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  1. Some of the music in Disney films is truly exceptional. Unfortunately I can't help with your question, though I'd be curious to find out.
  2. It really makes no difference whether bass is easier than guitar; because in the grand scheme of things, they're both two of the easiest instruments out there.
  3. Nope. I have bad gas, but it's a little unfocussed at the minute. Keeps swapping between a few basses that I'm considering.
  4. I love flats. Got a nice set of Steve Harris ones on the shelf that I still haven't tried and am looking forward to.
  5. Another +1. Tell us about the sound. I was hoping to go try the Blacktop P and J this weekend but that's not going to happen now. I'm particularly interested in the jazz to be honest - assuming it's a nice mix of a jazz body with a precision-esque sound.
  6. It is a bit worrying; on the other hand I tend to think that people find ways around these kinds of problems. For instance, I love ebanol fingerboards so am reasonably confident that guitar/pickup makers would find ways of making less rare woods and synthetic products sound great.
  7. [quote name='Dave Vader' post='1320178' date='Jul 29 2011, 10:49 AM']In order to feed my inordinately large ego, I must say me [/quote] I only opened this thread to see who would be the first person to say that. I'm still thinking how I want to define cool here... Might post a suggestion later.
  8. Cool story. You could tune the other strings down to create standard C tuning (C F Bb Eb) which would be a bit easier to learn on and play along to other things with. Not as easy as standard tuning though obviously.
  9. Very cool! (The walk and the music).
  10. Got to have one!!! How does it sound playing jazz or metal? Edit: I'm aware that it has little trebble; I'm not really a treble kinda guy.
  11. Since "my band" is a long way off being ready to roll, I find I have a lot of time when I want to play bass but can't think of anything to play. Came up with this idea this morning and I'm giving it to you for free. That's right, a FREE idea. Made a playlist of one track from each of the sets I saw at Sonisphere, and the ones I would have seen had I not only stayed for one day. Now playing through all the tracks - it's great fun. Just to complete the post, here's the list: [b]Friday[/b] (I saw these, w00t!) Cry Baby - Japanese Voyeurs (check them out, they're excellent) I Am The Law - Anthrax Hangar 18 - Megadeth Dead Skin Mask - Slayer Blood Sells - The Defiled The Call Of Ktulu - Metallica [b]Saturday[/b] (Didn't know half the bands so not sure who else I would have seen) Refuse/Resist - Cavalera Conspiracy (Sepultura cover) 21st Century - Bad Religion Say Just Words - Paradise Lost Temple Of Love - Sisters Of Mercy [b]Sunday[/b] (Wish I was there) Nemesis - Arch Enemy Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast - Airbourne Killed By Death - Motorhead Keelhauled - Alestorm Martyr No More - Fozzy Left Behind - Slipknot
  12. Not that I write much, but when I do I tend to write directly in notation with Sibelius. I'm beginning to think that's weird though.
  13. [quote name='Johnston' post='1308250' date='Jul 18 2011, 07:05 PM']Is the take it away scheme still going??[/quote] I think so, but I vaguely remember someone posting to say they'd tightened up on who is now eligible for it.
  14. Psychobilly. Bought a double bass but couldn't quite get on with it; so I thought I'd buy a bass guitar and then try to come back to the upright later. I love the bass guitar now though; and haven't yet managed to devote enough time inti progressing with the double bass.
  15. I like her - to me, she's more listenable than many of the other players of that type. And yes, she's more watchable.
  16. [quote name='ZMech' post='1301357' date='Jul 12 2011, 05:42 PM']Woo, professional troll![/quote] This. Sometimes I really have my doubts whether Jeff actually believes half the crap he says.
  17. No news on when you can buy these?
  18. Unless you really need a detailed analysis (it's one in the morning and I can't be bothered right now) I'll only say that I have an iPad, and iPad 2 and a Motorola Xoom... And the iPad is what I use for everything music. (Not fully migrated to the 2 yet, but it is noticeably nicer and faster).
  19. [quote name='Count Bassy' post='1269091' date='Jun 14 2011, 07:42 PM']I have to be careful - he may be 'one of us'[/quote] [quote name='Eight']You can't break the other guy's fingers![/quote] Fixed. Funny thing, punctuation.
  20. I'm tempted by the Blacktop P actually.
  21. You can't break the other guy's fingers?
  22. Giving this a bump (not that it really needs one) because I'm listening to the album now and it's cooooool!
  23. A device with 8 inputs can't necessarily record on 8 channels at the same time. You need to dig deep when researching each device. Be wary of spiel in product listings. Edit: it's got less to do with transfer speeds and more to do with cost. Inputs = cheap, outputs = expensive. So some manufacturers mislead you into thinking you can record 8 tracks, when everything is actually mixed down to 2.
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