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  1. Hello everyone, Due to buying a Line6 Stomp, I no longer need the following pedals. Most have velcro stuck to them, but they all work. Pigtronix envelope phaser EP-1, with power supply and expression pedal. It still has the original (an tatty) box. It also has the factory mod to invert something or other (if that means anything to anyone) - £100 Akai unibass UB1 - £200 Analogue Man Chorus pedal (with screw missing) - £75 Car Martin Compressor with box - £100 Mooer boost pedal - £25 Spyder pedal box 620mm x 370mm (internal) - £75 Power supply 4 way 9V - £10 These can all be posted at the buyer's cost. Thanks for looking Simon
  2. I have one of these. It's bloody brilliant. GLWTS
  3. The neck seems fine to me. I had to adjust the truss rod when I put DR strings on it, and it adjusted as it should. So I've no reason to suspect it's ever had an issue. I had it setup a year or 2 back, and it had a fret dress and a new nut. I hadn't noticed the binding lifting until you mentioned it. I can see it in the photo now. As you say, 51 years old. Both basses were refinished by Paul Neild. If you Google Retro169, you can see some of his work.
  4. Im pretty sure the nut is 42mm, although I'll double check when I'm home Friday. Raduis is 9.5" Sorry about the metric/imperial thing.
  5. Shuker P Bass 2018 Black, mint condition. Spec is as follows: 34" scale 20 frets maple neck maple f/board two way truss rod carbon fibre reinforcement White Ash body Seymour Duncan quarter-pounder pickups. Weight is 9lb 8oz As you would expect, it plays flawlessly. Sorry, No trades
  6. 1977 Fender Precision All original Olympic white, Black Pickguard and Maple neck 41.2mm Nut - Type B neck, I believe. 9.76 lbs Original Fender case No trades I'm afraid. Pics with Case, pickup covers and original swing tag added Thanks for looking Simon
  7. Both of these were already stripped when I got them, so I had them professionally refinished in a slightly aged Nitro Lake Placid Blue. They are not relic'ed, but do show checking in the lacquer, and have since picked up a one or two minor scuffs and dings. I thought I'd list them together just in case someone wanted a matching pair! '68 Jazz - £3250 As stated, it's been refinished and the head-stock has been painted to match. The logo is obviously not original, but is sort of correct for '68. It does match the style of what was only partially left of the original. Pots are dated '66, Pickups March '68. The machine heads are original elephant ear type, probably the last year Jazzes were produced with them. It plays REALLY well and I cant believe I'm selling it, but needs must. Weight is 9.42 lbs. It had a full set up by John White just over a year ago. It comes in an original Fender case '79 Precision - £1250 Original Pickups, but I'm unsure of the pickguard, assume not. Pots are not original. Weight is 9lb 12 Oz and it too plays really well. I would add that although the serial No implies '79, the routing looks later to me, so could be '80 or '81. I will post at buyer's expense. I'll put a few more pictures up at the weekend (I can't find the neck heel for the Jazz on my phone - now found and added) I also have a couple of other basses, I'll put up separately. Thanks for looking Simon
  8. It's unlikely, I seem to have way too many basses at the moment. What did you have in mind?
  9. I've measured them and they read 11.25 ohms. Their website says the '58s are 11.6 ohms and the '65s are 10.5. So these are probably '58s, unless Bare Knuckle did something different in the past.
  10. Pair of Wizard 84 jazz pickups £80 - SOLD Bare Knuckle precision pickups £70 Some other pickups (no idea what they are or where they came from) £8 Postage about £5, I guess
  11. This is a 1973 Jazz bass, but not entirely original Body has been professionally refinished in Sonic blue nitro. It's not been reliced, but does have a few dinks and scratches and the lacquer has cracked. The pickups and pots are original, dated 73, but some the wiring and soldering has been got at. Scratch plate is a vintage replica The neck is roughly 73 (4 holes) but not original to this bass (heal stamp unreadable). It has been fretless and then refretted. As a result it is quite slim and down to the plug at the nut end. It also has abalone block markers. It plays fine, the neck is solid and straight, and it sounds great. It has quite a high output for a Jazz. Weight is 9lb exactly. Comes in a non-fender hard case.
  12. Orange 600w cab. About a year old with some light signs of use. Collection only from Hampshire near M27 j8. Thanks for looking Now £200
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