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  1. Hi can you explain thé electronic please ? 4 knops: 2 volumes? + preampli bass treble ? push pull for activé /passive and is tonality workîng in passive mode? thanks for your lights! And excuse my poor english....
  2. Fine! How are the « dot points « on the edge of fretboard?
  3. Is postage allowed to France?. How are the marks on the edge of the fretboard please?
  4. hello is there sound without battery, a passive mode?
  5. Thanks for your answers. i m looking for a short scale but i still hesitate with the junior Gretsch
  6. hello i am interested but i have a doubt are the chords in right alignement/axe of the neck? it seems the G chord is very near the end of the fretboard. the E chord is much far from the edge of the fretboard am i mistaking? excuse my poor English.... and tnaks for your answer
  7. Hello I could trade a nice ibanez roadster fretless 1986 matsumoku. Jazz like I send pics if you want. Pm me
  8. Interesting .... Ça you send to france?
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