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  1. Backing vocals only, except for that time the singer had a coughing fit just as we had launched into Sultans of Swing...
  2. All connected up and ready to go this morning at church...
  3. [quote name='Mykesbass' timestamp='1440235363' post='2849223'] Sensible idea playing those types of rough houses :-D [/quote] Get a slug of communion wine down them and you'd be surprised how fiesty that can get!
  4. TrevorR

    Matsumoku basses

    Here are a couple of littl enovelties for you... Originals from my bass when I bought it for £250 back in 1982!
  5. TrevorR

    Matsumoku basses

    My first ever bass was an Aria SB700. Fantastic bass. Still got it, still love it!
  6. [quote name='alittlebitrobot' timestamp='1440251689' post='2849374'] holy cow... that is [b]beautiful[/b] [/quote] +1? +101 more like! Gorgeous bass!
  7. I little bijou in comparison to many but it does what I want and need it to... There is a T-Rex Fuel Tank Classic lurking underneath... It's not exactly a complicated signal chain but here it is... Polytune Tuner - Morley Dual Bass Wah - Electro-Harmonix Stereo Pulsar tremolo - ancient Boss CE-2B chorus - Tech 21 Sansamp VT Bass DI In addition there will be an Airturn Pedal on the floor for music on OnSong on the iPad. For two bass gigs (as opposed to church where I just use the one bass) there will also be a Lehle [email protected] switching pedal off the board but powered by the Fuel Tank Classic underneath (probably from the 12v output but maybe from the 9v - it's happy with anything from 9 - 18v if I recall correctly).
  8. I keep looking at those Sire Marcus Miller V7 5-strings on Thomann... And then at the price... And then at the bank balance... And then at the missus...
  9. TrevorR

    Show us your rig!

    Here it is... smal but perfectly formed for my needs. Except for playing at church where we're all amp free and my rig just comprises a Tech 21 Sansamp VT Bass DI, a Polytune tuner (and a few pedals)... And sans amp...
  10. Have you considered geting a luthier to repair the neck and replace the truss rod? May be more straightforward than sourcing a 3 bolt replacement part/convert the body to 4 bolt. As far as upgrades are concerned... I see it already has a Badass bridge, always a first port of call. If you are thinking of going active I am a big fan of the Audere active circuit. I added one to my Frankenjazz and it is a really nicely voiced active circuit. All the fight tonal flexibility in all the right ranges without anyo fht esilly unusalbe extremes of some lesser quality systems. [url="https://www.audereaudio.com/Pro_JZ3.htm"]https://www.audereaudio.com/Pro_JZ3.htm[/url]
  11. And here is my Faith Neptune Titan (bought for plugged unplugged sessions and because the Revell is a bit to precious to take to gigs!) Playing at an acoustic night at church...
  12. Apologies if there's already one of these threads but I couldn't find it. So, here is a chance to show off your acoustic basses and electro-acoustics. I'll kick off with a custom made bass by the Welsh luthier Tony Revell... [center][/center] [center][/center] The neck joint is kinda unique with no heel but still absolutely rock solid. It was a particular development which Revell parented for his guitars so I've never seen any other acoustic guitars or basses with a similar arrangement. It looks like it should be unstable but it's been going for 23 years now and still perfect. [center] [/center] [center][/center]
  13. Found some more photos of the Wals lurking on the iPad so here are a few for your delectation... [b]Pro IIE Bass...[/b] Playing at church...
  14. Now that I've met you, would you object to Never seeing each other agaon? (Aimee Mann) What is hip? What's going on? Will you still love me tomorrow?
  15. Just spotted this report from NAMM about the redesigned, relaunched Gizmotron 2.0 http://geargods.net/news/coolest-guitar-invention-yet-gizmotron/ A radical update of the gadget pioneered and promoted briefly by Godley and Creme from 10cc in the late 70s. 2015's engineering, electronics and manufacturing processes might make this a viable thing nowadays... Provided you're happy to have a hughe lump of plastic adorning the front of your bass. Watcha think... A radical new must have effect or a gizmo(tron) too far?
  16. Set it out tonight. All went more or less straightforwardly. I can see how if you had the wrong length of bracket it would be a nightmare. Sacrificing £10 on the correct brackets is probably much better than trying a bodge job of some sort. There was a bit of drilling but it went OK. My main helpful hint is to drill the two holes at one end and then mount the brackets in place with screws. Then, use the holes on the loose ends of the brackets as guides for drilling the other house. That way you can guarantee they are in the right place and will align. Also, the box said to use a 5mm drill. I used a 3mm one and that was just the right size. If you used 5mm I really don't think that the screws would have had any metal to catch on. If it's a misprint on the box it's one heck of a misprint! Once my Cleartone patch cables arrive and I have tidied up the cables underneath I will post some photos of the board in the appropriate thread. I must confess that it's rather bijou compared to most.
  17. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1439930621' post='2846914'] We could do the pairs in Rio next year... On a related note. Is the Wal history site yours? It an excellent piece of work, I've enjoyed hours on there. [/quote] Thanks, yes indeed. The child of a really nasty chest infection about 10 years ago which laid me up for the best part of a month and some free web-space from my then broadband provider. I thought. "I'm so bored I'll teach myself HTML and how to make a website... now, what could I do a website about? Hmmm... I know!!" Moved it all over to Blogger a few years ago. Glad you enjoy it. Must get around to doing some updates some time.
  18. No but kudos for the mention of a great great band and two great great tunes! Love Barry Devlin's bass playing!
  19. 'E said "Captain?" I said, "Wot?" 'E said "Captain?" I said "Wot?" 'E said "Captain?" I said "Wot?" 'E said "Captain?" I said "Wotcha want?"
  20. [quote name='yorks5stringer' timestamp='1439991151' post='2847314'] Isn't It Ironic? [/quote] No Alanis, it isn't. Most of it isn't ironic at all; it's just bad luck. For goodness sake, buy yourself a dictionary!!!
  21. [quote name='Bottle' timestamp='1439986296' post='2847252'] Little update. Have now got the Classic JR too. Great board, sturdy and well made. Here's the problem: I'm having trouble mounting the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ to the underside. The brackets I bought off of Amazon are for the right PSU but will only fit the older PT-JR series not the Classics anyone have any ideas on how to do this? [/quote] There is a guide on what is supposed to fit on what here... [url="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52a0ce9ce4b0aa09f5b9273a/t/556c7101e4b08a6590d1677a/1433170177787/UpdatedBRKTguide.pdf"]http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52a0ce9ce4b0aa09f5b9273a/t/556c7101e4b08a6590d1677a/1433170177787/UpdatedBRKTguide.pdf[/url] And the overall bracket page is here... [url="http://www.pedaltrain.com/brackets"]http://www.pedaltrain.com/brackets[/url] Don't know if there is any helpful info there. Hopefully I have a Classic JR and some (non VoodooLab) brackets waiting for me at home in a big thomann shaped box. A lot of reviews have complanied that the mounting brackets are tricky to fit at the best of times. Fingers crossed!
  22. Where do we go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear? Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17? What becomes of the broken hearted? Would I lie to you? What is love anyway? Does anybody love anybody anyway? Why must I be a teenager in love? Will you still need me? Will you still feed me when I'm 64?
  23. CamdenRob, I'll be able to row faster with my Pro, though! :-)
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