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  1. Hi All, Could anyone recommend a professional double bass teacher in Cambridge? Can be either classical or jazz, but legit, preferably older than 40. Student is late 30s and not a novice. Cheers, Dex
  2. Hi all, My kid needs an experienced drum teacher, preferably in Cambridge area, and preferably smb who’s well versed in jazz or fusion. We might even consider coming to London from time to time, if it were worth it. Any suggestions? Cheers,
  3. Go German. In some auditions, you could be a priori dismissed for playing a French bow.
  4. For sale are original Peavey Cirrus VFL pickups and the preamp that they came with in a Cirrus BXP (indonesia) bass, including all the pots and wiring (all wires marked what goes where). The pickups are massive and I believe the same that go to USA made models.
  5. It's a lifetime process, there is no quick fix, no Mcdonalds. Even some professional musicians would feel uncomfortable with some of the stuff OP described and would demand some idea of the changes beforehand. Confidence comes from drilling the same changes 1000s, 10000s of times, in different keys, thinking in key centres, plus academic ear training, etc etc. If it's not in your muscle memory, you won't be able to play it well. That's the secret about improvisation
  6. aaand SOLD, thanks everyone for your interest.
  7. I have an ebay account with 500 feedback, it's 'basuxa', you can write me a msg if you want and I can reply. I'm also a member on talkbass since 2005 (same user name as here).
  8. Re-listed due to a time waster, you can have this baby for £900. Last price drop, otherwise I'm keeping it myself Also included this strap.
  9. Yes that's right. Would have to check re passive tonality, but have some offers already, will do if it's not sold by the end of day.
  10. That's a superb bass indeed. Still available!
  11. Hi there, For sale is an absolutely stunning and rare Ken Smith Burner bass. Hand made in Japan in I believe early 1990s, this bass was purchased in Switzerland for today's equivalent of ~£2500. Don't confuse it with today's cheap KSD rip offs - this is the real Ken Smith made using wood and hardware personally supplied by Ken Smith and then shipped back to him in the USA for the final setup. This bass has a rather unusual pickup placement, oriented more towards the bridge, which help attain that burpy Ken Smith signature sound. It has an active/passive switch. The fretboard wood is super nice and looks very boutique. Three-piece neck. Active/passive switch. Very light, weighs around 3.8KG. Attached are a few pics, but they really don't do it justice. Condition is excellent for its age, no deeper scratches or anything like that. A lot of meat left in frets. Included is the original Ken Smith wool-padded strap with locks and a big Ken Smith logo (I'll attach a pic later when I find it). The bass is currently in Germany, shipping to the UK via DHL, well packed in a hard case. I will also advertise it on German forums, first come first serve. Cheers, D
  12. Hello, I need to record 'Autumn leaves' for audition, and I am looking for a kind of karaoke recording without bass on top of which I could play the walking line+ some solo. Any ideas where I could get it? Maybe someone could share it? I know I could make the accompaniment by myself, but its too much trouble and too little time. Thanks for any help!
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