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Mesa Boogie 8x10 Powerhouse Cab ** Now Sold **

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For sale is this absolute monster of a cab, it is a 1000w 4ohm cab with built in flight case 

if you want to out do your guitarist and give your drummer a headache, then this is for you..

but seriously this is the best cab I have ever played through, only selling, regrettably due to down sizing,

this cab weighs a tonne, but as you can see from the photos it does have tilt back handles, and is obviously on wheels

so it is managable on your own, but you will need a decent sized vehicle to accommodate it, 

you not only hear this but you feel it aswell even at low volumes, any questions please ask,

I also have a made in Japan Geddy Lee Jazz for sale, which I will post up later,

the Cab is collection only due to the size, as I no longer have suitable transport, 

Thanks for looking ** Now Sold **  Thanks everyone for your interest...




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Blimey. Crazy bargain!


if my back wasn’t shot and our lockup wasn’t up two flights of stairs...


GLWTS, not that I think you’ll need it. 

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3 hours ago, roonjuice said:

Hmmm. Logistics......



Do it mate, they don’t come up often, and at that price ........

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I'm thinking how to prepare a collection from a courier company and how to avoid a divorce.

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No brainer, whoever got this got themselves a great cab at a great price.

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    • By Grewster
      Price drop - now £550 for the pair. I have two of these brilliant cabs - one with Eminence Delta drivers and one with Legend CA1059’s. These are built like the proverbial and are both hugely loud (600w) and fairly heavy, but modified (by me) to vertical standing with wheels and a handle for easier transportation and tilting on stage. One (Legends) is in good condition, the other has a few scuffs and tears. Reluctant sale but moving to 12’s.

    • By SeTomTom
      Up for sale is my Mesa D-800+ incl. five Pedals

      Bought the amp 2016 from Thomann in Germany. Had to glue one foot (was damaged during Transport) beside that the Amp is in Top-Condition!

      Comes with the following Pedals:
      Darkglass B3K V2 Neunaber Immerse Reverberator RMI-Basswitch Dual Compressor Amp-FX Fuzzpedal inkl. Poti for active Basses (to turn the Input down) Original Mesa-Muteswitch Original Gigbag is included!

    • By Bora Bekiroglu
      Cabinet in superb condition, case has some rust on locks due to storage without the cab inside etc. but still intact and highly durable.
      P.S: Amp head and 2x10 are not for sale just the cab
      Pickup from B90 or can be shipped with a door to door transport service

    • By LukeFRC
      EDIT: on hold for now. Reason at bottom of thread
      SO one of those threads where I'm floating it out there to see if there's any interest in an item because I've got GAS for something else. To be honest I'm not 100% about selling this as I love the thing, but thought it's worth trying. 

      So what is it? 

      Only one of the most iconic bass amps from the last 20 years, small, compact but packing a punch of old school solid state tone, with it's big old valvey sound. 
      It's a really early one. Go look at the threads on Talkbass and you'll find chat about the older ones being brighter sounding than the later ones. The early ones were also unofficially stable at 2 ohms. (But obviously if you need something that runs at 2 ohms, read up on it as it's officially 4 ohms min) 
      Amp rated at 300w solid state watts at 4 ohms. 
      I had a problem with it a year or so ago, and the power transformer melted. The original Mesa Czech made transformer was replaced with a official Mesa USA made part but Mesa's authorised tech in my part of the world. (not cheap) - but it means it was serviced within the last two years. 
      Oh yeah, it's got a late 50's or early 60's Philips ECC83 in valve position 1. I got it and it sounded way nicer than the stock Mesa valve so it stayed in there. If anyone wants me too I can open it up and check what it is. 

      And this one has a lovely green cab, with basket grill, and brown leather handle and corners. I can actually leave this in the front room and not get complaints cos it looks classy. Compact enough it will take up half the boot of a Mk7 Golf and fit under the parcel shelf.
      Price includes UK postage/delivery etc. 
      If you're outside the UK delivery costs will vary obviously. Probably not feasible to post outwith the EU. 
      Offers will be listened too; Trade offers... well I have plans for what I would replace this with but sometimes Basschat trade offers are where the exciting discoveries are found... 

      Anyway - bit of a feeler. If no interest I won't complain about keeping it. 


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