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  1. No apology necessary, and same as yourself, not something I’d ever really thought I’d see.
  2. I’m not pushing the product, I have zero affiliation to the product or it’s makers. It was just a product I saw, that I’d never seen before, something I found to be a bit quirky. So I thought I’d post it here to see if anyone else had ever seen anything of the same ilk.
  3. The explanation of who the product seems to be aimed at, is up there ☝️ 😊
  4. Sounds like it would be ideal for him then
  5. In the demo clip, I think they’re aiming it at guitarists who want the guitar hanging lower if they’re bashing out chords, but can raise it up for more technical stuff
  6. I never even knew such a thing existed, or that there was even a market for it. The video clip I saw of it earlier, there’s a guy using two of them to make a swing, so it must be fairly sturdy. It does seem to be aimed more at guitarists
  7. Did that happen while using one of these gadgets??
  8. Keep seeing ads for this gadget coming up on various FB musicians groups/pages. Basically a gadget for instantly adjusting the length of your guitar strap. Who knew such a thing existed! https://dropstrap.com/collections/artists
  9. I have a cardboard box en route and have a hard case to send it in now, so UK shipping possible at buyers expense.
  10. Along with “what colour hair scrunchie works best as a mute?” 😀
  11. I certainly didn’t expect a 2.5hr set, hats off to him. Really nice to see Dave Grohl back on a stage too. Really enjoyed the set, and I just love the energy of his drummer.
  12. Enjoyed Skunk Anansie, Skin looks like she hasn’t aged at all! Cass Lewis’ bass rig is enormous
  13. Anyone watched TLC’s set? Is that Jamareo Artis on bass? Pretty sure the guitarist is the guy that played the live lounge with Rag n Bone man, he gets a killer tone from that Kemper!
  14. Just watching the crowded house set, I really like Nick Seymours playing and there’s something very satisfying about seeing a DB751 and 8x10 on stage
  15. I agree that pick-up placement is key to his live sound, it just sounds so right for him
  16. I thought you could buy that version, with the MM pickup?
  17. Still seems strange, seeing a RHCP stage set without a couple of GK stacks behind him!
  18. Look up some private parking companies. I did it when I went to a gig at the o2 and got a space in a secure office building car park, all weekend for £25. They basically use the car parks of offices etc that don’t normally get used on weekends.
  19. It works for me, great spot you had!
  20. Did I see right, that Flea is now using SVT’s?
  21. Congrats on the new amp. I lent my Warwick streamer and Barefaced big twin 2 to a friend last weekend, and he used it with a ABM600 and Sansamp para driver. F**k me did it sound good!
  22. our drummer now deals with these type of payment gigs, maybe that’s where the problem lies 😂
  23. And I was centre of the standing area!
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