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  1. Great amps, I love mine!
  2. I used mine for lots of different gigs and never found it wanting for volume tbh
  3. I had a RH750 for a while, the feature set on them is great. At £349 brand new, they’re an absolute steal
  4. Blimey that’s cheap! Weren’t they around the £7-800 mark??
  5. Hi Matt! It was indeed yours, and thank you for the kind words. Hope you’re well
  6. Have decided that this little fella is too good to just sit around as a back up. When we do eventually start gigging again, my TD650 is going to be my main amp, and I’ve got a DI pedal as an emergency should I ever need it, so time for this to find a new home. It’s had very little use tbh, the BC’er I bought from hardly used it, and I used to alternate between this and a GK MB Fusion, so it’s hardly ever been worked hard. It’s in unmarked condition, still have all the original packaging, the intelligent footswitch and a genuine Darkglass carry bag. As I’m sure you know, it’s got 2 drive circuits, the b3k and the VMT, so lots of tonal variety. I think these get a bit pigeon holed as only being any good for Dingwall wielding, drop tuned, metal madness, but the clean channel is superb and crisp. You’re welcome to collect it, I can do a meet up within say 50 miles of Bristol, or it can be sent at the buyers cost. Not looking for any trades and the price is pretty firm, I think it’s fairly priced given the condition it’s in. Anything you’d like to know, just ask away
  7. I recently went back to a heavier, old 3u amp, in the shape of a EBS TD650. I was adamant that’s what I was getting and didn’t look at anything else....but....if one of these had come up in the same price bracket as the EBS, then I think I would’ve struggled to make a decision. These Fusion 550’s are cracking amps
  8. I had a 4HS in the stealth finish. It’s a very versatile bass, and I actually quite like the look of them, it’s different. I had a couple of things I couldn’t get on with, finding a comfortable place to anchor my thumb, the H felt too far back and the S too far forward, I could’ve had a thumb rest fitted but I was a bit reluctant to stick a cheap plastic thumb rest on an expensive bass. The second was the stealth finish on the neck, I found it felt really sticky when my hand got sweaty. I traded it for a Dingwall NG2 in the end. Sometimes I wish I’d given it a bit more time. The 18v pre amp is very hot and only small tweaks make big changes to tone. I think a telling point is that most people on this thread who have owned a bongo, sound regretful of moving them on
  9. I have one identical to this. They are indeed fantastic basses. Awesome tone and superb build quality. GLWTS
  10. ern500evo


    I’ve still only used it at home volume, but the 650 definitely doesn’t lack in power. With my Dingwall and through my Big Twin 2, it feels like it could slice your head off!
  11. ern500evo


    Thanks! Yes, I too had a Genz Benz, I had the shuttle 9.2. I haven’t completely severed the class d ties, I do still have my Darkglass M900, but if what I’ve heard today is anything to go by, I think the EBS will now be my main amp
  12. ern500evo


    Well, the itch refused to go away, so it needed to be scratched. Goodbye class D, hello EBS TD650. My cab has been locked away at a rehearsal space since picking the amp up, but I managed to retrieve it this morning and finally try the two of them together. Only played at home levels so far (albeit rather loud home levels, as the neighbours were out!) and all I can say is that I haven’t stopped smiling. Tried it with my Streamer Stage 1 and my Dingwall NG2, and it just sounds fabulous. I’m so glad I have no willpower and gave in so easily and bought one!
  13. ern500evo

    Show us your rig!

    The latest head to be paired with my Barefaced Big Twin 2.
  14. Thanks for the input guys, think I’m gonna get one. Oh and apologies for derailing your for sale thread!
  15. I’ve got a 4u abs Gator rack with my old ABM head in it, I was gonna just use that, but I’m really liking the look of that bag
  16. How good are those Gator rack bags? I’m considering one for my TD650
  17. There’s a GK MB800 and Barefaced big one in the classifieds at the moment. Combined price of £675, that would be more than adequate, power wise. I had the 500w MB Fusion, playing in a fairly loud band with two guitars, and never found it a struggle volume wise
  18. The marketplace here is a great place for some quality gear. Are you looking towards Class D or more traditional gear?
  19. For rock covers, I’d be looking for a used GK MB Fusion. I’ve just sold one, only because I had GAS for a EBS TD650 and I’ve also got a Darkglass M900, so letting the GK go wasn’t a disaster. Two channels, with separate gain and volume controls, 3 12ax7’s in the front end, and light as a feather. Does the sparkly GK sound and also lovely warm grit.
  20. I think pretty much all of us have way more gear than we need!
  21. Seen a few of the later AH1200 and 600’s get snapped up recently
  22. Some of the old Trace gear seems to be becoming popular again
  23. I used to have a AH350SM, with the 1518 and 2103 cabs, weighed an absolute ton but sounded great!
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