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  1. [quote name='Bottle' timestamp='1439986296' post='2847252'] Little update. Have now got the Classic JR too. Great board, sturdy and well made. Here's the problem: I'm having trouble mounting the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2+ to the underside. The brackets I bought off of Amazon are for the right PSU but will only fit the older PT-JR series not the Classics anyone have any ideas on how to do this? [/quote] There is a guide on what is supposed to fit on what here... [url="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52a0ce9ce4b0aa09f5b9273a/t/556c7101e4b08a6590d1677a/1433170177787/UpdatedBRKTguide.pdf"]http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52a0ce9ce4b0aa09f5b9273a/t/556c7101e4b08a6590d1677a/1433170177787/UpdatedBRKTguide.pdf[/url] And the overall bracket page is here... [url="http://www.pedaltrain.com/brackets"]http://www.pedaltrain.com/brackets[/url] Don't know if there is any helpful info there. Hopefully I have a Classic JR and some (non VoodooLab) brackets waiting for me at home in a big thomann shaped box. A lot of reviews have complanied that the mounting brackets are tricky to fit at the best of times. Fingers crossed!
  2. Where do we go from here? Is it down to the lake I fear? Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17? What becomes of the broken hearted? Would I lie to you? What is love anyway? Does anybody love anybody anyway? Why must I be a teenager in love? Will you still need me? Will you still feed me when I'm 64?
  3. CamdenRob, I'll be able to row faster with my Pro, though! :-)
  4. Just a quickie question... What's the protocol on sharing outside Basschat? I'd love to flag it on the Wal Basses Facebook group I help moderate if that was OK... Not sure how many there are Baschatters and how many locals who might like to come aren't.
  5. Aria Pro II SB700 - my first ever bass, I still own it. Squier Jazz bass - Frankenjazzed, de fretted and then sold on to my bass teacher to help fund a Brook acoustic guitar. Tony Revell custom built acoustic bass - back in 1991 they just weren't as available as now and this is a real beaut Wal Mk 1 custom bass - bought second hand in 1992 and since then my No 1 bass Wal Pro IIE - bought second hand in 2000 and my No 2 bass love. Signature Frankenjazz - bought from Buildabass off eBay as a DIY project. Added Hipshot tuners, Audere preamp, Graphtec saddles, Dunlop Strap Loks... A fantastic super jazz. I leant it to a producer friend and now he flatly refuses to give it back he loves it so much. Faith Neptune Titan acoustic bass - bought because my Revell it fully acoustic and too precious to take to acoustic gigs. A grand total of just 7 basses, 6 of which I still own. Either I'm a total lightweight or I found my true bass love early on...
  6. I'll also throw in a band from Sacramento that a chum played in called The Mind Club. Released a couple of albums which are worth tracking down. Sort of a Lalo Schifren vibe to what they did... http://youtu.be/V8n0tEj2mqY http://youtu.be/Z_sEMU1HrdQ
  7. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1439563455' post='2843974'] Aargh! Yes. That one also features another pet hate, i.e. through-necks visible as contrasting stripes down the middle of the instrument. [/quote] Except that is a bolt on not a thru neck... An old Wal trick when you have some different coloured heart and sap wood on the bookmatched facings. My Wal has a similar but more subtle version on the front...
  8. I've also worked around the corner from Denmark Street over the last 20+ years and its downhill over that time has been a sad one. Back in the day (over 15 years ago now) each shop was independent and had its own character. Each had its own manufacturers link ups and many had interesting new and second hand treats within. A bit overpriced, yes, but... hey... "London Prices". Back then Rose Morris had an exclusive deal with the mythical Takamines which were just starting to appear (a chum of mine got a prototype Tak electric in three back in about 1990!). Rokas was aimed at, well, rokas but also had some interesting second hand stuff (sparkle silver double neck Wal anyone?). Hanks had everything from beginners guitars to top end US and UK luthiery. Andy's was just mad and disorganised. Every visit was a treat whether you bought or not. Then as I recall about 10+ years ago almost all of the shops got bought up by the same conglomerate and, although they retained separate names and fascias were little more than a glorified musical Department store, and similarly homogenised. All run out of one corporate centre and without soul.it felt like it went from being a musical Diagon Alley to House of Fraser. Then, of course, there was the big implosion which others have alluded to and the Music Ground scandals from about three years ago. Had a look around the other week and it's barely a shadow of what it used to be. (Back in the days we always think about when we talk about Denmark Street). However, it's nice to see that Wunjos is bringing a bit of personality into the place since it moved into Denmark Street from its premises round the back. Would be a shame if the developers drive that little bit of history out of the west end.
  9. [quote name='tobiewharton' timestamp='1438982907' post='2839260'] Bubinga5 - I was thinking the same with Abe Laboriel. Will check out these guys. Do you play yourself? The guys who are standing out for me at the moment are Justin Raines (Israel Houghton, amongst others) and Maurice Fitzgerald (Kurt Carr, amongst others). [/quote] Wouldn't say Abe Laboriel is particularly pegged as a gospel player, esp given his broad session rep and smooth jazz output. However he has done a fair bit of gospel playing with the likes of Andre Crouch, Ron Kenoly and Alvin Slaughter. Must say that I love all his playing but mostly listen to his first two solo albums and his stuff with Koinonia.
  10. The one that I just keep coming back to is Incognito's "Tribes Vibes and Scribes". Amazing playing by the whole band but particularly by Randy Hope Taylor. My two faves from the album... http://youtu.be/jC9C6cCc_A8 http://youtu.be/Exhdm8Jyg8E
  11. [quote name='Woodinblack' timestamp='1439367403' post='2842129'] just noticed though, that bit of light wood on the front of the cutaway, that would bug me over time! [/quote] Well then, you clearly haven't spotted the bit of wood that the neck pickup's tone control is sitting on yet... ;-) Mwah ha ha ha!
  12. The JGs were Wal's first settled design. Solid ash body with a leather tooled scratchplate. Lots more info here http://walbasshistory.blogspot.co.uk/p/blog-page_28.html (This one is John Entwistle's) Gary Tibbs' one was less floral... There is an interview with Percy about his involvement in the early days of Wal here. He was a proponent of the brand and appeared in their press ads... Quite a few photos here of him with his JG, Pro and Custom Series Wals. http://walbasshistory.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/interview-with-percy-jones.html
  13. Tough choices... These are the bass players who have played on the music which has stayed with me longest and to which I keep on returning. Probably some unexpected choices here (after the absolute no brainers)... 1 Phil Lynott - Thin Lizzy 2 Geddy Lee -Rush 3 Chris Squire - Yes 4 Neil Murray - Whitesnake and everyone else 5 Kelly Groucutt - Electric Light Orchestra 6 Barry Devlin - Horslips 7 Bernard Edwards - Chic 8 Rutger Gunnarsson - Abba 9 Randy Hope Taylor - Incognito 10= Herbie Flowers and Mo Foster - a gazillion great sessions... Oooooooh, so many others bubbling under too.... Mike Rutherford, David Paton, John G Perry, John Gustafson, Leland Sklar, Jimmy Johnson, Jamerson and Babbitt, Duck Dunn, Abe Laboriel...
  14. Before getting moulded plugs I used these for years http://www.amazon.co.uk/Alpine-MusicSafe-Filter-Plugs-Musicians/dp/B000VO8PR0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1439272150&sr=8-1&keywords=alpine+hearing+protection Alpine Musicsafe Pro. A bit fiddly to get in and out until you got the knack but I found them more comfy than Doc's Pro Plugs or Etymotic plugs and just as effective. Being able to change the level of attenuation was a real boon too.
  15. Bought these nice 4 inch wide straps for all my basses. Took a while to arrive but worth every penny in terms of comfort and quality. http://www.italiastraps.com/guitar-straps-uk.html That plus Jim Dunlop Straploks on all my instruments... No other way to go for me!
  16. As far as I understand this was one of the first (poss the first) on which he used a Wal bass. The album was relaeased in 1978. He would have been playing his JG series bass, serieal number JG1122. You can see the record here from Wal's old list of JG series basses... some interesting names on there! His last album with a Wal would be Xcommunication. From Manifest Destiny onwards he was playing his Ibanez.
  17. Flipping through the channels (many moons ago) I once saw Gareth Gates doing his new single. The bassist was using a Wal... But a disgusting mustard yellow/orange. Bleaugh!
  18. Personal taste and aesthetics are a funny thing. I just wondered if there are any elements of bass design that folks just can't get past... Things that mar otherwise fabulous basses... For me there are three things. The bridge on a Lakland. I have a chum who has the most lovely Lakland 5-string. Sounds amazing, plays like a dream but for some reasaon I just can't abide the look of the big oval back plate on the bridge. Same for all Lakland's models. I couldn't have one on my bass. Therefore, for me, gear options are cut down by one top maker just because it doesn't do it for me... Totally irrational, coz they are lovely basses. Varnished fingerboards (and maple ones for that matter). Just never liked the feel of a varnished board or the look of maple over rosewood. Modern single cuts. For some reason they almost all look wrong to my eye. I have a chum with an amazing Curbow single cut. Again plays great and sounds great but the look just puts me off. In fact I can only think of one single cut where I thought, cool looking bass - an Adamovitch played by the bassist in my nephew's band. So what is it that, for no real good reason, puts you off a whole raft of bass designs?
  19. [quote name='Bigwan' timestamp='1436775667' post='2820526'] Got a Wal for £550 about 13 years ago, just before they took a serious upswing in price. Wasn't a huge bargain at the time, but turned into one! [/quote] Same here. Both my Wals were second hand for great prices. My 1985 MK 1 Custom was £500 in about 1991 or 92. Seven years old at the time, pristine and barely ever played. That was a steal but the guy just wanted it to go to a good home. Fantastic. I got my Pro IIE for £650 around £2000 which was the market price around then. Couldn't afford to buy either of them now!
  20. I've been using Cleartone cables for the last few years. Very good quality. Neutrik and VanDamme made up to order in whatever configuration and length you can imagine. They're made by the guys who used to make Award Session pedals and Session amps. http://www.award-session.com/cleartone_cables.html
  21. Since it's apparently money no object I'm definitely buying several basses... There'll be at least a couple of Wals. A Sei, an Overwater and a Goodfellow. And an Adamovich since they are about the only modern single cuts that I've ever liked the aesthetics of. There is just something about their styling that works to my eye. Might also look at a Jazz of some sort... Just for fun. Now at 2 an' 6 pocket money a week that should only take several hundred years to save up for!
  22. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1438598128' post='2835620'] Basically, most 'well known' luthiers will make you a world class bass. There's an abundance in the UK: Sei, Wal, Shuker, ACG, GB, Status. [/quote] Of course I'm biased towards Wals but to the list above I'd also add Overwater and Enfield. Both making fine basses in the price range you've listed.
  23. While I'm here I'll say "Hi" and introduce my two babies... A 1983 Mk 1 and a 1979 Pro IIE
  24. [quote name='PJS' timestamp='1435895652' post='2813383'] That's an incredible-looking bass! Very nice!! I must remember that mine will arrive some day. I am puzzled by one thing that you mentioned, as a general question: I wonder how they manage to keep the doors open if they only roll out 2-3 basses per month, while supporting two employees? I'm guessing that the rent must be quite affordable. [/quote] Paul and the guys also do all the workshop stuff for Charlie Chandler's place in Hampton so that probably offsets the costs of the (pretty modest if picturesque) accommodation. And, yes, WOW that violet stain is something special!
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