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  1. It's unlikely, I seem to have way too many basses at the moment. What did you have in mind?
  2. I've measured them and they read 11.25 ohms. Their website says the '58s are 11.6 ohms and the '65s are 10.5. So these are probably '58s, unless Bare Knuckle did something different in the past.
  3. Pair of Wizard 84 jazz pickups £80 - SOLD Bare Knuckle precision pickups £70 Some other pickups (no idea what they are or where they came from) £8 Postage about £5, I guess
  4. This is a 1973 Jazz bass, but not entirely original Body has been professionally refinished in Sonic blue nitro. It's not been reliced, but does have a few dinks and scratches and the lacquer has cracked. The pickups and pots are original, dated 73, but some the wiring and soldering has been got at. Scratch plate is a vintage replica The neck is roughly 73 (4 holes) but not original to this bass (heal stamp unreadable). It has been fretless and then refretted. As a result it is quite slim and down to the plug at the nut end. It also has abalone block markers. It plays fine, the neck is solid and straight, and it sounds great. It has quite a high output for a Jazz. Weight is 9lb exactly. Comes in a non-fender hard case.
  5. Orange 600w cab. About a year old with some light signs of use. Collection only from Hampshire near M27 j8. Thanks for looking Now £200
  6. That's not the one I traded for the purple Shuker all those years ago, is it?
  7. You're sort of right, but as it was brand new, it went back to Jon, who made another neck for it and set it up. So, to be clear, I didn't add the neck.
  8. It's not a JJB signature. I have one of those and although this is a similar weight, it sounds a little more mellow to my ears.
  9. Sorry, thanks for the interest, but my boat is not floated. Good luck with your sale.
  10. I'd rather have a straight sale, but might be interested in a US J or P bass.
  11. It's no problem to post it. Although, at a million miles, I might need Elon Musk 's help 😉
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