunning. I'm a righty but it doesn't matter. I'd gladly swap the strings round and play this upside down in a cack-handed manner! It's amazing. GLWTS.

Massive Wal GAS now, dammit!! O.o

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Thanks. Everything you hear about them is true. They play and sound beautiful. I have committed myself to only playing sixers from now on so have to move this on to pay for a new build.

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It did for sure but I have sold on the Vanderkley now. I was planning on a little Genzler 350 combo to replace it but think it will try FRFR running off a pedalboard.

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    • By datainadequate
      After 18 years of happy Wal Custom (Mk I, 4-string, fretted) ownership, I'm seriously considering a change. I still love the Wal, but my bad back isn't getting any better and the Wal isn't getting any lighter. Also, the music I'm playing these days doesn't need that fabulous Wal sound. Mostly I end up with neck pickup only, all switches off, tone rolled off to 7. Maybe a nice, light, passive bass would suit me better right now. I might even contemplate something with a short-scale.
      But the Wal has always felt "just right". Dunno what combination of neck shape, fretboard radius, body shape, etc. it is, but the Wal feels "right" to me, and many other fine basses don't. So I call upon the wisdom and experience of BassChat. All you who have bonded with a Wal, what other basses also work for you? If I do go ahead and sell my Wal, what do you recommend I should consider?
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    • By Baboulinet
      After a lot of thoughts, I'm selling my Wal MKII 5 strings (1988 - W3114). 
      - Wal MKII 5 strings from 1988 (W3114)
      - Brazilian Mahogany body
      - Mapple neck and rosewood fretboard
      - Solid black body
      - Complete clear gloss finish (body + neck)
      - 17mm string spacing
      - 5.2kg.
      - Original Wal case included, also in a very good condition.
      The bass condition is amazing for a 20 years old bass. The only changes made on the bass has been to change the frets. It has been made by Christope Leduc last year (May 2017) and he made a complete checkup as well. 
      The bass is located in France close to the Belgium and Luxembourgish border. 
      Price: 4000 GBP or 4500 Euro including shipping.
      Pics (I'll make more later this week)

    • By Simonsbass
      Wal MK1 1986 Hydua facings for sale
      Bought off here just over a month ago, exactly the same condition as when purchased
      Original case also included
      The Bass is located in Brighton East sussex or, i could courier via UPS
      cash sale only no trades
      Original thread:

    • By Dazed
      Just came across this on Facebook 
      Copied from the post by Joe Climan, list of basses In attached file
      Hi everyone,
      I do not post much but have, or had, I suppose, one of the larger collections of wal basses. This week, 10 of them were stolen from a storage unit they were in temporarily here in Santa Monica. I am attaching the most specific itemized list of the guitars that I have. If you see or hear of ANYTHING even closely matching this description, please let me know immediately. It goes without saying I am totally gutted mostly by the loss of such history. One of them, noted at the bottom, was among the first 10 Wals ever produced.
      EDIT: two serial numbers I have: 
      1. Tangerine orange (custom, one of a kind) mk2 - 3423
      2. Mk1 with hand-tooled flower leather pick guard - JG1114 (4th wal ever produced I believe)
      Thank you so much.

    • By Kevsy71
      For sale only: 1985 Wal MK I
      Spec: 4-string olive ash facings, Brazilian mahogany core, Indian rosewood fretboard, with original case.
      Price: £4200



      Excellent cosmetic condition, no major marks,  there is some rubbing off of the varnish on the back from playing. Lots more hi-res photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157688924791651/with/24790981248/
      Weight is 10 lbs 6 oz / 4.6 kg
      Full working order, sounds superb epecially with the new DR Hi Beam 45-105 roundwounds I added. Case works fine, some scratches but all locks and handle work.
      I'm the second owner having purchased from the original owner in person a few months ago. His original 1985 Bass Centre receipt, matching the serial number, is included. And there's an original Bass Centre sticker on rear of headstock
      Selling because I've recently acquired a '64 P from a fellow Basschatter and unfortunately can't justify two high value basses! Price is firm because (for better or worse) that's what I paid. 
      Payment: BACS transfer or cash. Feedback in my signature.
      Trial/collection: Tonbridge, Kent, approx. 20 mins J5 M25.
      Thanks for looking!