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  1. Can't confirm but rosewood with maple fret marker inserts was the standard fretless option for Pro Series Basses according to the old Pro brochure...
  2. No worries, I can reassure you that they're very real indeed and they sound great! I characterise them as being a bit more of an old-school, 70s rock vibe compared to the Custom Series. The filters are really interesting. The boost/cut that they give is one of those strange things where, when you play them solo'd you have a tendency to think "Oh dear, that's a bit much." However, in the context of a band mix what you actually think is , "Ooooooh, that's soooooo cool!!!!! Growl, cut-though, clarity! Niiiiiiiice!" Never played a fretless one (don't go there- my fretless playing is SOOOOOOO bad) but with my fretted Pro IIE I tended to use them to set some different core tones... so in the context of the covers/wedding band I used to play in... neck pickup solo, no filter for classic pop (rounded but defined - say covering Maggie May, The Animals or rock and roll); bridge pickup solo, no filter (bite and bark - covering You Really Got Me or 20th Century Boy); both, no filter (big round sound with body but never woolly - Motown, A Town Called Malice, acid jazz, big ballads); both but with one of other of the filters (big round defined sound but with a really nice growl and bite - rocky versions of songs like Johnny Be Goode, She's Electric, Get It On, Lady Marmalade, Play That Funky Music, China Grove and Long Train Runnin'). However, I can really see how the above would translate into a wealth of fretless styles - whether the big neck or both pickups tone for Pino-style stuff, bridge pickup for Jaco and Percy definition and burp. And then using the filters to add more bark, burp and bite. http://walbasshistory.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_9226.html Hi res version of the original promo booklet here http://walbasshistory.blogspot.com/2013/02/1970s-brochure-for-pro-series-basses.html
  3. Yes, she’s a beaut and in amazing condition. The serial is 4 lower than my Pro IIE and mine is a Sept 1979 build date (verified by Pete at Wal) so Aug/September 79 is a likely date. Love my Pro - they have their quirks but are still the second most amazing sounding and playing instruments (first most amazing being the Custom Series Wals, of course🤣) . Someones going to be an exceedingly happy bunny when they snap this one up. PS @fretless , you do realise that 6 or 12 months down the line you’re going to wake up one morning, sit bolt upright in bed and scream, “Aaaarrrggghhh!!!! The one that got away!!!!!” 😉
  4. Call me a conspiracy theorist but funny that should happen a couple of days after getting a few knocks on the door from Martyn Lewis’ website...! Hmmmmm... 😒
  5. My cancelled order was the start of February too.
  6. Email sent via Martyn Lewis’s Resolver website. Let’s see what happens...
  7. Also prominent in this well known track...
  8. Me too... but Amazon reckon I can still buy it... for £55!
  9. Nope, rosewood with maple fret marker inlays was pretty much the standard fretless design for a Pro bass. Back in the 70s no one was all poncy about fretless fbs must be ebony and all that...
  10. Excellente! Fabulous basses!
  11. PS yes, two piece solid ash body. Maple, hornbeam and mukulungu neck laminates. Rosewood fingerboard with carbon fibre stiffeners.
  12. Well she’s a beut. It say she was built something like August or September 1979. My Pro IIE is PB1291 and it’s dated to September. First question is whether the bass is passive or active - both use the same scratchplate so the you’ll need to look under the battery cover and see. The switches have different functions for each. Going through the controls... toggle switch is pick up selector. The top row of knobs going neck to bridge (strings) are Master Vol, Neck Vol and Bridge Vol. each Volume knob has its own tone knob directly below. The little switches have different functions on passive and active variations. Passive: Pro II - two pickups, series/parallel switching under each pickup Active: Pro IIE - two pickups, active tone circuit, pick attack switch in middle, low-mid boost switch for neck pickup, upper-mid boost/bass cut switch for bridge pickup under the pickup surrounds The pick attach adds a small peak in the upper middle range to sort of simulate a pick sound when playing fingerstyle - I think of it as an extra cut through switch in busy mixes. On is towards the neck on the sliders. One thing - The shafts on the knobs can become a bit brittle over time (they are removable and attach into the pots with little plastic tines). Wal replaced mine with fixed shaft pots about 10 years ago. Price wise I’ve seen Pro 2s going for 2k and 2Es going for a bit over 2.5k. Wonderful basses, I love playing mine. If you can, grab it! More info here... http://walbasshistory.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_9226.html
  13. I’m still trying to get my head around this statement...
  14. What about a blind P bass copy test to see what sounds best... Limelight, Lull, Harley Benton, Squier, Maruswotsit or kosher Am Standard and what their price point turns out to be?
  15. Unlucky for some... ...not for me! Attendance & Gear List: 01. Silverfoxnik - BC Rich Eagle, Ander van der End JB5, RBV5, Ampeg V4BH head and matching cabs. 02. Hamster - Tea, Coffee, Pastries, the Wife - might bring a bass! 03. @Frank Blank Rob Allen Mouse, Godin A4, FRFR setup (QSC K12.2 and Fishman preamp). 04. RodFunnell - '78 Stingray, Assorted Warwicks, Vanderkley Spartan, Mesa Prodigy 4:88, Barefaced Big Twin T and it's still a few months away so maybe more! 05. obbm - Sadowsky Metros, Handbox WB100, Bergantino cabs. 06. Cetera - Spector NS2, Spector Euro LT, Hamer Impact, Hagstrom Super Swede, Italia Imola GP, Fender FSR PJ, GK800RB, GenzBenz Neox 2x12 07. @NancyJohnson Lull JAXT4 & Lull JAX/NRT5, Darkglass A/O Head (will probably be old hat by then), 2xAguilar SL112s. 08. Rumblefish - Rumblefish bass,Wal Bass, MB Mpulse 600,Berg CN212  09. Steve Browning - SVL & Fender Precisions, Mesa Walkabout 15 10. @Stingray5 - MM and Tune basses, Trace Elliot or Eden combos, Boss GT-6B. 11. ChunkyMunky - Builds of mine (P5, J5 etc), SWR SM900, a Greenboy/Fearful build or two and some other assorted goodies. 12. samcrabtree00 - Warwick Streamer Stage II, USA MM Sub, Genzler Magallen 800, Barefaced BB2, Various effects 13. TrevorR - Wal Custom and Pro, Aria SB700, MarkBass LMII & Traveler 2x10
  16. That’s it. That’s who I was thinking of! Used to get those two confused. Both good players. Properly good!
  17. Presume you’re referring to that mega expensive, boutique... erm... Squier! PS there was a Fender further in the background... besides, they were probably all brought along by the production designer, anyway.
  18. Don’t worry mate,it ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it!
  19. Completely agree but that is fundamentally different from saying “why on earth would a band choose to do band X’s most popular/well known song?” which was kinda the inference in what the OP said. Actually, it didn’t infer it, it pretty much said it flat out. Edit: I will concede, though, that Rosie isn’t actually AC:DC’s most popular. It’s only it’s 2nd most popular. It was 1st when I was growing up but then they released Back In Black.
  20. Why oh why oh why would a band want to do tunes that are the best known and loved songs by various artists to a crowd who want to hear covers of the best known and loved songs by various artists? What a head scratcher! Can't fathom it at all...
  21. Making Music was always a great read. Made sure I picked one up every month from our local ABC music or on a trip up to that London. Wracking my brains... Tony Muschamp... was he the instructor who was a leftie and played a rather nice Aria SB series bass? Or am I thinking of another of the BIT, Bass Institute, Bass Tech etc team? Always enjoyed his playing at London Guitar Shows and the like.
  22. Admit it Andy, when you tried mine out at the SE Bass Bash the last couple of times you've flippin' loved it!
  23. As you should. They are wonderful basses. Sorry but this won't help your affliction at all!
  24. That’s not far off my top 3. The Marusczyk jazz maybe shaded the MTD out of the top 3. Maybe the Lakland (still hate those oval bridge plates, though). What surprised me more were some of the ones which were distinctly ‘meh” to my ears or which I actively disliked... the Foderas, the Smiths, Alembic...
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