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  1. EMG is correct, the rear pickup wiring is Teed into to provide the open note and velocity. I too have a Midi 5, and before this I had a Midi 4, and I disassembled them (for check-up, cleaning) and saw the wiring harness tapped into the stock pickup.
  2. I agree with Dr T and ikay. Its the way people eq their amps. I've been playing dozens of Musicmans for decades and never had a weak G on any of them. It goes beyond only the StingRay model that I've seen folks post that they had an issue; they said that about the SR5, and the US Sterling, ive also seen people say they has issue with the the G on dual pickup Musicmans. Well, it can't be all of them, its just that the MM voice doesnt work with certain eq settings.
  3. Back from about 93 til about 2003 there was the Japan 51 RI, came in blone and an incorrect 2-tone burst. And around 2002 MIJ did a limited run of blue flower and pink paisley finish on the contour 54/55 style body. And of course the Sting signature P released to the rest of the world, although only in Japan they also did it without the Sting inlay. Not many of those floating around.
  4. Eubassix, You're selling this bass on ebay so soon?
  5. Did you see that there is an early 80's case on talkbass?
  6. Here is a 2019 Mk3 I bought as a bday present to myself from myself earlier this month.
  7. Congrats! Very stunning bass you got.
  8. I've been a Dunlop user since 1989 when I dropped my first bass. I've installed a set on nearly every bass since. (150+) To me the Dunlops are better for several reasons; they use a larger screw then the factory bass screw, Schaller uses a smaller screw so right off the bat you have to plug the hole for a smaller screw to work. On the Dunlop the 'E' lock clip goes on the inboard side of the strap. The Schaller uses a threaded nut on the outboard side, and it likes to unscrew itself! The Dunlop dual design strap buttons also work as regular strap buttons should you lose your strap or have to borrow one without locks. Can't do that with Schaller.
  9. Gavin, this is a rear loaded Pro 2e. Same Pro Bass, just sans pickguard and made to install the electronics from the back of the body. At least three of those that I know of. One of the others, Duncan says his is dated '81.
  10. What do you consider "now"? They've always been popular here. Their values soared in the mid 2000's and never dipped here in the US, it just kept going up. Thats nearly 15 years now. And as the Wal workshop keeps increasing their list prices every 9-12 months, the used prices keep follow suit.
  11. Here is a another average joe among us. He seems to have that sound in the bass.
  12. You're right about the variance in build of the old Wal era. I too have had to do some fixes on old ones I've bought. Most I've liked, only a couple I was happy to sell on. However, I've now had six of the new era Wals, and Paul builds them like never before. He builds perfect Wals. Every one of his I've had has laser straight consistency. When I visited the workshop he showed me how he had to redo jigs and other keep things in tight tolerence. You can also be specific about weight and neck shape with him too. I do have respect for say AGC, but in the end it still doesn't look like a Wal, and it won't retain the same value down the road.
  13. Being in the US, I remember in the 90's when we couldn't give away used Kubicki, Steinberger, and any 70's Fenders. Spectors were cheap as were preEB Musicmans. For well over the decade all have majorly jumped in value. So that really doesn't mean anything... These are the best basses I've ever played though. They're very touch sensitive, so they let me play with less effort than any other bass. The filter electronics are genius; you can shift the tone around and also pan between pickups without dropping or boosting volume setting compared to conventional active preamps. The Mk2 and Mk3 are shaped to fit your body and stick to your rib cage and no awkward reaches or hand angles (Alembic I'm looking at you!). In my casino band I'm required to do silly dance moves and lots of hand claps, and going back to the touch sensitive the bass stays silent when I take my hands off of it during doing these things, whereas my other conventional basses would vibrate and 'wooom wooom wooom' sounds coming thru the amp during hand claps. The pickups are clearer than anything else, You can strum chords on all 4 string and you will hear each string clearly...never get away doing that on my Jazz or Ric! I love my Jazz, StingRay and Ric, but they cant cop the Wal. Quite frankly nether can the half dozen G&L's I've owned or any other 'in the ballpark' bass I've bought and tried.
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