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  1. What an amazing looking bass, love it.
  2. I also love a Precision but currently just own a Squier Jazz that I’ve had for over 30 years. It’s a great sounding bass and like yours sounds amazing with neck on full and bridge turned down. Suits me just fine!
  3. You’ve done Les proud there, great job
  4. I know! It just has a very nice neck and still has the NO Technique sticker i put on it about 30 years ago 😀
  5. My very old Marlin Sidewinder. Wired up just the p pickup, stuck some flatwounds on. Surprisingly enjoyable to play.
  6. John helped bring my old Marlin Sidewinder back to life. Great stuff as always!
  7. Hi. Sorry, didn’t see your response! Yes, still available.
  8. Great bridge. As new condition, with allen key. Price includes postage. Thanks!
  9. Great condition, complete with allen key and box. Price includes postage. Pm me with any questions. Thanks!
  10. Just purchased Squier p bass off John. Great bass and another easy transaction. Fabulous stuff.
  11. I was there too! September 87 - the Document tour. They did a great version of Wipeout!
  12. The body and neck def look like either a Japan/Korean mid-late 80’s E series Squier. Very nice as I have one myself and they are awesome. Very tempting with those upgrades.
  13. Jesus, awesome! Being a big fan of both Lally and Frusciante, how had I not heard this?! Nice one.
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