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  1. Yes, I've had both and still have the 1x15 Powerhouse. Imo, the 1x15 Powerhouse and their older cousins, the 1x15 Diesel (with horn) are the finest bass cabs ever. They are not light or easily moved though. What I love about the 1x15: it sounds very nice when played on lowest volumes, it still sound very full and musical. When stuff gets louder, the 1x15 delivers more mids, while the 2x12 has a tighter response in the bass register and low mids. I loved the 2x12 and wish I had not sold it. It is massively loud, enough for basically everything. I've also had a nice pair of Powerhouses that sounded great together: 1x15 and 2x10. I've tried many combinations, in most cases one of the cabs "won" and simply overpowered the other cab's characteristics. 1x15 and 2x10 worked together very nicely, broad and musical and still punchy.
  2. just like my Ragdoll, she is the most peaceful creature ever, always curious and welcoming to visitors.. we always had cats, but she is really unique. Say hi to (squint)Leelou: Oh and completely off-topic: GLWTS!
  3. I had a D-Bass for a while, it is their (longscale!) iteration of a P-bass basically. It looked just like this one: What I totally love about the Duesenberg instruments is their attention to detail. Nearly every single part is in their Art Deco design, the knobs, the mechanics, especially the pickups look so cool. Also, the shaping of the body was very cool. My D-Bass had superb action, nice and low without any rattle. The passive controls were quite interesting, besides volume and tone it had a mid shift knob that was advertised to change from P to J. It surely made the sound go from broad P-esque to a more tight sound with more lows and treble. There was a slight difference in volume, but nothing hampering. It had its own voice, but I never really bonded with the instrument. My Fender just did that P thing better.
  4. There is a different switch available, maybe thats more for you: I have a mopar purple NG-2, and have experimented with the pickup configurations a lot... as you might know all the recent Combustion and NG models have all three pickup cavitys routed already, so it was easy to switch positions. After all the testing, my ideal NG-3 switching would look like this - if limited to four positions..: middle/bridge in series middle only bridge/neck in parallel d-bird type all three Neck only sounds worse imo to the middle only. Comparable character, just less tone and definition to it. It has a bit more low oomph. neck/bridge in parallel sounds absolutely cool. Mind that the Combustion and NG models have different preamps. I like the gritty Tone Capsule a lot.
  5. Wal MKII... for me...
  6. imagine that kind of body wood with well done steampunk copper applications. Instant win. but way way too expensive.
  7. those are amongs the best WW has ever put out. Very nice bass, glwts
  8. low weight for a Wal! And a very nice price to boot. Surprising that it's still available.
  9. I really want it, but no idea how to get it over here (Germany) sensibly.
  10. Ok, I am trying to reach my friend that lives there and see if we could get it over here somehow.
  11. Considering your tone setting on the wal (neck 100%, tone 7) is the same setting that I use to emulate a P-Bass, I'd say a Fender P-Bass of sorts will do. There are some really light weight p basses out there, mine is just 3.8 kg. You can get really good ones cheap, so I can only second the others... keep the Wal. You'd regret selling it.
  12. Could you get this amp to London/Clapham? Cheers
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