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  1. This was the first version I ever heard - Marmalade. Not half bad.
  2. If it’s any consolation to your OCD, that’s grain in the body and flame in the headstock. The grain does still run along the length of the neck. No one, and I mean no one, in their right mind builds a neck with the wood grain running across it!
  3. I never ever realised that I Monster’s sublime Daydream In Blue was a cover. Here’s the original which shows how much better the cover is!
  4. And it turns out they’ve done pretty good covers of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head... And Britney’s Toxic too!
  5. Time to post the cover of Duffy’s Mercy by The Third Degree again. This version sounds like it should have been the original and recorded around 1971... PS, that isn’t really the vocalist. The singer on this track is actually a beardy folkie type from Winchester called Jon Allen.
  6. Always wondered what wood the “ugly stick” was made out of! 😉😂
  7. Surprised not to see Ariaensis Superbassii included on that list. Or Walbassist Chiropractori for that matter! 😂
  8. Science geek alert! Some interesting info here... https://preschem.com/why-timber-changes-colour/
  9. Wow, Marco! Just WOW! Wonder how it would look Under a thin varnish?
  10. Was musing on how great this tune is and decided to check out whether Allmusic.com had and sort of entry. Turned out they did. It certainly threw a few interesting names into the mix... Drums - Liam Genockey Of Steeleye Span fame Percussion - Tristan Fry Of Sky fame Wakka wakka Guitar - Vic Elmes (who was in prog band zZebra with Genockey) But the name which really caught my attention was the bass player from zZebra who provides that great bass line. A certain Mr John McCoy, later of Samson, Gillan and Mammoth. Saw him playing with Gillan on the Future Shock/Double Trouble tour. What a commanding presence! Great P bass tone too!
  11. Now less than £15 on Amazon! I might just have bought a copy too... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Geddy-Lees-Beautiful-Book-Bass-ebook/dp/B07GDMJH3K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1550089844&sr=8-1&keywords=geddy+lee's+big+beautiful+book+of+bass
  12. "*EZO or ES Method – Energy/Space Method of wood, metal, and ctr. treatment. Modifications: mass crystallisation (wood), resonating in human emotional range. Sound effects: real presence with element of reverb and chorus. Developed by Mr. Papian." I was reading this in the ad and I thought, that's familiar. Then I remembered, it's one of Jon Anderson's lyrics from side three of Tales for Topographic Oceans.
  13. Hang on... I’m fifty f...cough cough cough and I remember then my brother brought back Sgt Pepper, the Beatles and Abbey Road on their release days and sitting with him in his bedroom listening to them. He took me so see Let It Be double billed with Yellow Submarine and I cried when I heard they’d split up...! None of your ageism!
  14. I was thinking exactly the same thing!
  15. Amazon Kindle or Kindle app is the best known eBook reader. Probably the widest selection too. Kobo’s were nice too but didn’t really take off. You can download free eReader apps.
  16. Didn't say I was cool enough to pull it off either... BUT I DO WANT ONE!!!!!!!!! The other Backlund designed models are equally sci-fi and wonderful... The Model 400's just as nice! https://eastwoodguitars.com/collections/backlund
  17. Watching some footage on Todd Rundgren's Utopia reunion tour and he's making very good use of a rather taste, space age Eastwood guitar, a Backlund 100. I keep on thinking "Oh man, what a COOOOOOOL bass that design would make!!!" (potential neck-dive notwithstanding - I've got a nice wide, suede backed leather strap so that's OK). Just as well for my bank balance that they don't make a bass version!
  18. Can I nominate my lovely chum, Mickey (Michaela)? She’s currently President Of the Methodist Conference, head of the Methodist Church. Does that count as one of the UK’s top female vicars?
  19. Gorgeous...I think that the rosewood tailpiece actually looks great - a happy accident rather than design but I think that it looks really good!
  20. Yeah, but there’s a world of difference between “NOT being cool” and being utterly utterly awful - which is what that video is and always has been despite Time Stand Still being one of my three favourite Rush songs and my undying love for Aimee Mann!
  21. Paul McCartney and Wings for Crossroads!
  22. True, but I've always found that stainless steel or nickel rounds always sounded pretty sub par on either an acoustic bass or guitar - much worse on a 6 string guitar. Bronze, phos bronze of flats/tapes always just worked/sounded much better to me. So not NEED but much prefer. YMMV, of course.
  23. My trick was always to bend the bit of the string where the bare wire goes round the ball end at a 45 degree angle so that the ball end didn't get trapped on the bottom of the bridge peg and ping it out.
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