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  1. Les Nemes sold off his Haircut 100 Aria SB900 this year, if I recall correctly.
  2. There are always some CDs and books on my Amazon wish list around birthday and Christmas time and this is what Santa brought this year. An eclectic old mix of music and the latest Dave Hepworth book to read. I do like his writing - much more than, say, Mr Morley!
  3. I love this and got the 7” when it came out too! One of my faves. I bought the super delux reissue of CS’ Fish Out Of Water simply to get the original, pre-Swiss Choir version on CD. PS the Swiss Choir version of Gaudete is pretty cool too...
  4. Love this song too. Never heard this version before, though. Kathy Mattea has got a great voice. As it happens we’re doing this song this Sunday morning!
  5. @Graham’s Mariah recommendation reminded me of this one we used to do quite often in our Christmas service. Great fun to play on bass, especially when it goes full on gospel after the false ending. We would often have the singer, Miquel Brown, guesting with us - she’s got an amazing gospel voice. That was a lot of fun!
  6. I normally like Phil Wickham’s stuff (but his up tempo stuff, TBF). That was all a bit too John Lewis Christmas ad for my liking. Some good songs suggested. Here are a few more of mine... Got this Scottish singer’s album to review and really enjoyed it... <iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;" src="https://bandcamp.com/EmbeddedPlayer/album=3764515671/size=large/bgcol=ffffff/linkcol=0687f5/tracklist=false/track=1179383947/transparent=true/" seamless><a href="http://yvonnelyon.bandcamp.com/album/i-believe-in-christmas">I Believe In Christmas by Yvonne Lyon</a></iframe> http://yvonnelyon.bandcamp.com/album/i-believe-in-christmas 50% Lizzy, 50% Pistols = 100% Merry What Crimble’s really like for many people... Bert Jansch at his most (downbeat) festive... All Brian’s Christmas albums are a staple in our house
  7. And sacked over a month before the gig too... If @BrunoBass has already popped up on his FB account a status along the lines of "...Band just sacked me out of the blue..." absolutely no-one is expecting that he's going to be there for "the big gig". Except the chancers in the band.
  8. Glad to hear that. If YOU quit it's reasonable to "serve out your notice" while they get a replacement. If they fire you there's no notice to serve - they can't have it both ways. What utter... [feel free to finish the sentence whichever way you choose].
  9. Well, let's face it, the Vltava LITERALLY does meander! Both musically and geographically! Been in my "Top 10 List Of Dullest Classical Pieces" since I first heard it in a secondary school music lesson.
  10. Both are pretty dangerous one way or the other!
  11. That headstock is characteristically Rob Armstrong, the Armstrong A is visible... Compare with this photo of Gordon Giltrap playing an Armstrong 6 string...
  12. Really, when you get right down to it, does anything? 😉🤣
  13. So another case like Cornershop where the good bit is the contribution of the DJ remixer...
  14. Controversial choice maybe but... This one for me... The song itself utterly dull. The only likeable bits are all of Norman Cook’s Big Beat loops and samples layered on top. It goes way downhill after the intro. Ever heard Cornershop playing the actual song sans Fatboy Slim embellishments? Yawn...
  15. Yeah, but do you remember Jas Mann turning up on all the chat shows when it came out on the Levi’s add declaring himself the new BOWIE and the saviour of rock and pop music... cringe! Made an awful song even worse...
  16. For some reason there are a few musical things I always get mixed up in my mind and subconsciously just can’t stop getting confused... Katy Perry and Kate Nash... one of them kissed a girl (and liked it) but darned if I can remember which. Ellie Goulding and Laura Marling the same... which one is which? For ages I was convinced Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha was by Paul McCartney and Wings... even though I know it’s Riff Pilchard. Maybe I was getting it confused with Open The Door (And Let Them In) - this one I've got sorted now... I hope... mostly... My Mrs can never remember Van Morisson’s name which led to the comment in the car when “Whenever Love Shines It’s Light” came on the radio of, “Oh, is this that song by Cliff Richard and Van... Van... Van Halen?” Any of the rest of you similarly confused like me? ”But you're not as confused as him. It's not your job to be as confused as Nigel is.” https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/5e9d5e4c-6d3a-4f50-9ec4-bd8637cd1176#HJhed8js1Tr.copy
  17. The perfect Christmas song... now THAT’LL be Christmas... ...the sublime Thea Gilmore...!
  18. This is probably my favourite one hit wonder... Good set of pipes that lad on the old joanna... wonder whatever happened to him... My other two faves are... ...of course, better known as “the music from the Holiday programme on telly. Gordon introduces it at shows by saying “And now I’m going to play a medley of my greatest hit.” And finally a little slice of NWOBHM... love this tune... it wasn’t exactly a hit but it was in the UK singles chart for 2 whole weeks. Fab bit of typically daft Rodney Matthews on the cover too...
  19. My alternative Crimble choices include Aimee Mann’s One Mor Drifter In The Snow and Horslips Drive The Cold Winter Away...
  20. Just announced today... a “Seconds Out” album tour next year... here’s the press release. 25th November 2019: Off the back of his most successful solo tour yet, selling over 30 thousand tickets for his 2019 UK dates, Steve Hackett has announced that his 2020/21 World Tour will feature the whole of the 1977 Genesis live album Seconds Out in full, plus More! Seconds Out was the hugely successful double album recorded on Genesis’ 1977 concert tour together with The Cinema Show, from their 1976 tour, and featured Steve Hackett on guitar alongside Mike Rutherford, Tony Banks and Phil Collins who had taken on the role of vocalist following the departure of Peter Gabriel. The tour included music from each of the six studio albums from Steve’s time in Genesis and marked his final recordings with the band as he left to pursue his solo career upon its completion. The Seconds Out + More! Tour will visit some of the venues Genesis played on that 1977 tour. There will also be additional material, including Steve’s solo concert favourite The Steppes to celebrate the 40th birthday of his fourth solo album Defector. Steve Hackett says: “I’m thrilled to bring Seconds Out back to life, featuring Genesis material at its most exciting and virtuosic, this time with all numbers played in full plus additional surprises!” Full UK tour dates are as follows: please note - highlighted shows are same venues as 1977 tour Sunday 1 November Brighton Dome Monday 2 November Cardiff St David's Hall Tuesday 3 November Stoke Victoria Hall Thursday 5 November London The Palladium Friday 6 November London The Palladium Sunday 8 November Edinburgh Playhouse Monday 9 November Dundee Caird Hall Tuesday 10 November Carlisle The Sands Centre Thursday12 November Newcastle O2 City Hall Friday 14 November Scunthorpe The Baths Hall Saturday 15 November Bradford St George's Concert Hall Monday 16 November Southampton Mayflower Theatre Tuesday 17 November Cambridge Corn Exchange Wednesday 18 November Oxford New Theatre Friday 20 November Guildford G Live Saturday 21 November Bexhill-on-Sea De La Warr Pavilion Monday 23 November Birmingham Symphony Hall Wednesday 25 November Manchester O2 Apollo Friday 27 November Leicester De Montfort Hall Saturday 28 November Basingstoke Anvil Monday 30 November Liverpool Philharmonic Tuesday 1 December Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Tickets for the Seconds Out + More Tour go on sale at 10am on Friday 29th November from https://myticket.co.uk/ and venue box offices.
  21. I’m also “pre-CBS” so the idea of a YOB Jazz is right out the window too. Maybe a Futurama or no-name Jap/Italian monstrosity would make up for it... hmmm, no. Every time you looked at it you’d just think “You’re not an early 60s Jazz.”
  22. Ah, cool. You were just model matching. Hadn’t twigged.
  23. PS, those aren’t mounting holes on the D tuner. They are the rivet holes holding the tuner to the rotating plate... Hipshot often used the actual aftermarket tuners and incorporated those into their D-tuners. So if the OEM stops making the original tuner they can only use their own variations.
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