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Sandberg Classic Booster 5 custom *Price drop!*

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Hi folks! 

This bass is just incredible, probably my favourite ever, but I've had a bit of a change of direction and it needs a new home. 

This was my second sandberg custom build, built around 2013/14. It's very lightweight and ergonomic, very balanced tonally, versatile, and features that incredible sandberg neck feel! I upgraded to a swamp ash body which not only looks stunning (pics don't do it justice!), but it's incredibly lightweight at around 3.7kg, and it works exceptionally tone - wise with the maple fretboard. I also upgraded to a 3 band eq (these models normally come with 2 band). The natural headstock was also an upgrade, as these would come with a black one as standard. It is actually a veneer with a black accent layer in between. 

Specs :

Swamp ash body with matt cherry sunburst finish 

Maple neck and fretboard

Natural headstock

Black hardware

2x dual coil soapbars

3 band Glockenklang eq with true passive bypass and passive tone control

Comes with original sandberg gigbag


There are a couple of very minor dings in the body, I can attempt to photograph these if you like. 


No trades sorry. If you're nearby, you're more than welcome to come and try! 


Thanks for looking! 😊👍








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Price drop
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Bump! Absolute steal for someone here, to quality handmade bass for very little money! 😊👍

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6 minutes ago, Volvito said:

Still available ?

Hi Volvito! Yes it is still available. 

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5 minutes ago, Skezza said:

great buy 

It's a fantastic bass! Not just for this money, for any money! In fact it's so good I'm getting cold feet about letting it go again..... 

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    • By Sibob
      Hi all,
      Back up for cash sale, only trade options would be an Elrick standard Jazz 5 (not sunburst).
      I love this Evolution, sounds awesome, light swamp ash body and looks great. It's a solid 9/10 for condition I'd say. A couple of small indentations, but nothing I'm able to photograph well. Stock, these basses come with Bartolini single-coils, however I've swapped those out for Bartolini dual coils that came direct from Rob Elrick.
      So spec is:
      35″ scale
      Swamp Ash Body
      8.5 Lbs (approx)
      Satin Matte Black Finish
      3-piece Quarter-Sawn Maple Neck
      Ebony Fretboard
      24 frets
      2-way adjustable truss rod
      Bartolini hum cancelling Dual-coil soapbar pickups (Made in the USA)
      Bartolini 3-band pre-amp w/3-way mid and active bypass (Made in the USA)
      Fully shielded control cavity
      Black Hipshot Ultra-light tuners
      Black Elrick bridge – by Hipshot (Made in the USA)
      Dunlop Dual Design strap buttons (Straplok compatible!) (Made in the USA)
      £1550 - I'll include a Fusion Urban gig bag in excellent condition!
      £1500 - No Case
      Shipping would be difficult just at the moment, but we can talk about it as an extra cost, but happy to organise a socially distanced handover as a preference.
      UK only for now.

    • By d_g
      Weekend pricedrop to £1600
      See last post below for a new video demo!
      Tentatively putting my Overwater up for sale on here. I'm in no rush to sell it but open to offers and trades (possibly with cash my way) for lightweight, 34" scale, 5 string jazzes - Fender, Sadowsky etc.
      Anyone who's played one of these knows the kind of quality you can expect from this. It was built for me in 2017 by Chris and the team and would cost around £3500 to have made now I believe. I originally ordered it with an East J Retro which I have since changed for a J Tone giving it a more vintage sound and the versatility of a passive tone control. It will also come with the extra capacitors which are easy to switch out to adjust the roll off of the tone control. I also swapped the pickups from Overwater Ceramic to OWs new Alnico ones. I will include both sets of pickups for the buyer. 
      Spec is below, let me know if you have any questions, it's in very nearly perfect condition, a few marks on the headstock and a couple of tiny dinks on the top of the neck are pictured below. You are welcome to try in Chessington, KT9. I will also consider posting fully insured.
      - Maple 21 fret bolt on neck
      - Nut 46mm
      -19mm string spacing
      -MOP block inlays
      -3mm side dots (1mm bigger than standard for extra visibility)
      -Alder body
      -J Tone Preamp
      -OW Noiseless Alnico Pickups (Ceramics for more HiFi sound also included)
      -Hipshot Ultralight Tuners
      -Custom Seafoam Green Finish
      -35" scale
      Many thanks

      The tiny black mark in the picture below was just rubber and has now been cleaned off. 
    • By Marky Screen
      Putting up my 5 string for the chop and sticking with the 4s for now.
      Amazing workhorse 5. Just really easy to play with a great range of passive tones that slots into all styles well.
      It's got a bit of light gig wear to it but otherwise great condition.
      Seemingly unavoidable PA speaker is too close to me small chips and scuff to the top of the headstock.
      Some light swirling to the finish but no serious wear or anything through the finish.
      Weight is 4.4kg on my kitchen scales.
      I can post at buyers risk in worn but functional CNB gig bag and boxed for £25.

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      As I tune my main 4 string Ibanez Mikro Bass, which has a just 28,6" scale length, in F# standard tuning, 2 half steps above regular 4 string E standard tuning, I use a set made out of single strings, the 2 middle strings actually being guitar strings threaded through the cut off ball ends of bass strings, after much experimentation settling for a gauge .090 - .072 - .054 - .040 set, calculated via the D'Addario String Tension Pro online string tension calculator the low F# string having a tension at about 25 lbs and the remaining strings just about 29 lbs each.
      So I was thinking taking a shot at ordering a custom set of Newtone strings next time, and as far as I can tell from the description it seems like the Diamond line nickle plated steel hex core roundwounds would suit my preferences the best (I would very much like to keep approximately the same measurements as above).
      Now I actually love the sound I get from the D'Addario XL strings I use, and didn't like the tone of the NYXL strings when I tried them, so my question is how does the Newtone Diamond series strings compare to D'Addario XL strings.
      I mean both in terms of tone, longevity, tension, stiffness and feel in general? 
      I calculated that with VAT and import taxes a custom Newtone set like this will end up costing me just about the same as if I ordered single string D'Addario XL strings.   A longer lifetime would be a big sales point for me.  
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