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  1. I think you could be right. The problems of two decade old memory...
  2. Well, the second photo was definitely taken at Windsor and Eton Riverside railway station. I will certainly give you that!
  3. It’s not well known, but in the very early 2000s Pete toyed with this very idea - a Far Eastern built budget Wal. He was in deep discussions with a major UK distributor. I never knew who but my (wildly speculative) guess was someone like Frontline who distributed Laney and Ibanez at the time. I guess the idea was basically something like Tanglewood did with Overwater. Save money through overseas labour costs and CNC woodwork. In the end, just before the deals were signed, Pete pulled out. My guess was always that he was concerned that he’d lose control of the brand and they’d ultimately, over time, try to water down the essence of what a Wal is... can you imagine, a slab bodied bass with Bartolini soap bars, a skunk stripe maple neck and a BBoT bridge... ...but with “Wal” on the headstock? Someone talked about a “simple” Pro bass. In many ways the circuitry in a Pro bass is MORE complicated than a Custom. You go from two small neat removable circuit boards to a circuit board printed onto an extension on the scratch plate. The back of Pro Series scratch plates are a thing of beauty in and of themselves! If a Pro Bass was made in Fetcham, what would you save? Cost on the exotic body woods, labour in laminating the top and back... that’s about it. You’ve still got a laminated neck, hand carving the neck and body, same hardware. You'd need to tool up for the new electronics and redesign it to fit the changes in internal pickup wiring between the Pro and Custom series, tool up for the scratch plates, more staff and overheads... it’s not coming in shy of £4k... Frankly I can see why Paul’s not interested.
  4. Was supposed to be seeing Rick premiere the new album tracks at HRH Prog IX at Shepherds Bush Empire the Saturday after lockdown started... full band show too, with Lee on the low end duties!
  5. Played my two Wal’s at plenty of pubs and clubs, weddings and functions... and they’re still in perfectly good nick after all these years... ...I think this first photo was actually at the Dog & Vasectomy... sorry, I mean the Dog & Partridge (our local “fight pub” RIP)...
  6. Yeah Alchemy was a facetious bass tone preference comment, of course. Still, there’s a feel about those first two albums I love. Making Movies I like, there are lots of songs on BiA that I like but I quickly get tired/bored of both. Never happens with the first two.
  7. True dat! Those first two albums are the best!
  8. Looks very much like my Pro IIE which is a wonderful bass (beaten in my affections only by my Mk 1, and only by a nose). Great for some older school but still Wal-tastic rock tones and for some fat soul too. Love it!
  9. I prefer the black Wal on the Alchemy live album... but to be fair I am very biased! 🤣🤣 Though, it’s a good example of how different a Wal can sound from the Geddy, Justin and Percy tones everyone goes on about...
  10. There’s a Sting and the Police best of I've got called “Fields of Gold”. Twofer... all you need from both on one CD The recent Wembley Or Bust live album by ELO is a pretty good career overview with a DVD thrown in for good measure (and has my chum Jo playing keys). Or the 2 CD All Over The World - The Ultimate Collection - all the hits and more. Or just buy Out Of The Blue! The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 2 CD best of is pretty much all you’d ever need to know. But even better is the Couldn’t Stand The Weather (Legacy Edition) double CD - one of SRV’s best albums on one CD with a host of really good quality bonus tracks. Then on CD 2 a live album which really demonstrates SRV and Double Trouble’s raw power as a live unit.
  11. You can waste/invest sooooooo much I’ve on the Sandberg “Configurator” web page !
  12. That's very, very good advice - in general terms. Though to be fair there are probably fewer key variables when talking about an acoustic guitar - take solid woods as read then it's just body shape, neck width and profile, woods (which frankly once you've gone solid top is probably less critical) and electro or not. With bass, you're talking about several different pickup configurations and types all of which are designed to give different tonal flavours (as opposed to an acoustic guitar where they're deliberately trying to be transparent), much wider scale length choices, body construction (solid, chambered, semi-solid, bolt on neck, set neck or thru neck), much greater variance in the range and type of active circuits (if you go that route), number of strings, body shapes (both visually and ergonomically in terms of how they sit/hang)... all of which, in the end will come down to developed personal preference. No one's suggested buying a £50 Argos bass - rather, initially, going to the mid-range of the market where the quality to pound ratio these days is, frankly, hard to believe. Take something like the Lakland or G&L brands where a £1200 US made model probably only gives you 5-10% "performance advantage" (however you could quantify that) over their £500 far-East manufactured "budget models" which are less than half the price and are fully professional quality instruments in their own right. Lots of the other mid-range brands offer similar performance to cost ratios. Having said that, if you're looking at Sandbergs as your target instrument you, frankly, won't go far wrong with any of them . They are wonderful basses and great quality and value even at the new price point. And then if you're looking at a second hand one in the £600-£700 price range they're an absolute steal and, should you eventually move it on for some other type of bass in the future you won't really lose any money on the deal. But once again, even that's moot as Sandbergs definitely fall squarely in the potential "...this is my bass for life.." category! I know that if I was looking for a new bass right now (I'm not but a man can still look and dream!), it would be definitely be a Sandberg - and it would very probably look very much like one either of these... Not that I've been thinking about it, or anything!
  13. Alan, I agree but this guy, it seems has never played or owned a bass yet!!!!!! I'm guessing that a post lockdown scoot round GuitarGuitar looking at the Squiers and Ibbys will serve him best at this point. Now in a year's time when he's ready to dispose of his wad of cash... well THEN we're definitely sending him your way!
  14. For this user I’d currently steer well clear of custom orders... as a newbie I doubt that they’d have refined their tastes enough to be able to decide on the manifold custom options a new build entails.
  15. For the £1k+ range I'd definitely have Sandberg at the top of my list, Maruszczyk, G&L, Lakland (though personally I don't like the shape of their bridges), Overwaters, Enfields... and maybe the higher range Reverends... lots of nice basses out there.
  16. Very good advice from @ClassicVibes If you get a moderate priced bass to start on (and a couple of hundred quid and a browse on some of the online retailers - Andertons, GuitarGuitar, PMT, GAK etc - will furnish that by return of post) then you have something decent to start your development on. As others have said there are few fundamentally bad basses around these days. Then when we're back to some sort of normality and lockdown has been raised, in N London you're well placed to browse the really nice basses in London (Guitar Guitar, The Bass Gallery - Camden; Wunjos, The Bass Cellar - Denmark Street; PMT - Farringdon/Clerkenwell...) and find out what really floats your boat in that £1k+ price range. Lots of nice basses to look at in those shops before you even consider the Basschat classifieds here. Also budget for a small amp too... something like a Fender Rumble 15 or 40 to facilitate your home practice.
  17. Happy Star Wars Day - May the fourth be with you! What better day to post this nice little bass tune, from the low side via John Williams.
  18. 10 quid for a Fishman system... yes, that's absolutely 100% legit! Absolutely! Like Esther used to day, "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!"
  19. I had tickets for HRH Prog the weekend after lockdown started. Had been looking forward to John Lee’s BJH and Rick Wakeman with a full band including Mr Pomeroy on bass.
  20. Also consider LR Baggs who make great pickup systems with a non-destructive preamp mounting on the sound hole... https://www.lrbaggs.com/acoustic-guitar-pickup-systems Blendable under saddle and internal mic... https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/L-R-Baggs-Anthem-/art-GIT0028945-000?campaign=GShopping/UK&ProgramUUID=HADAqJarPzAAAAFlea9yjI.G&gclid=Cj0KCQjw17n1BRDEARIsAFDHFeyS8I8ZBjLgL2WAWBc5FQyxZ9y92VF8_yAUNj4bENhdL-JxpbCHVxsaAs76EALw_wcB
  21. And here's the one we did last week. Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker... when we do this live at church I do like throwing in a bit of envelope filter for a more funky, Bootsy-esque tone to the bass line! This one is straight - playing the 1985 Wal Custom Mk1 for this one...
  22. All our musos are members of the church and play on a volunteer/service basis. We’ve had a few friends sit in to play when we’re short. But we don’t advertise or pay team members. Church is about 250-300 strong so we’re quite fortunate being able to have such a strong team drawn from within. I think that advertising and paying for players is more of a US mega church thing. A number of their big city churches seem to approach big venue size (Brighton Dome, Royal Festival Hall, Bristol Colston Hall, Guildford G-Live scale if you’ve ever been to any of those venues for comparison. Or even bigger).
  23. Thanks. Pleased with how it came out. Yes, fortunately our church likes bass (which is a rare thing). I’ll post last week’s too when I’ve worked out the YouTube clipping thing. Don't know what software but I’ll ask James.
  24. Ironic to have a thread resurrection in a thread about playing in church... OK so our latest song to introduce our streamed church service is up online - Open Up The Heavens by Vertical Worship. This is our second one so we’re still learning how to do it. Each part recorded separately on our phones/cameras playing along to a guide track and then stitched together into a single track by our drummer/keyboard player/AV dude, James (the smiley guy in the video)... playing my 1979 Wal Pro 2E in this one. If we do one next week I may pull out my Aria SB700 for that one... Enjoy! The song is the first 3 mins 47 seconds. Feel free to ignore the rest, I’ll see if I can work out how to trim the video to lose the rest of it so as not to violate board rules - it doesn’t seem to be an option on an iPad... think I need to break out my laptop for extra share options. Humph... EDIT: DONE IT! PHEW!
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