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  1. [quote name='Merton' post='25564' date='Jul 1 2007, 11:54 AM']Hi guys, sorry I've been so quiet, the last few weeks have been manic at work and gigging so barely been on here. Unfortunately both dates are out for me coz of gigs or weddings but have a good one (looks like the 18th has been chosen anyway)! I'll definitely make the next one, promise...[/quote] Shame you can't make it as this was your idea! We'll put up a cardboard cut-out of you in your honour [i]"I should be able to make this r "[/i] Hey Russ - it'll be good to see you there! Nik
  2. [quote name='The Burpster' post='25230' date='Jun 30 2007, 10:33 AM']Oooooooh thats a bit deep.... I've thought about this abit since your first post, and I'm inclined to think now that, any tone that makes you feel good, or feels correct for a particular piece of music, is a good tone.....?[/quote] +1 to that Bob
  3. [quote name='The Burpster' post='24788' date='Jun 29 2007, 11:22 AM']Nik..... 1stly....... Santana...... GOD! (oh and BTW--- he is PRS's finest officiando!) And 2ndly on your above point..... Unless I am mistaken, human hearing is quite limited, and at the edges of our hearing ability our sensitivity diminishes (as it does with age) ... so to be able to pick up slight variations of what we perceive to be tone can down to an individuals hearing (or lack of it) ...... eg. my guitarist has recently changed his hi fi... he bought some new speaker wires at the same time... having read that wires can sound different if used in different directions, we tried them both ways..... guess what ? listening to the same piece of music he was convimced the mids and highs were richer one way I was conviced the bass was richer the other but to each of us there was no noticable variation in what we could hear the other way (so only one way sounded better) ...! So; was there any diference at all OR is our hearing trained to pick up certain nuances within the music because of or differing disciplines???? I am fairly convinced that the frequency of note that we hear is constant on all music, and how we percieve it is different and maybe down to the individual level, so what you percieve to be twangy maybe my warm or vice versa..... Oh, this is going to be a can of worms I suspect...![/quote] +1 One of my favourite Santanta albums is 'Welcome' , one of their early ones released in 1973...I think I first heard it when I was 12 and I've never forgotten it since and still listen to it regularly now. Beautiful guitar playing and a wonderful, wonderful tone!! Santana is one of Prince's early influences and you can really hear it on 'I'll Never Take The Place of Your Man' from the Sign o'The Times Album during the extended solo... You're right about how subjective all this is and maybe the thing that is a 'constant' is the feel or soul of each musician..the notes they use, the rhythms they choose, etc, etc?
  4. My first bass was a Xmas present from my folks when I was 14 - it was a Woolworths special with one pick up and cost £22.00 which seemed like a lot of money back in 1975!
  5. [quote name='dlloyd' post='24802' date='Jun 29 2007, 11:35 AM']Yep.[/quote] The main 'Two Tribes' bass line is a direct lift of a bass line by Leigh Gorman who played bass for Adam & The Ants and then BowWowWow in the early 80's. The Ants and BWW used Burundi rhythms as the basis of their sound. Frankie Goes To Holywood were huge BWW fans and Two Tribes was lifted from a song called 'Elimination Dancing'. One of Leighs best bass lines was on BWW's first hit, 'Go Wild in The Country'.
  6. [quote name='The Burpster' post='24428' date='Jun 28 2007, 02:13 PM']Nik, My guess is that there is as many answers to this as there people on this forum..... We are all going to have our own 'ideals' based upon our own preferances in music, basses, strings, amps, and effects....... Whilst I agree it is fine to say -- 'I love the way X sounded on that recording' -- there is no guarnatee that if you went out and bought exactly the same gear as was used in that recording another player could replicate that sound. Certain types of bass will broadly make certain tones.... but to be honest..... There isnt really any bass tones that I dislike.......... Some I prefer to others and I have basses that reflect that particular genre..... "The funk's in the fingers, not the bass" Almost every bass I've had I've ended up with a simillar sound the the previous ones, purely because I have a sound in my head that I like, and I end up with something simillar whatever I'm playing, Stingray, Precision, Thunderbird, Jazz all a simillar end result soundwise for me, although they're all "capable" of many different tones depending on the player. At the end of the day, for me, a precision, for instance, would be just fine for almost any style of music. Who needs anything else? Your sound's in your fingers, not the pieces of wood and wire between them. Just my opinion.[/quote] I definitely agree with you both - wasn't it Carlos Santana who said that your sound comes from your fingers and he should probably know? And, when we hear a bass sound on record, in general, it's not the pure sound of the bass player and his gear we're listening too anyway. His/her original recording will have gone through any number of processes by the time it's mixed down anyway. So, copying their gear won't automatically replicate their pure sound anyway..And that's without taking into account the way each of us plays. But just being devil's advocate a bit longer - whilst there's some really good points made here (thinking graphite and synth tones for example..), I'm still not 100% convinced that there really are loads and loads of really good different tones out there. More that there are lots of good variations on a small number of classic tones that work time and again...?
  7. No keep the ATK400 - you'll regret it if you sell it. Find the money to fund the GAS some other way..
  8. [quote name='3V17C' post='24456' date='Jun 28 2007, 02:58 PM'][i]oooh...here goes.....from memory and in vaguely chronological order:[/i] Goodfellow kinda rumour thing (Serial No: 001 - put together on Bernie's living room floor apparently! - worst thing I did selling this!) c[/quote] That's amazing - I'm sure that I saw that same Goodfellow for sale in 1993 in the City Road pawn shop in Angel, London..Nearly bought it myself because of the 001 serial number! Nice bass and quite unique..
  9. Hi Folks, Okay, I've been thinking about this for a while now so I thought I'd share it with you all to see what you think. Every time I see a bass for sale it always says something in the blurb like 'amazing range of tones', 'tones to die for', or the classic one: 'nails that P-Bass/J-bass/Ricky/Gibson/MM/Tobias/Smith/Miller/Jamerson/Entwhistle tone' etc, etc. I've even said things like that myself when selling a bass on Ebay. But the thing is, when I use a bass - and I've had so many different ones I've pretty much lost count - I always find myself going for two or three really basic tones because they're the ones that I find work best with the most songs/bands. Here's what I think the really true classic bass tones are:- 1) Classic P-Bass (single pick up) - can be used on almost anything 2) Classic J-Bass (2 single coils) - can be used on almost anything 3) Funky Bridge pick up (think MM, J-Bass bridge p/up) - great for funk, jazz etc The other two real contenders as classic bass tones for me are the: 4) Rickenbacker 'clang' - great for rock, new wave, indie etc 5) The flatwound sound - 60's soul, Jazz, French pop... Apart from those, the only other 'tone' that I've used for years now is the 'Wal' tone, which almost makes a fretted bass sound like a fretless. But that's it for me and I'm wondering if all others are just variations on those classic tones invented in the 50s and 60s??? Maybe it's that my playing style and taste is too unadventurous and limited, so I thought I'd throw it over to you to see if there really are endless varieties of tones that we should keep GAS-sing for? Nik
  10. [quote name='Steve_K' post='23335' date='Jun 26 2007, 01:21 AM']:| I have no recollection of reading your post or writing that reply![/quote] Still made perfect sense though!! Is this a case of Basschat sleepwalking or too much alcohol??
  11. [quote name='Steve_K' post='22816' date='Jun 25 2007, 12:30 AM']Always use a surge protected power rail during your gigs - atleast if the power screws up your gear should be fine. I can't see how a spike would have broken a PSU , as they just operate off an In:Out ratio - if anything, the gear itself would be banjaxed.[/quote] Thanks Steve - will get one before the next gig!
  12. [quote name='Bassassin' post='23170' date='Jun 25 2007, 07:33 PM'][i]Gutter Cat Vs The Jets[/i] - Alice Cooper Band Jon.[/quote] Great bassline - Dennis Dunnaway's very underrated... This is a really cool thread because there's so many great basslines. I doubt you could say that about how many great 'rythym guitar' parts there are!
  13. First to spring to mind were these: Good Times - Chic Sir Duke/I Wish - Steve Wonder but in some ways, maybe it's easier to identify amazing basslines in funk/soul etc. As something from a completely different genre, how about: Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed A totally sublime and brilliant bassline by Herbie Flowers...
  14. Hi Folks, I was doing a pub gig last night and both me and the guitar player had technical problems through the gig. First, his amp and FX pedals played up all night and then, during our 2nd set, there was suddenly a noise like a 747 taking off coming through my rig!! At first, I thought it was the amp but I worked out through some quick trial & error, that it was something in my FX chain because when I plugged my bass in direct to the amp, it was fine. So, this morning I checked out my 3 pedals; Boss TU2 Tuner, Trace Elliott Dual Compressor and Zoom B2, and curiously, they all worked fine?? Except when I plugged the power supply into the Boss T2 and as soon as I did that, back came the problem. After talking it through today, we were wondering whether the power supply in the venue could have spiked during the gig causing a problem to both my equipment and our guitarists equipment? Anyone got any ideas and recommendations for ways to protect against this sort of thing? Thanks.... Nik P.S. problems aside, turned out to be a great gig - our singer even had a pair of knickers thrown at him during the 2nd set!!
  15. [quote name='obbm' post='22154' date='Jun 22 2007, 10:09 PM']Thanks Nik and John Lets keep a high visibility on this thread so we get a good attendance on the 18th Aug.[/quote] Good point - so here's another BUMP!
  16. [quote name='Soulfinger' post='21803' date='Jun 22 2007, 11:27 AM']+ 1. You can be sure it´s [i]really[/i] porn with Alan´s photos. Good thing Rays are so prohibitively expensive (to me, anyway) or else I´d have another GAS attack. P. S. Alan - don´t you ever wish you still had a P? You had some stunningly nice examples, and I for one am addicted to them...[/quote] +1 I even like the look of basses I don't really like when Alan photographs them?? :wacko: Two beautiful looking MM's to finish of with amongst a really great collection..Over how long a period is it that you've acquired/sold those basses? A mate of mine works for the Guiness Book of Records - I'll think I'll get in touch with him if you keep on going! Nik
  17. Nice looking basses! How do you find the MTD like for sound and playability? I had the passive model and it played great but the stock p/ups weren't too good. Great neck and a fantastic B' string! Nik
  18. [quote name='wildman' post='21863' date='Jun 22 2007, 01:06 PM']Dave, I think we might be away - trying to bag a last minute holiday deal, but if we are around I'll be there and well done for organising it ! Cheers, John[/quote] +1 on that - Cheers Dave! ^_^
  19. Great! I'll be bringing my 1979 Wal Pro 2e, my 1984 BC Rich Eagle, what was The Beedster's mojo'd MM SUB5 and probably some FX. May bring my Hartke HA3500 but more interestingly, may bring the old Peavey Mk IV series head which still sounds great to my very dated ears! Looking forward to meeting everyone there... Nik
  20. [quote name='Beedster' post='21192' date='Jun 21 2007, 07:52 AM']With such a distinguished roll call how could I refuse . Cheers Nick, I really hope I'll be around and able to make it. Should have the Shergold fixed up by then also (I don't imagine that my one Precision and one Jazz are exactly going to set the world alight). Looking forward to catching up with the old SUB and your Wal Chris[/quote] Great news Chris - Look forward to seeing you and the 'Beedster Babes' there, especially Kylie! Will definitely bring the Wal and the SUB5 with me... Aug 18th is now in the diary!
  21. [quote name='Beedster' post='20530' date='Jun 20 2007, 12:08 AM']Cheers Nik How you doing mate? Hope that SUB's stil working for you Yes, I've got Kylie who's a Precision mongrel with a JPUP, I really fancy another mongrel Danni with a 2nd PPUP. We'll see... Chris PS Shergold hasn't been touched yet. Can't wait to get that finish off and see what's below! Plays and sounds great though, awesome neck [/quote] Am good thanks Chris and, yes, the SUB5 is still doing it for me. Did a gig last weekend and got a lot of comments on the sound and the look of it! Seriously, I think you'll be suprised how good the 2 x PPUP combination sounds.. Looking at recent Ebay prices for Shergold Marathons, if you do restore yours to something more 'classic' in looks, then you'll be more than doubling your money I reckon. Anyway, hope to see you if the much talked about South East Bash does finally get to happen in August.. Nik
  22. Hi Dave, I say we go for the 18th of August, 10am-6pm, and if it's successful, then we could always run another one early next year for those who can't make it. So, by my reckoning, here's a list of those who say they can do the 18th: OBBM Silverfoxnik Sibob Nick Thomas G-77 Mickey D Mobius misrule Bloodaxe That's 9 already and The Beedster is up for this as well (aren't you Chris), so that'll be the 10! But let's see if we can get 15 or 20 and really make a day of it? Cheers Nik [quote name='obbm' post='21036' date='Jun 20 2007, 09:08 PM']It's starting to look like the 18th but what happened to all those who were so keen for this to happen? Looking at the current numbers it is either not financially viable or we just do it beween 14:00 and 18:00. If the dates don't appeal then we could move it to October, November, December or later, or just forget about it.[/quote]
  23. [quote name='Beedster' post='20409' date='Jun 19 2007, 08:41 PM']What do you think of this folks? [url="http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=007&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT&viewitem=&item=170123626907&rd=1&rd=1"]http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1[/url] Sound wise, what is the bridge PUP gonna be like. Any potential problems with the PUP so close to the bridge (apart from probbaly not being able to fit a BADASS). Good buy or WOM? Hi Chris[/quote] Chris My 80's BC Rich Eagle has the same pick-up configuration (with DiMarzios) and it sounds great; really punchy, bright but also capable of very mellow p-bass tones too. Very underrated I think... How's it going with the Shergold by the way? Nik
  24. [quote name='Mobius' post='20481' date='Jun 19 2007, 11:12 PM']Both are fine to me...I hope something doesn't come up and get in the way like the last 2 times, it would be great to actually come to a bash![/quote] +1 on that! Both dates work for me, though the 18th is better..Would be great to go to so let's try and get a decision soon. Thanks Dave for checking the studio out by the way. Nik
  25. Nice example of a fine English bass!
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