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12 hours ago, Deeper and down said:

I've just been doing a bit of homework to find out the best and safest way to sell my bass on Basschat .  I came across the following advice to update this thread.

Be careful using Friends and family ...



 Also DON'T use a credit card on Paypay as you loose your Section 75 rights...



As this thread is 5 years old and last updated 2 years ago what is the current favoured way to sell safely?


Cheers Paul.

The Section 75 rights only apply when you're paying for something directly with a credit card though, something you won't be doing with a fellow Basschatter (unless you can find a BCer who accepts credit card payments for their items!)

The guidance in that article is don't use Paypal linked to a credit card to pay shops for items/services when you could have just paid them directly with the credit card.

If you're using PayPal to pay a person then doing so via a linked credit card is a good idea as it gives you another possible layer of protection should things go wrong.

Also it's been said thousands of times already, but never use Friends and Family to pay for items unless you're 100% confident they're not going to rip you off. Using F&F is saying to PayPal 'this is not a payment for goods/services'. Ask them to step in subsequently as you didn't receive the goods/services you paid for using F&F in order to defraud them of their fees and you'll get the response you should be expecting! (Hypocritically I have used F&F many times to buy items from here, but only from posters with solid feedback threads and always with the knowledge that if they failed to post the item there was zero comeback).

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