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  1. Traded - Pedulla Thunderbolt 5

    This has now been traded.
  2. Are you interested in trades?
  3. Traded - Pedulla Thunderbolt 5

    Thanks for the offer, but not really what I'm looking for.
  4. Traded - Pedulla Thunderbolt 5

    You'd think, but the market seems slow. Actually thinking about keeping it and doing some mods.
  5. Traded - Pedulla Thunderbolt 5

    It is active, but the controls are the same as a passive bass. In use, it's effectively a boosted passive.
  6. Traded - Pedulla Thunderbolt 5

    Thanks. I'm in no rush to see it gone so will wait for the right offer (ie not a straight trade for a £500 bass!)
  7. Small & portable but big. Options?

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Reckon I'll keep my eye out for a light and compact 2x12 or a high spl 1x12 with a decent amount of cone displacement.
  8. Small & portable but big. Options?

    Thanks guys. At the risk of asking an 'old' question, what would I lose by using a 1x12 over a 2x12 or 2x10? Would the 1x12 still give the low end just less 'volume'? I really like the idea of a 1x12, but concerned about what might be lacking.
  9. Small & portable but big. Options?

    The weight is pretty important. I've had my day carting around hefty loads and my back never thanked me for it! Will have a look at the Trace gear. Thanks
  10. Small & portable but big. Options?

    What are the TC electronic cabs like? They appear to be light and compact.
  11. Small & portable but big. Options?

    Thanks for the suggestions. There certainly appears to be plenty of BF in these parts, but having never heard them played 'in anger' its difficult to know whether it will suit. The lack of a tweeter is a detractor for some of them. One of my main considerations is whether it will fit into a 1 series boot!
  12. Having sold my beloved Epifani 410UL, I need something smaller, lighter and more portable, but that still has a big sound. I don't expect it to be the same as a 4x10, but would love something with a nice balance of low end projection and a bit of top end sizzle. It does not need to be mega loud as playing in a low-ish volume setting. Currently using a Markbass F1 (which I love). Budget of £300-£400 second-hand. Suggestions? Worth mentioning that I'm not a massive fan of MB cabs and I can't be doing with anything 'woolly' or 'nasal' in tone. Thanks in advance.
  13. Traded - Pedulla Thunderbolt 5

    Coventry. Happy to meet up somewhere if that suits.