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  1. Just a thought - your local music shop will probably have plenty of spare boxes and padding material you could choose from. All you need then is a bit of tape and you're away.
  2. Sold my bergantino ae210 to Emili and it was completely hassle free from start to end. Really good comms and fast payment. Would not hesitate to recommend. Andy
  3. Pretty much. They get enough bass thro the FOH or individual foldback so I have no need to fill out the overall stage or room sound with an amp/cab. In addition to this, I love the idea of only having to take my bass and a headphone amp or small effects unit instead of having to carry a cab which is largely redundant.
  4. I do love the markbass F1 so it's tempting to get a small cab just to make use of it. It would be great if I could run headphones from the F1, but it doesn't have a headphones socket.
  5. What is the difference between IEM 's and a decent pair of headphones? Is it just that IEM' s are linked directly to the desk? I don't really want to give the sound guys another separate but of kit to have to deal with so could I run the bass into an effects unit with output via XLR to the desk and via headphones to me as my own foldback?
  6. Thanks Luke. It's probably a dumb question but what's an IEM and a b3n?
  7. My playing these days is limited to church where all I really need is a monitor; the 'band' is very small and they each have their own monitor so there is no need for me to fill out the sound. Is there any way I could use headphones as my own bass monitor and are there any disadvantages to this method?
  8. Great cab, but not getting regular use so either need to sell it or trade for something smaller (1x12 combo would be prefect). Also have a Markbass F1 head available if you're interested. In great condition and with cover. Get in touch if you have any questions.
  9. Swapped my precision for Mark's Lakland DJ5. Genuinely great guy to deal with and I would not hesitate to recommend dealing with Mark to anyone. Oh, and he also has a VW camper van which makes him cool as well as nice 😎😁
  10. Are you looking for any trades?
  11. Are you interested in trades or just looking for a sale?
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