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  1. There’s one on FB marketplace for £390
  2. So, did any of you guys actually get a Photon yet??
  3. Looks like the admins have got a lot of banning to do on that group then!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/depsuk/permalink/10158389653438021/
  5. I’ve just checked back in on the original Facebook post, it’s still ongoing and now has 712 comments! 😄
  6. The FB ad which made me start this thread was full of people quoting MU rates
  7. That is pretty much the same flak this guy was getting. Stuff like “my function band doesn’t go out for less than £2k” yet when you point out that you’re probably not the market he’s aiming at then, you get a torrent of abuse! How some people don’t see the distinction between a pub covers band and a quality function band is beyond me. I remember seeing a promo vid of @EBS_freak band, it was a while ago now, but the professionalism and musical ability was outstanding. The guy asking if any local guitarist fancies earning £50, is clearly aiming at a different audience. At least you’d think it would be obvious
  8. I do understand that. I think, from reading the guys posts, he’s assuming most guitarists that play in the local cover bands will know 90% of the songs on the set list anyway. He seems pretty humble about it, kind of “look, I know the moneys not great, but it’s a £250 gig and our guitarist can’t make it, does anyone fancy it?” Some of the replies he’s had have been so rude.
  9. I remember those days! I was happy to be out playing our own music back then, at about 19yrs old. I’m not sure I’d be so keen now!
  10. Yes, it’s just a standard local pub covers band he’s in. The fee for covers bands doing pub gigs seems to be fairly uniform. Although, you wouldn’t think so by some of the replies he’s getting
  11. Function gigs would normally command a much higher fee than a pub gig, so everyone assumed he was offering £50 for a high paying gig.
  12. A couple of years back, I joined a Facebook group for dep musicians. We were looking for a guitarist at the time. I didn’t leave the group so still see the posts on my feed. Yesterday a guy put up an ad looking for a dep guitarist in Bristol for a pub gig. He made the mistake of including the word ‘function’ in the ad, as the fee was/is only £50. He’s since changed it to pub gig, I think he more meant, it’s a pub gig with the standard function type set list. For the last 24 hours; it’s turned into one big argument amongst group members about the fee. Being from Bristol, I know only too well that most pubs here will only pay £250-350 for a band, this particular gig is £250. The OP has remained polite throughout, but he’s been absolutely hammered by some people. So I thought I’d seek the opinion of the BC membership, which generally seems to be a level headed bunch. Are pub gigs paying significantly more than that where you are from?
  13. I had to look twice then, I thought it was two Alpha Omega Ultras!
  14. These look like a really versatile pedal. I heard a demo of one on a fairly low gain setting and it sounded epic!
  15. The drummer from The Brilliant corners is a very good friend of mine, and I used to be in a band with the guitarists brother.
  16. Wayne punkdude is still around, I see him on some Fb sales pages and musicians groups. There’s quite a few names that have come up in this thread that I’d forgotten all about! I remember Xliddx pretty well, could be pretty robust when debates got heated. Also remember the fact that he wore gloves when playing and owned a Warwick Chrometone Streamer. I remember Billbass or billonbass(?) he lives not far from me, he probably left when he got the Rag n Bone man gig. He’s a monster player and a really great guy too
  17. Try some Mark King tape before it was Mark King tape. I think it’s made by Fender and you can only buy it at Macaris
  18. I too gassed for so long for one of these. When I finally decided to go back to heavyweight though, I just couldn’t find one anywhere. Fantastic amps
  19. I’m getting the inpression that you’re not fond of Darkglass products. I might be wrong though, it wouldn’t be the first time. Just a hunch
  20. Watched it a few times now, Nate Navarro is a beast of a player
  21. I think an AO ultra would be more than adequate for my needs. I use backline more than in house PA, so I’ve always got my EBS TD650 and Barefaced Big Twin 2 behind me. There just doesn’t seem to be a huge difference in price for what appears to be a lot more pedal. Would be nice to set up three presets for various levels of drive/tone. I only use flat out distortion on a few songs, the rest is more of a subtle drive. I found a sound clip of the AO ultra with a hump in the mids, the drive only on about 10 o clock, blend about midday, and the mod all the way to the alpha side, and it just sounded so good!
  22. The more video reviews and demos I watch of the AO, the more I like it. Definitely seem to prefer it more biased to the alpha side though
  23. It certainly looks super versatile. It’s way overkill for what I’d need, but I do love the options it gives. I was leaning towards a B7K ultra in the new year, but for not a massive amount more, this seems like such a good option.
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