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  1. It’s funny: i just bought thé same one from koval too. great seller great safe boxing great bass!!!!! I keep it and sell thé other ones. i love the tone With these exotic Woods, the ebony fretboard and bartolini pickups. the action is super low : great comfort !! 🕺
  2. Helllo nice as it the curved body?
  3. Wow how is the weight please? does it ship in France ?
  4. Fabrice je crois que la basse ne traverse pas la manche , unfortunnately...
  5. You forgot to mention the price for delivered to Europe With case ... i am interested....
  6. Hello i am from france is anything possible?
  7. Hello Is there a passive mode ? how much for shipping cost to France? thanks
  8. I Had same one.... »oh la la! » BCPV (GLWS in french ::))
  9. Hello how much for shipping to France please?
  10. I use bicycle Boxes never worried....
  11. Hello nice bass! can you check nut width please? is it more precision or jazz?
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