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  1. @Cuzzie's flamed finishes are outstanding. I am just going outside for the blowtorch, I have a candidate for the same treatment
  2. Physics - reasonable fretted bass action action at 17th fret would be 2.5mm above the frets? (I personally use 3mm). Jumbo fret height (worst case for extra action height) is 1.397mm . Now remove the fret which results in about (2.5mm +1.4mm) 3.9mm action on the fretless part around the 17th fret.
  3. The cure on my SG bass was Hipshot USA tuners. Schallers or Gotohs also seem a good possibility. With the Gibbo button on the back I use the trusty straplock fitting. It also has the added advantage of tilting the bass away from my body and making the left hand easier. It would be possible to have something fabricated as per the G&L ASAT picture @Paul S has above. This could be flat aluminium bar screwed into the back of the bass with a straplock bolted to it (easy diy).
  4. My replacement scratch plate was in the shopping cart from the off
  5. I would really like to try some of these amps with a modern cab and bass fitted with today's strings. Would they be the dogs b*ll**ks or sadly lacking?
  6. Takes me back to being 14 again in bands of my youth
  7. I have used model Js in 3 different basses (2 Corvettes and currently a Chowny SWB1) with TI flats. A great combo imo.
  8. I have used 1:1 Ionos for several recent websites, seems to be exceptionally good value. They have 'installable' options e.g. wordpress, joomla, prestashop etc etc. If you need it, there is is SSH access, PHP, MYSQl etc. I have no connection with them other than satisfied customer. We use a .band domain name
  9. Bought a set of Hipshot machines from Dean. Excellent communication and delivered just as fast as possible. really well packed. Great transaction, deal with confidence. Thanks.
  10. I have the same thoughts and experience with the inserts. Would be good to source some quality stainless steel ones (if they exist). What finish have you used on the body?
  11. For the second time, bought some strings from Marc. Excellent communication and rapid next day arrival. Many thanks.
  12. Having owned one I will add to the appreciation. A great cab, someone will not be disappointed. I only moved mine on to get a BF Dubster, more of the bottom end goodness of the Big One.
  13. Where did you get that gorgeous ash?
  14. I have a use for that, a pity I am in locked down Wales and rather too far to travel as well. Seems a shame to throw it away if it gets that far.
  15. On the same mission I took sound samples of my fretless and double bass (now gone to a fresh home) and analysed the envelopes and frequency spectrum content. I was thinking about designing building a suitable circuit (ever optimistic). In addition to attack and decay differences there are significant harmonic differences which present challenges to generate with analogue circuits. Single note DSP simulation should be possible but the challenge is dealing with the polyphonic nature of playing. At that point I gave up - my intellectual determination is not what it was when I was a young Physicist. Impulse response pedals look promising, I am very behind the curve on this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMA5d5hgvMY
  16. If I could offload one of my other basses I would be well up for this. G&L build quality is superb, hence I have kept one of my G&Ls for over 30 years now. GLWTS.
  17. Being vertically challenged at my 5'3" it will be quite unlikely that you are short with me I was merely alluding back to the Short scale nature of the thread, hence using the word length.
  18. Surely ..... It deserved to be a short thread. I couldn't ever see it reaching any great lengths.
  19. Where are you based? From the pictures this could be a DIY repair depending on how good you want the cosmetics to be. I could be tempted.
  20. De facto it will have changed one parameter, the cost of the bass . Any sonic parameters that might be changed by bridge replacement would seem to be highly variable since there are so many other factors in play from one bass to the next. Even two mass produced basses in the same production run can sound and play differently I also find that when playing live any subtle bass changes are lost with the effects of amplification, speakers and the venue. These days I just play the thing as it is.
  21. Where are you based? The well known Internet auction site show £80 to £40 for sold TKO bass combos.
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