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  1. To be honest... not really. I have an all wood S1 from about 1990, no.2534, for which I paid about 500 a few years ago. Perhaps this is what they're thinking in terms of? Incidentally -- a general insurance point -- I am in the process of sorting out insurance with the Musicians' Union, using their free 1000 quids' worth and also the additional 1000+ cover they offer through an affiliated insurance co. I will report back on quotes and Ts&Cs, for anyone who's interested.
  2. The 4.5XL is a superb cab... unfortunately its huge sound is matched by its huge weight...
  3. [quote name='BigRedX' post='98351' date='Dec 3 2007, 07:25 PM'][/quote]Ugh. Sorry, but just yeucchhh. The headstock is horrid, the lion head thing looks silly, and that control layout couldn't have been more random if they'd got a 4 year old to arrange it.
  4. +1 for cheapass Trantec units. Mine have never let me down.
  5. Or a couple of [url="http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Hardware,_parts/Bass:_String_trees_retainers/Roller_String_Retainer_For_Bass.html"]these[/url]... got one on my Jazz, it's nice & unobtrusive and very effective.
  6. Yes he's a bit arrogant -- OK, very arrogant -- but saying his music stinks is a bit strong... fair enough you don't like it, but quite a lot of people do. FWIW I don't agree with him re: metronomes, I think they're a useful tool.
  7. AFter I got my Status 5, I decided to de-fret my old Yamaha RBX765A... so I yanked out all the frets and then ran out of enthusiasm However, when I took the Yamaha neck up to Jon Shuker for him to take profiles for the neck of my custom, he offered to finish the job for me... finally picked it up last week, and I've bolted it all back together now, and here it is. The defret job is simply perfect... it needs a bit of a proper setup really, but it has plenty of mwah and sounds brilliant. [attachment=3875:yam.JPG] [attachment=3876:yam_3.JPG]
  8. +1 on the Status Groove, they are excellent. The red one's starting at 220 quid, that's absurdly cheap for such a good bass. Have a look at Yamahas too, great VFM. I agree with Chris B, I only ever take a 5 out with me these days. My 4s are almost redundant.
  9. Are they somehow related? I think we should be told.
  10. Things I shall forever kick myself for not buying a few years back (well, quite a few): [list] [*]Pre-EB Stingray, £250 (long time ago, but even so, [i]bloody hell!![/i]) [*]SWR Stereo 800 power amp, also £250 [/list] Also:[list] [*]'70 Dodge Challenger needing miniscule body repair, £800 [*]My mate's Mk1 Escort Mexico, £400 (he badly needed money and [i]didn't tell me he was selling it[/i]! pillock) [/list]
  11. I don't reckon Mrs.T's rabbit eats carrots
  12. [quote name='Crazykiwi' post='95924' date='Nov 29 2007, 12:47 AM']Is that the BC equivalent of a fart?[/quote]Well that's what the Kingbass sounds like when Mark King uses it. Not a particularly bassy fart either.
  13. [quote name='eude' post='95578' date='Nov 28 2007, 12:38 PM']Don't worry bud, was just an impulse reaction, I've got very different plans for the next one.[/quote]Hey no worries, was only kiddin anyway. I can in no way afford nor justify that beautiful bass. Goddammit. mind you... [quote]When I get geared up, probably end of Jan/early Feb for my next go, I'll be popping down to see Jon, with bass in tow. How about we try and organise some kind of BassChat Shukerite gathering...[/quote]If we did all go & meet up, and that singlecut was still there... oh dear oh dear... I think the temptation would be too much to bear...
  14. [quote name='eude' post='95549' date='Nov 28 2007, 11:58 AM']Now that's one sexy bass! Must not reach for credit card....[/quote]Bugger off, I saw it first
  15. Oh god, that singlecut 5... absolutely stunning in every single way. I need some money, quick. And I'm seriously thinking about changing my EMGs for Delanos, having heard those ones yesterday.
  16. I'm not going to steal Si's thunder completely, but here's a couple of proud-father shots He wasn't really grumpy... I just caught him by surprise Si in soulful mode... that headstock is worth the price on its own
  17. Jack Bruce Glenn Hughes Bootsy (well, he sings after a fashion ) Also, not in the same league obviously, Bryan Adams.
  18. I love it... up as far as the nut. Then, it all goes tragically wrong.
  19. These are great basses, and this strikes me as a bit of a bargain BIN too. [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=140183143083&ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:GB:1123"]Status Groove 5[/url]
  20. Well done for carrying on regardless. God, how did you manage to hold on for so long? I played a gig with a raging bout of 'flu once, real 'flu not this silly man-flu cold nonsense. Got through by the power of adrenalin, walked off stage and passed out almost immediately, spent the next 4 days in bed. Why do we do these daft things, ploughing ahead with a gig whilst suffering from something that we wouldn't dream of going to our day-job with? Is it just artistic integrity? Fear of breaking a contract? Bulldog spirit? Insanity?
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  22. +2 for the Bass Collection basses. Nice basses, good sound, and best of all, light.
  23. I'm probably going to take mine up (going with Si, couldn't resist really), as I'd like a wee bit ground off the bottom of the G bridge saddle... can't get it quite as low as I'd like.
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